Free Workers' Cooperative of Danzilona

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"Danzilona" redirects here. For the Civcraft 1.0 nation of the same lineage also named Danzilona, see New Danzilona#Danzilona on 1.0. For the previous CivMC iteration of Danzilona, see Free Danzilonan Republic.

Free Workers' Cooperative of Danzilona
FWC Danzilona
Flag of FWCD
Location5355, 4325
Activity level~22 total citizens, ~12 active weekly
Capital city New Danzilona
GovernmentDirect democracy under worker cooperatives
Governing documentConstitution of FWC Danzilona
• Eyes of Danzilona
Foundation date
  • Constitution: January 9, 2023
  • Name: February 4, 2023
Preceded by Free Danzilonan Republic

Minority languages:

Motto"Post Fata Resurgo"
National anthem"Rise Like a Phoenix" by Conchita Wurst (de facto)
National sportHockey

The Free Workers' Cooperative of Danzilona (abbreviated as FWC Danzilona or FWCD, also known as simply Danzilona) is a direct democratic nation executively governed by a coalition of worker cooperatives on CivMC. It is located on the continent of Alenarith where its mainland borders Cortesia Del Mar to its north, Nara to its west, Gensokyo to its south, and the Medi Sea to its east. It boasts about a dozen active citizens and, by the most recent estimate, is the 15th largest nation by land area on CivMC.[2] Although Danzilona is arguably a relatively quiet and isolated nation, it is known across the server for being one of the oldest nations of the Civ genre[3] and for its national sport, hockey, which many other nations have since begun playing.

FWC Danzilona unofficially came into being on January 9, 2023, when the Danzilonan populace voted to abolish its republican form of executive governance and replace it with a system of worker cooperatives that any citizen could join without having to get elected.[4] Additionally, its foreign affairs ministry was replaced by the positions known as the Eyes of Danzilona, which does require a vote but not a regular election.[5] FWC Danzilona officially changed its name from its former name, the Free Danzilonan Republic, on February 4, 2023.[6]


Secession Crisis and Invasion by Estalia

Shortly after Danzilona's official name change to FWC Danzilona, Lone22wolf, a leader of the Church of Ranubis and of the Danzilonan territory of New Swisston, began discussing independence for New Swisston over alleged "State Communism dogma" and "open threats of State seizure," among other listed grievances.[7] This came in the wake of Lone's continued refusal to join any cooperatives and open competition against them, such as when Lone formed a private organisation that runs its own national censuses alongside official ones.[8] After public discussion of New Swisston independence failed to take off, Lone instead proposed the reorganisation of FWC Danzilona into a commonwealth that would allow for autonomy if not outright nominal independence for Danzilona's provinces, which was met with mostly negative reception from the Danzilonan populace.[9]

On February 4, 2023, fighters from Estalia invaded FWC Danzilona in an attempt to pearl Danzilonan representative Red_Steel, who some Estalians allege "horribly" harassed one of their members.[10] Red eluded capture for a couple weeks but ultimately agreed to be pearled and held in Pavia for 2 weeks in order to avoid being bountied. She was released by BritishWanderer on March 4, 2023.