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AKA lone, lonewolf, or whitefang22
Personal Info
Current Citizenships Free Danzilonan Republic
Known For
Main Residence Free Danzilonan Republic
Works For
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivcraft 2.0
Iterations played on

lone22wolf, also known as simply lone or by his reddit/discord username whitefang22, is a citizen and founder of the Free Danzilonan Republic on CivMC. Lone first began playing on Civcraft 2.0 in January 2014.[1] Since then, Lone's main interest has been engineering and architecture, being responsible for much of Danzilona's critical infrastructure on Civcraft 2.0, Civcraft 3.0, and CivMC.


Civcraft 2.0

When Lone first joined Civcraft, he obtained Danzilonan citizenship, and since then has never held citizenship in any other Civ nation. Lone took a great interest in building and engineering useful infrastructure for Danzilona on 2.0 as well as natural conservation. In September 2014, Lone founded the Danzilonan Parks Commission, which tasked itself with protecting NDZ's natural landscape and maintained its public parks.[2] Lone involved himself in building many roads and rails, especially between the members of the Danzilonan Federation.[3][4]

Civcraft 3.0

On 3.0, Lone solidified his reputation as an architect by founding the Wolf Quarry and Smelting Co, which sold different stones and ores in Nova Danzilona.[5] He also created the most popular design for the wall that was to go around NDZ which unfortunately never saw the light of day due to 3.0's short lifespan.[6]


Lone was an early founder of the FDR, voting on its original constitution in March 2022.[7] Since the server started, Lone has been focused almost entirely on two endeavours: building and expanding the Colonial Express and co-running the Danzilonan territory of New Swisston with fellow Ranubite and Danzilonan Cnamav.[8][9]