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The SCoM Parliament hosting Leftists (including ttk2) during a pan-Leftist meeting at Sovetskaya
Entrance to the SCoM Parliament

The Socialist Commune of Minecraft

One of the oldest and longest lived Socialist and Communist clans in Minecraft, established on April 1, 2011. SCoM first joined CivCraft on July 4, 2012 in response to a request for aid from Communa by nickyd and the LSIF by ToastedSpikes, from ACoM and the Black Cat Commune, to aid the leftist forces on the AnCap-dominated server.

During these early stages, back when the server IP was "", when Columbia was a prominent city, and the main roads were still being set up in the Nether, SCoM participated in several conflicts and guerrilla tactics aiding its socialist and leftist allies until a falling out led to SCoM leaving Civcraft.

During that time, SCoM joined Synesthesia in response to a call for aid from socialists on that server, something which SCoM has always strictly adhered to. SCoM went on to turn the tables on a war that was being lost against a massive clan ("The Republic" which later became the "Crimson Knights"). SCoM took down the largest faction in a single day despite their enormous cities and material wealth. SCoM then remained on that server until it shutdown late 2013.

This earned SCoM a reputation for PvP and politics which led to another invitation from socialists on CivCraft. SCoM rejoined CivCraft in 2014-2015 and built the city of Sovetskaya where it participated in and hosted pan-Lefitst meetings, discussions, and PvP training events.

Whereas the LSIF and later Anarchist communes sought to live side-by-side, if not even within Anarcho-Capitalist cities and towns, SCoM focused on building an independent and autonomous alternative to the AnCap-dominated world. From the onset, SCoM was openly hostile to Anarcho-Capitalists, refusing any conciliatory or pacifist measures and even resorting to guerrilla tactics and open warfare.

The First Dark Days

The Raid on Columbia

During the initial days of CivCraft, the minarchist city of Columbia had been the infamous host and harbor of the ruling elite and their griefing parties which took shelter within its borders and crawled so deeply within its politics and institutions that the two became one and the same.[1]

Message left for Columbia in the wake of the raids

SCoM took action. The mass raiding and griefing of Columbia was spearheaded by SCoM members operating on alt accounts. Its guards and soldiers were slaughtered, Dossier5 et al., its coffers looted, and then lava was dumped and reinforced blocks and swastikas were left behind. Wooden signs were left as a warning with the demand that they cease harboring griefers lest the attacks continue. Public outcry resulted, but the attacks continued until the incumbent government was forced out of inaction to step down. To the dismay of the SCoM participants in the raids, the LSIF stood in solidarity with the minarchists and AnCaps who had previously harassed, oppressed, griefed, extorted, and forced their way to the top of the server hierarchy. The LSIF sat in their villages, pandered, and then refused to take up arms and strike when the moment called for it.

This process continued until two factors led to SCoM leaving the CivCraft 1.0: A falling out occurred between the increasingly passive LSIF and SCoM where the latter decided to move on, and what they had witnessed during one of their last visits to the server with ZanetNT (?) and the leftist town of Communa. A rampant rise of people calling themselves socialists for roleplaying reasons that had neither true socialist beliefs nor aspirations muddied the waters. Specifically when Zane and Co., members of Communa, broke off from Communa and established a "Communist system" with the former naming himself "El Presidenté". Then other issues came to the fore where "socialists" had no idea what socialism was but were merely attempting to follow the Soviet socialist line without knowing why such policies were even created in the USSR, policies which had absolutely no justifiable grounds to exist in Minecraft or Civcraft.

"It was akin to mockery, to someone putting on the dress of someone you love and masquerading in it, acting as if he were that person you loved. They were putting on the facade of the USSR and turn it into a complete mockery and farce. We were disgusted."



The Red Square in Winter

With its ultimate goal of creating an alternative to the AnCap norm, SCoM established the city of Sovetskaya with a single red flag which later became known as "The Red Square". From that point on, the city was built block by block in secret until it was large enough to be made public. [[File:Javaw_2015-08-02_00-23-06-38.png|thumb|The Red Square. Parts of the city are visible. With its opening, SCoM met with the various leftist factions on CivCraft in hopes of creating a CivLeft federation and a new Leftist city. These parties met at the SCoM capital of Sovetskaya and in the newly built parliament where they agreed to several new policies which would begin a new era for Leftists on the server.

Sovetskaya was notable for its communal storage, parliament, and roads.

Communal Storage

The communal storage featured a stone and glass dome wherein a large room was dug into the ground.

SCoM's Communal Storage

Within that oval room chests lined the walls with glass floors separating each level. At the bottom of the room was a large hammer and sickle symbol in red wool that would be visible on any map and minimap.

Map view of the early stages of Sovetskaya. Clearly visible is the hammer and sickle overhead which lies at the bottom of the communal storage and revealed through a glass roof.

The Parliament

The Parliament hosted innumerable SCoM meetings, discussions, trials, and elections as well as hosting several pan-Leftist internationalist meetings from all across CivCraft. With its large number of seats and sloping ceiling that all center down on the hammer and sickle, the prominence of unity and solidarity of action were implied, if not superimposed through the architectural design.

The Roads

The roads of Sovetskaya were infamous for their combination of stone brick slabs underlit by glowstones lining the entire road and a soft red wool middle path.

View of The Beacon of Hope from the Sovetskaya docks
Visible parts of the city from the Red Square.
The SCoM Lounge and Club