Republic of Little Latvia

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Republic of Little Latvia
Little Latvia (LL)
Flag of Little Latvia
Flag of Little Latvia
Activity level9 (at dissolution)
Alliance U3P
Capital cityRiga
GovernmentDemocratic republic
• Leader
Foundation dateLate May 2013

Little Latvia was a small town/farmstead in the middle of the +,+ quadrant of Civcraft 2.0. It was founded by Darkflame826, and constructed in part with Ave3ng3d7x's help. Little Latvia was an Autonomous Territory of its neighbor Churchill. Little Latvia was home to stunning natural and man made beauty, situated along the beautiful Damme River on the Latvian Plains near the foothills of the Kalni Grutibu. Several notable businesses have there headquaters in Latvia including LATTECH Agricultural Industries, and its subsidiary, The Latvian Logging Company.


Founded as a small farming operation soon after the start of Civcraft 2.0, Darkflame826 was soon joined by Ave3ng3d7x, (also known as Bane). Bane was looking for a home after he gave up on joining the CSC. The duo came up with the name "Little Latvia" after the two made several Latvian jokes in regards to their relative poverty. Soon after the name was decided, the town of Churchill was founded about 300 meters away.

The two towns had very friendly relations, with the people of Churchill bringing the fabled potato to the impovershed Latvians. Work on expanding the farms continued, with LL becoming a popular stop for players traveling between the CSC and Overwatch. Bane's friendly disposition and fame across the server helped keep up adequate communication with nearby towns over the mumble. Several new players would join later, providing more labor.

The Overwatch Scandal

After hearing about the new town of overwatch from it's ambassador, DanAykroyd, Bane went to investigate the town. Liking what he saw, he decided that it would be a good idea for LL to become a protectorate of Overwatch. But, later that week, it was revealed that Overwatches leader, Paramoo, had sanctioned the greifing of other nearby towns in order to steal their supplies. Upon hearing this, Bane immediately cancelled the deal.

Bane Talks Civcraft and Bane's departure

It was during this scandal that Ave3ng3d7x got the idea for starting his own news podcast relating to civcraft. Dubbing it, "Bane Talks Civcraft" he sat down and wrote a script that included nothing but the best bits of news. He built a radio station of sorts on top of Latvia Mountain. But Little Latvia soon proved to be too small to hold the scourge of Gotham. So he packed up his things and left, leaving only a note to his fellow latvians about his departure. It was rumored that he found his archenemy, the famous Foofed, and battled with him, eventually settling in Carson.

Annexation by the CSC

Soon after Bane left, the other players who had become a part of Little Latvia followed suit, and Latvia fell dormant. The CSC, of which the neighboring city of Proletarskya was a part of, took over Little Latvia. It was rumored that many potatoes were taken from the people, causing much sadness. "Zeh oppressors took Latvian flag and rearrange block," said one worker, "it was very much sad, but such is life." The CSC devils also tore down the HCF war memorial that Bane had built, and in it's place put a looming, oddly penis-like structure. Soon, like Little Latvia, the CSC fell dormant, as much of it's population moved to greener pastures.

The return of Bane Although he had left, Bane never forgot his homeland. Like his beloved Mount Augusta, it held a special place in his heart. Hoping to use their political power to help take back his homeland, Bane became a part of the organization known as the PILF, which secretly operated under the name "Free Latvia". But soon, his PILF comrades forgot about his mission, and Bane left to take his homeland back on his own. When he arrived, he found a town abandoned and forgotten by it's caretakers, with only a few workers from Churchill in the area. With their help, Bane tore down the "symbols of oppression" and restored his home to it's former state.


In the weeks following his return, Bane and his friends renovated the buildings in the town, including the factory building, the tower, and the inn. Bane also completely redesigned the farmhouse, turning it into a more aesthetically pleasing building. Sickan also built several more buildings, improving the infrastructure. Filetophil made several factories so the town could produce xp on it's own.

Territory of Churchill and the Future

Bane then wrote a treaty with longtime ally and friend, Churchill, which officially made Little Latvia an autonomous territory of Churchill. The future of Little Latvia looks bright, if somewhat boring, as Bane is desperate for someone to move to his town and help him harvest his crops. Churchill, and by extension, Little Latvia, has become a part of a multi-national Organization known as the U3P. They're an organization dedicated to promoting economic and diplomatic relations between towns in the ++. A Town Charter has been written, and with it Bane officially declared himself the sole leader of Little Latvia, and the head of it's church, Baznicas Sveta Kartupelu. After writing the charter, Bane has encouraged settlers to come and build in Little Latvia, which was recently renovated.

Death of a Legend

On February 9, 2014, roughly a year after his birth, the persona of Bane passed away. It was announced that Ave3ng3d7x, now no longer sharing his mind with another personality, would continue to produce a weekly news show, under a different name. Bane's funeral was held in Little Latvia, at Baznicas Sveta Kartupelu. He is buried atop the mountain, next to his radio station.

New Members and Expansion

Following Bane's death Little Latvia became home to several new players, including Pancake_Sniper, Monsterhunter55, Lyddon19, Mcfluffypants, Wofi, UberGuestUser, Awesomeocelot, and most importantly, Darkflame826, who returned to the once small farm he had built to help starving players. Together they have greatly expanded the once small town, building a new tower, and founding several new organizations, such as the Little Latvian Historical Society.

Independence and Governmental Change

With the increase in population, the people of Little Latvia decided to vote to become independent of Churchill, while still retaining strong ties to them. They also decided that a new government was needed, and they are currently in the process of drafting a new constitution. The citizens also decided to join the U3P as a independent Province.

Landmarks and Surroundings

Landmarks include the main farmhouse, the vegetable farms, the wheat fields, the public district, and the "people's tower." On the road between Churchill and LL, Bane has recently constructed "Baznicas Sveta Kartupelu" (the churchu of the holy potato), a colonial-style cathedral dedicated to the worship of the wonderous tuber known as the potato.

Bane has also constructed a large Single Piston Auto Farm, known as the LATTECH Efficiency Farm, and a massive complex which houses the Latvian Logging Company's tree producing Facility.


Latvia's economy is dominated by its agricultural outputs. It exports large amounts of produce (wheat, potatoes, carrots, etc.) as well as various types of lumber (primarily spruce, oak, and acacia). New businesses are expanding into the potion making industry, deliveries, as well as some mineral exports. New laws make Little Latvia an ideal business location for any entrepeneur.

Notable Residents

  • Ave3ng3d7x- Once shared a his mind with another persona called "Bane". The co-founder of Little Latvia, A7x is a veteran of civcraft, joining in october of 2012. In 1.0 he was a drug dealer on the mean streets of Mount Augusta.
  • Darkflame826- The founder of the small farm that would become the stunning city of Little Latvia, Darkflame has recently returned to LL after many months away.
  • Pancake_Sniper- One of the most enthusiastic and motivated new members, Pancake has made a name for himself in the local area, helping with several construction projects.
  • TheUberGuestUser- Uber moved to LL during the Recharge War to find safety, and purchased a homestead where he set up farms.Eventually leaving the farms to move in town, he opened the Little Latvia General Stores Incorporated, which runs and owns the recently built Little Latvian Bazaar