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Thaegon was a state on CivCraft 2.0, and CivClassic 2.0.

CivCraft 2.0

History of Thaegon

Thaegon was probably founded in mid 2014, as an illegal settlement within the claims of the Pellan Empire, which was apparently part of the United Provinces of the Plus Plus. It was allowed to continue it's existence due to the King of Pella being "bullied by the u3p's bigger e-peen and a sense of morality"[1] By March 26th, of 2015 Thaegon was in the process of officially joining the U3P,[2] by August of 2015 it was an integral part of the U3P.[3] However, they had gone inactive for an unknown amount of time by then, since the leader's friends had moved on to Rust,[4] and thus their land was going to be merged back into Pella and turned into a protectorate.[5]

Economy of Thaegon

Thaegon appears to have been an extremely wealthy state within the U3P, as attested to by two sources which were a wanted post for a raider who pearled a user in the city and stole their Prot,[6] and a post by someone named PaulCheenis claiming to have stolen "over 7000 diamonds of their wealth."[7]

Raids against Thaegon

Likely due to it's wealth, Thaegon was raided numerous times, as attested to by the sources above, and some posts asking players to post claims, or declaring that players had been pearled.[8][9] An infamous raider named Celoxia using an alt, Majestatis raided Thaegon on Christmas of 2015, to some ridicule from users for raiding on a holiday.[10] Alongside a settlement known as Wander, Near the end of the world on January 12th, 2016, Thaegon was raided and greifed a few times.[11] Thaegon appears to have been capable of defending itself due to having prot armor. Along with this, they probably had military aid from the U3P, and they had a vault of unknown size and construction.[12]

CivClassics 2.0

Independent Thaegon (2018)

Very little is currently known about Thaegon on CivClassic 2.0, likely owing to it's short existence. Thaegon was a small agrarian nation[13] located on the island at 8686, 5454, in the deep +,+. It is not known when it was settled, however, it is known that it's claims were renounced before July of 2018, and it's wealth and land bequeathed to a Provincian named Texalted.[14] There is doubt as to whether this promise was honored in the end. It was taken over by the Risk Republic some time after, having been noted on a June 21st, 2018 claim map by Jecowa[15], and later on a corrected map of Risk's claims posted by maxpowerboy on July 16th of 2018.[16] Their neighbors during this time would've included Akai, the Lowland Hundred, and Lasopena.

History of the Island of Thaegon under other Nations (2018-2021)

Thaegon's use as a farming island was continued by the Risk Republic and then the Thalassocracy. An undersea railway was built at an unknown point to connect it to Riskia Island, at the time known as Hallux. Theagon allegedly had a bunker containing loot, which was exploited by Maxpowerboy and Rurik to kick-start Vítelia's development.[17] The island was granted to The United Provinces of the Plus Plus after the dissolution of the Kingdom of Vítelia in January of 2019.[18] Probably after the fall of Vítelia, the rail tunnel between Riskia Island/Hallux was greifed, and the exit tunnel on the Thaegon side was sealed.[19] The Island was later given to Cortesia Del Mar, and it stayed with them until the end of the server in 2021.

Questions about the veracity of the island's name

It is not known if the people of Thaegon actually called the island Thaegon, or if they had their own name. If the latter is true, it might've been lost to history, resulting in the name of the nation being applied to the island it existed on. The island had been known as Thaegon until the end of the server.

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