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In CivClassics, the World Police, also called WP or WeePee, is a loosely defined term that describes an informal alliance of nations or organizations that seeks to maintain international order. It is somewhat analogous to real life international organizations such as the United Nations, particularly the United Nations Security Council and the UN Peacekeepers. In contrast to this critics of the WP would rather identify their motivations as self-serving and might compare it to imperialist nations, specifically the USA instead. The current iteration of the WP is a result of the NATO-Mir War or the Infinity War, which consists of the UDF, Entente, and other so-called WP-aligned nations such as those involved in the War of the Coalition. Therefore, the WP is not a single organizational entity.

Various nations' and individuals' opinion on the WP and its activities is polarized, ranging from support, indifference, or opposition.

A representation of the World Police's sphere of Influence, created by Lodish in May 2021[1]