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Official flag of the Church of Ranubis

Ranubism is a religion founded in late 2012 or early 2013 by citizens of Danzilona in Civcraft 1.0. When 2.0 started, the religion carried over, and its followers reestablished the Church in the holy city of the DPNCCR (Danzilonan Polo-Norse Commune of the Church of Ranubis), north of New Danzilona. Followers of Ranubism are called "Disciples of Ranubis." The Head Priest is wingnut4096. Much of the information about Ranubism can be found in the in-game book he wrote called "The Book of Ranubis."

History of the DPNCCR

Danzilonan Polo-Norse Commune of the Church of Ranubis
Part of Danzilonan Federation
Server IterationCivcraft 2.0
DemonymDanzilonan/Disciple of Ranubis
GovernmentTheocratic monarchy
King/Head Priestwingnut4096
  • wingnut4096
  • EdwardJames23
  • zachOlanturn
Foundation DateMay 19, 2013
Independence from New DanzilonaFebruary 23, 2014
Reincorporation into New DanzilonaSeptember 5, 2014

Additional Information: wingnut4096#Civcraft 2.0

The DPNCCR (Danzilonan Polo-Norse Commune of the Church of Ranubis) was founded concurrently with NDZ on May 19, 2013. To refer to the two cities collectively, the term "Danzilonan Federation" was coined, but a true federal government did not exist until almost a year later.[1]

After the founding of NDZ's city government in January 2014, the DPNCCR was also automatically adopted within the new framework. wingnut acted only as an unofficial "governor" over what had basically become the equivalent of a neighborhood within NDZ. Unhappy with this position, citizens of the DPNCCR voted to secede from NDZ, becoming their own independent town within the DZF.[2]

The DPNCCR played a pivotal role in the DZF's conflict with Monaco, with wingnut heavily partaking in protests against the border and being one of the few casualties during the raid of NDZ.[3]Though NDZ was invaded by the Monacans only once, the DPNCCR was invaded and griefed repeatedly, and the Disciples felt they were not fairly compensated. This first led to the secession of the DPNCCR from greater Danzilonan city authority, and it ultimately resulted in much of the DPNCCR leadership leaving Civcraft for a time in May 2014 and the rest of the citizens going inactive from the server.[4][5][6]

wing made a tentative return later that month but played Civcraft only casually from that point on.[7] After helping reestablish the NDZ treasury in August 2014, wing became the treasurer's accounting assistant and remained so for two months.[8]After the end of summer 2014, wing became inactive from the server, and the DPNCCR was annexed by NDZ once again in September with its residents only coming on occasionally to clean up grief.


Ranubism is the belief that the god Ra created all life, and the god Anubis created the Earth. Both gods then came together in perfect harmony to become Ranubis.

Disciples believe that every single thing in the world was created by either Ra or Anubis.[9] To thank them for their marvelous natural achievements, such as lightning strikes, it is common for a disciple to shout "Praise Ranubis!"

Disciples also believe Ranubism to be the one and only true faith and thus reject religious syncretism.

Theological History

According to the Book of Ranubis, the great prophet Peter Fletcher revealed to the world a prophecy that the gods Ra and Anubis would come together to form Ranubis, and the world would enter perfect harmony.[9] Many centuries later, wingnut4096 and many of his friends believed in Peter and founded the current Church of Ranubis to help spread the one true faith in the modern day.

Thanks to wingnut and other disciples, Ranubism became a major religion of Danzilona in 1.0 and especially in New Danzilona in 2.0. At its prime, there were 15-20 disciples of Ranubis.


Though the studies have not yet been released to the public, disciples boast that Ranubism has been proven to be correct. According to the Disciples, there is no series of events that could lead to anything other than Ranubis. Therefore, it is impossible that other religions -which are founded only on belief- can be correct.


Fiskidagurinn is the name of an alleged deity that would exist alongside Ranubis. The existence of such an entity has been in modern times formally rebuked by the Church of Ranubis,[citation needed] and is therefore not considered canon.

That being said, the story goes that Fiskidagurinn is a spirit that rested for many years in a cottage on the archipelago of Banished off the coast of NDZ. Fiskidagurinn, who was a devout disciple of Ranubis, had a vision of the great blue sea. He realized that this vision came from Ranubis, and that it was Ranubis calling upon him to be the god of the sea. Fiskidagurinn is considered equal to Ranubis by discples, though, without Ranubis, there would be no Fiskidagurinn.


Many of the founders and original disciples, including wingnut, went inactive after the summer of 2014. Ranubism was still a major religion of the Danzilonan Federation and surrounding areas, with ~5-10 active disciples by the end of 2.0, but Ranubism was past its prime. The holy city of the DPNCCR was demoted from a federal city of the Danzilonan Federation to a territory of New Danzilona in September 2014.[10]


" PRAISE RANUBIS! " - common shout amongst Disciples of Ranubis

After many years of dormancy following wing's decision to quit Civ after the end of 2.0, wing decided to rejoin Danzilona for its upcoming iteration on CivMC in March 2022. wing began discussing the prospects of a special relationship between the Free Danzilonan Republic and a newly-revived Church of Ranubis, resulting in the Concordat between the Church of Ranubis and the Free Danzilonan Republic.[11] This revival was rumored to include a massive expansion to the religion's lore, including the addition of the extensive Second Testament of the Book of Ranubis.

After CivMC started on June 2, 2022, wing was largely inactive for its first month, but he returned in early July, began building the main site of the Church of Ranubis within the FDR, and recruited two new disciples.