The Kingdom of Kaga

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The Kingdom of Kaga
Location4578 6381
DemonymKro'ev / Kaganese
Activity levelMedium
Capital cityKaga
TerritoriesNorth Kaga, South Kaga, Novaya Vitelia
Governing documentArticles of Succession from the State of Kro'meagh
Foundation date7th July 2020
Preceded byAdina, Kro'meagh
Succeeded byKrohil
ReligionKro'ev Folk Religion
IdeologyKro'ev Revivalism
MottoBy the Power of the Holy King of Krohil !

The Kingdom of Kaga is a nation founded by Khardbass in early July 2020 after parting ways with Nro'meagh. He fixed factories and starting making farms, also digging a rail from the Kaga city to Terestai. It would fade away into obscurity as Khardbass left it.

First settled as a colony of Kro'meagh under the IAKV, it was planned for it to become the capital of the new colonial Kro'ev Empire. The Kro'ev War and the Exile would lead the IAKV to retreat here, waiting for their return. Kro'ev would return to their homeland in the restoration of Krohil after overthrowing the last of the IAKV government. The new People's Front would reconcile and lead the Kro'ev back from their Exile. Other nations would settle there after their departure.