Icarus (First Republic)

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Activity levelInactive
Capital cityNew Trantor City
GovernmentParliamentary Republic
Preceded bySeveral NDI nations
Succeeded by Icarus (Second Republic)
Motto"Glory to Icarus!"

The First Republic of Icarus or Icarus for short was a nation on CivRev. It was created by mainly the Lower aministrations chamber in NDI around the 1st of November 2021. It went on hiatus immediately after its founding due to obligations in CivClassic, however would pick back up on December 9th when it was announced the server was being ended.

Government Position History

Icarus was a parliamentary democracy that lasted from November 2021 to April 10th 2022.

Prime Minister
Name Duration
CredixYt December 9th, 2021 - April 10th, 2022
President of Parliament
Name Duration
LIQUID STEREO December 9th, 2021 - January 5th, 2022
IceBoy Board January 6th, 2021 - April 10th, 2022
Parliament Member
Name Duration
measle_patches December 9th, 2021 - April 10th, 2022
Sdorr December 9th, 2021 - April 10th, 2022
Glerk December 9th, 2021 - April 10th, 2022
Dbug113 December 9th, 2021 - April 10th, 2022


The Beginning

Icarus started as an idea for a nation between members of NDI in mid-October in anticipation for the release of CivEternal. However, it's release got delayed and in early November CivRev released instead, to which everyone in Icarus agreed to play on. On the day of it's launch, most members got set up in the -,- and began working on their houses and factories. Due to obligations in CivClassic however, Icarus went inactive fairly quickly until December 9th when CivClassic was announcing they were shutting down. So after returning, they continued to build up Trantor as best they could.

Icarian-Savaguard War

Icarian refugee camps in Lusitania.

Not soon after starting back up, Savaguard began continually raiding Trantor and attacking it's citizens. Soon after the citizens panicked, gathered their things, and mass evacuated Trantor. For the next couple of weeks, Icarus would be no more than an nomadic tribe, moving from one area to the next as each place they moved to was either preoccupied or had issues with the land. Savaguard would eventually be stopped and leave Trantor alone, but it was highly debated whether it was even worth it to go back. During this period, they took refuge in nations such as Sovia and Saint Lola. Later they would decide to settle at the world border in the South, hoping to get away from everyone else and live in peace. However, Savaguard had decided they wanted to settle there as well and proceeded to destroy New Trantor and pearled two Icarians, Dbug113 and Glerk. In response, Icarus declared war and proceeded to IRO bomb the new Savaguardian fort. The Savaguardian elites demanded the groups to remove the grief in exchange for peace which was at first rejected by Icarian High Command. However, the next day, General of the Icarian Federal Army and Cabinet member Deo, decided to take the offer in exchange for stolen goods and peace was restored. Main page: The Sava Crisis

After War Time

After the war, Icarus began to prosper. They started XP production, large farms, the construction of NTC (New Trantor City), large scale diamond mining and gearing soldiers. Icarus slowly became more and more prominent, growing from glorified nomads to a real power on the server, now exporting XP to her allies.