Republic of Churchill

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Republic of Churchill
Flag of Churchill
Flag of Churchill
Activity level4+
AllianceU3Pflag.png U3P
GovernmentDirect democracy
Foundation dateLate May 2013
LanguageEnglish, French


Churchill was a small town in the +,+ quadrant of Civcraft 2.0. It was founded by CBakon, JChabbs, coolyellow and goofychop.


The four founding fathers were aquainted during 1.0 as members of the Sayvardian Empire, though CBakon and coolyellow were already friends in real life, along with JChabbs being friends with goofychop. As it was announced that the server was resetting, it was decided that they were to start a new town right off the bat.

Coolyellow and JChabbs were the first two to log in after the reset, both spawning in different sections of the map and explored their immediate area. With consultation from the other founders, JChabbs' location was selected as the better site. Within a week all members were present at the chosen location at the base of the mountain.

While three of the fathers were getting the town up and running, coolyellow was delegated as the chief builder and began construction of the landmark clocktower. In the coming weeks the farms were constructed, and rudimentary mines dug out. The name was chosen not for Winston Churchill, but for a town named Churchill which is located near where all the founding fathers live in real life. Trade with neighbouring Little Latvia was established.

For a fair portion of July, Churchill was sieged by a lone griefer periodically. He caused little damage but did rob much of the non-valuables from the town. This caused the decline in activity which still plagues the town to this day.

Landmarks and Surroundings

Churchill is located in a narrow plains biome, flanked by the Damme River, a large jungle and grand ice mountains. Following the base of the mountain for a few hundred metres is the town of Little Latvia.

Notable landmarks include:


Churchill is mainly an agricultural settlement, with the main economy being the production and selling of experience. There is also a small mining operation.

Notable Residents

The main residents are limited to the founding fathers:

  • CBakon
  • JChabbs
  • coolyellow
  • goofychop