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Flag of Vinland
Location3300, -9000
DemonymNordic Vikings
(and catgirls...)
Alliance S.P.Q.R.
Thorsburg Castle
Fuckery Island
Wizard Farm
Circle Town
Polaria City
TerritoriesVinland, Markland, Helleland, Greenland, Ravensthorpe, Kar-Kazdun, The Rift, Jotunvale, Polaria
National Colors
• Konungr (King)
• Jarl
• Karl
• Thrall
Foundation date07 Sep 2023
Motto"Hell yeah Vinland"
"Glory to Vinland!"

Vinland is a new nation on CivMC located on Impendia in the northeastern region of the map. It is situated on the world border and resides east of Baile and north of S.P.Q.R.’s Bruma territory.

Founded by both DSbulldogs and rt6yhjyuvy6, Vinland is a Nordic nation that embraces Viking heritage and is comprised of a tight knit body of citizens. The government of Vinland is classified as a dictatorship where the two kings (Konungrs) assume ultimate authority and decide the future direction of the nation from input provided by its citizens.

Vinland Timeline

August 28th, 2023: rt6yhjyuvy6 and DSbulldogs first join CivMC.

September 7th, 2023: Vinland is officially established as a CivMC nation. Reddit post

September 20th, 2023: Eastern Expansion: Vinland is welcomed to the global stage by being added to the CivMC ClaimsMap #20, and expansion east is conducted doubling Vinland in size. Vinland then recognizes four official providences: Greenland, Vinland, Helleland, and Markland.

September 24th, 2023: A small portion of fertile land east of the nation is discovered by sirkarde619 and named "Ravensthorpe". The newly annexed land now acts as a stand-alone forward operating farmland connected via road.

October 16th, 2023: Vinland declares friendship with Pavia per the CUB agreement.

November 6th, 2023: Vinland forms a formal alliance with long-standing friend S.P.Q.R.!

November 13th, 2023: Neighboring nation and friend, Kar-Kazdun, joins Vinland and becomes a state within it lead by pippity_pop after the retiring of its founding leaders.

December 8th, 2023: Neighboring nation and friend, The Order (led by Metropolitan_), joins Vinland and becomes The Rift, a Vinnish territory.

January 6th, 2024: The land of North Cascadia is generously gifted to Vinland by leader Hakr_ after Vins help develop the nation of Dirt through its Embussy Row. A small portion of the land partitioned is then gifted to new neighboring nation Northfort.

January 14th, 2024: Newfriend TheGhostofGaming inhabits the previous North Cascadia and founds the region of Polaria, the proclaimed, “North Star State.”

March 1st, 2024: Polaria is officially recognized as the ninth territorial body in Vinland, joining ranks among Greenland, Vinland, The Rift, Ravensthorpe, Helleland, Kar-Kazdun, Markland, and Jotunvale.

June 10th, 2024: Vinland officially joins the ASN (Ascendancy of Sovereign Nations) as an associate member with Baile, joining Icenia, Volterra, Nara and long-time ally S.P.Q.R. Reddit post


While Vinland is new to CivMC, being officially established on September 7th 2023, its founding core group of players have an extensive background together from previous non-affiliated nations servers. It is the offspring of a 2017 nation dubbed “Atlas”, and a 2021 private SMP server named Dreamstate. Further linage back of its starting players includes memberships of the great factions of LSA in 2015.

Alliances and Foreign Relations

Vinland is allied with long-standing neighbor S.P.Q.R, established via the VINLAND-SPQR Alliance Declaration on November 6th, 2023. As of June 10th 2024 Vinland has joined the ASN allying with Baile, Icenia, Volterra, and Nara.

Citizenship and Structure

Citizenship into Vinland is at the ultimate discretion of the two Konungrs. It heavily based off the personality match of existing players within the nation, dedication to playing the server, personal intentions or goals, and history of playtime.

Vinland's starting settlement, established September 7th, 2023.

The structure of Vinland is a four-tier hierarchy system. The Konungrs (or Kings) of Vinland reside at the top. The second in chain of command are Jarls, citizens that are responsible for a division of operations along with the personnel under them and report to the Konungrs directly. An appointed speciality (agriculture, diplomatic relations, militaristic operations) is required to become a Jarl. The third and fourth classes of citizens are referred to as Karls and Thralls. Karls lead Thralls in their assigned division and report to the Jarl above them. All citizens (except allied diplomats) start as Thralls, the base citizenship rank.

Dual citizenship positions are offered to high-ranking citizens in nations that are allied with Vinland. These positions are maxed at one per nation. The new incoming citizen is brought in as the rank of Karl and appointed under the diplomatic Jarl. While they maintain their core citizenship with the nation they are from, their new key role in Vinland serves as liaison between the two nations.

Movement between classes of citizenship is based on specific roles held within the nation and the performance of the player in their current duties. Appointments to the next class from Thrall to Karl and from Karl to Jarl begin with a nomination from an existing Jarl to the Konungrs. If approved, the individual is then informed and delegated the new role and responsibilities they inherit. Then, well we party… hard.


Map of Vinland prior to the January 6th addition of North Cascadia: