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Pirater, Leader of Sovia-Unitas, Monarch of Old Sovia and Verda, Previous First Lady of MtA, trench-digger general, Field Marshal of the United Sovian Army, former Adinan captain of the Civil Guard, former leader of Heavenly Concord, Diplomat to several nations, Order of Saint Marcus (Verda chapter), Decorated War Veteran, Leadership of Rhodesia 2, Prime-minister of Vitelia and international most wanted.
As a proud Sovia-Unitas Supersoldier.
Pirater defending MtA from foreign and World Police influence.
AltsOmnibenevolent, Amalure, LordBowman (shared)
AbilitiesTrench-digging, slightly above-Average PvP, shitposting, P.R, getting pearled and meme creation.
First Civ ServerDevoted 2.0
Core BeliefsWorld Police must be abolished in order for diversity and civilisations to thrive. Maoist, seeks to use force to overthrow the world order and establish a utopic, stateless society.
Power LevelExtremely High
Current CitizenshipsSovia (CivMC), Birmingham

Pirater is a mysterious and controversial figure, revolutionary leader, freedom advocate, founder of the mythical eternal nation known as Sovia and one of the most unpredictable characters playing the server. Starting off in Verda, Pirater began the server building a small, beautiful house in the ancient city of Crowsroost, and soon rose to become one of the most influential and controversial players on the entire server. Opinions are very diverse, with some viewing Pirater as an evil raider, and others as a heroic freedom fighter and advocate to freedom. Pirater is known for founding the legendary nation of Sovia (not to be confused with Sovia-Verda, New Sovia or Sovia-Unitas), which was an infinite nation primarly in the hearts of those who believed in the power of Sovia. The Sovian Illuminati has over 100 members on the server, and continues to grow.


Not much is known about this era, other than Pirater occasionally contributing to Verda and occasionally playing in several other nations such as Tierra de Conciencia, Southshire, Mount Augusta, Iria, New Antioch, The Rift and several others. In this time, they have done much for the server - from the founding of Civ PETA to protect animals on a global, international scale, to providing a quality source of memes and entertainment via the Discord and Official Subreddit. There were a few small incidences, such as rivalry with Alpoko for pearling Pirater's good friend Swaggy_, and TdC after Pirater was kicked by StateApparatus for protesting his tyrannical rule and poor attempts at world-policing. In the Somber war, Pirater and Squareblob rushed the Lexington Vault, naked and afraid - with Pirater almost being killed by bewsiej before a creeper blew up, killing Pirater instantly to prevent a pearling.


Later on through the server however, things soon began to change during as Verda slid into inactivity. In a desperate bid to save Verda - Pirater, Blackknife43 and Oyyster decided to form the Sovian-Verdan Oligarchy, where Pirater would be in charge of the Sovian Parts, and Blackknife in charge of the Verdan regions. Soon, Pirater established the Sovian Quarter in MtA - and began to team with wjkroeker to sell goods and XP for the lowest prices in the city. The Sovian Quarter was a success, however, it only lasted for a short time until the betrayal of minecraftWS/JordanJereb - a disgruntled resident who pearled Pirater before being pearled by machinemaker, who set Pirater free shortly afterwards.

Pirater was there when tensions began to rise in MtA, witnessing an incident with BlueSylvaer agitating thomasih into attacking him, causing a deadly skirmish. Things went downhill from there, with increased military presence from both Mir/NATO in MtA. One day, danger suddenly arose. A skirmish had broken out in the Rhodesian bunker in MtA, with Sovian Dual-Citizen machinemaker fighting in a bunker which seemed to be in the process of being raided by Mir. Despite not knowing how to PvP, Pirater rushed into the bunker to help out machinemaker. Heavily outnumbered and with machinemaker pearled, Pirater narrowly escaped death after being chased some distance by the attackers. In the following days, Pirater tried to free machinemaker from beneath Hjaltland Industries, only to be pearled by stardarkness/callum - and eventually had the account Amalure (an alt-vault storing most valuables of Sovia-Verda's citizens) pearled attempting to monitor the breaking of a bunker.

Fearing for safety in MtA, and hit by the inactivity in Sovia-Verda, Pirater joined Rhodesia some time in very late January to late-February 2019 and was involved in some MtA drama with Rhodesia - for some reason attempting to 2v1 StreamLive and Citann in water to free the pearl of Troozi, despite not knowing how to PvP and not even carrying a boat. However, after 2 months in Rhodesia - Rhodesia joined MtA where Pirater was facing treason. As a result of the presence of Augustans so close to home, Pirater moved to the newly-founded town of Icenia - helping out with infrastructure and building a small house which has now been demolished due to the Clown Wars. One incident around this time involved pearling the Mayor of Mt. Augusta (despite not knowing it was the mayor of Mt. Augusta) in Coventhia, causing Pirater to be banned from Coventhia.

Tel Aviv and Palgrave

Bored, with nothing to do after the transferral of Rhodesia to MtA, Pirater decided to help the remnants of the Chanseatic State avenge their nation. While not a "channer", and with some differing political viewpoints and opinions, due to way in which the Chanseatic State was destroyed (with severe obsidian bombing) - Pirater decided to help get revenge. In Tel Aviv, little damage was done as on the first day, international terrorist BennyZ was there and pearled BasedNigelFarage which caused Pirater to retreat towards Icenia. The next day Pirater took a few "potontos" and 4 XP blocks, before being chased away by shapha, as seen on the YouTube video "Escape from Tel Aviv 3".

Soon, Pirater was asked to assist on the attack on Palgrave as retaliation for the unjust permapearling of Lakuupiippu who had accidentally raided Nyasaland a few months earlier mistaking it for another city, with them refusing to free him. Pirater helped in the attack, pearling vriskalicious and covering several areas of the city in TNT, blowing up houses - chaos ensured and Pirater's good friend GamePhobic lagged out and died of combat tag. Rather than letting a good friend die, Pirater fled East towards Mir (as Tacilus assumed they would not pearl anyone) hoping to find somewhere secure to exchange vriska's pearl for GamePhobic's and then voluntarily turn in to the Nyasan government. However, this failed as Mir wanted to pearl Pirater for involvement in Rhodesia - and then suceeded as Pirater was trying to ask for somewhere safe where the freedoms of both prisoners could be negotiated. In turn, several other attackers such as LordChieftain, Tacilus and more were pearled. Despite the majority of the population being uninvolved in the attack, Nyasaland invaded Sovia-Verda as a way to annoy Pirater, inadvertently killing the Verdan nation by putting an inactive leader in charge.

New Sovia & Sovia-Unitas

After the events of Palgrave, Pirater was in Mir vault, expecting a permapearl for actions during time in Rhodesia. However, a deal was arranged with Lysika_Lantariel where Pirater would earn freedom upon the digging of a large trench. Immediately, work began. However, disaster struck as Pirater made a half-serious, half deliberately histrionic quote telling another player to commit suicide after they insulted Pirater and Sovia. This caused a 2 week ban for violating the rules, which was controversial as nobody (to the knowledge of most players) had been banned for similar activities, despite far worse being said and done all over the server. Despite the time taken from the ban, Pirater still completed the several-hundred-thousand blocks huge trench in Mir, earning freedom in a fairly short amount of time. Sadly, with Rhodesia and Sovia-Verda both gone, there needed to be somewhere else where the Sovian people could live peacefully. Icenia seemed ideal at first, however proved to be too chaotic and Pirater, GamePhobic and Iakwai didn't want Icenia blamed for the Nyasaland attack - so they headed to the island of Ceylon where the capital of New Sovia began construction.

They decided to make SwiftFizz the leader, as he came up with the idea for New Sovia. Soon, they had dug a trench and vault and built several apartment blocks in the distinct New Sovian Brutalist style. New Sovia was eventful, with raiders being pearled weekly, and a vibrant population of ~15 people. There was a brief conflict with Icenia called the Clown Wars, where Pirater was pearled by Thoths/Lil_Wayne, before being saved by callum. This conflict lead to tension in the UNC and the eventual dissolution of the UNC as a result of the pearling of Evocat0r directly contributed to this event. The remaining Sovians escaped via End Portal. SwiftFizz pearled Quanton_Biscuit later in the war, and eventually the peace was made. Soon, Pirater took a stack of birch from a dead town and broke an empty chest in another dead town and mentioned it to SwiftFizz. SwiftFizz, known for backstabbing, betrayed Pirater and set up a world police trap, stealing all of the New Sovia groups and causing Pirater to be pearled for almost 5 days. This effectively killed New Sovia, and with GamePhobic pearled for raiding Varkonia - Pirater and Raven (2 of the last inhabitants remaining after the betrayal) fled South-West to establish the new nation of Sovia-Unitas, a combination of Sovia and Unitas. Eventually, the New Sovia groups were returned - and they moved back to Ceylon. New Sovia began botting and became a rich and wealthy nation, both in spirit and material goods - but suddenly, the entente took action against the alliance of LSD. Pirater was declared Pearl on Sight, and became a refugee in a secret location.

Political Views

Pirater and most other inhabitants of Sovia-Unitas are brought together by a common hatred of many issues facing Civ, such as perma-pearling and world police intervention across the server. Pirater is a known supporter of armed struggle against the tyranny of imperialists and supports any nation in that struggle.