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peakman2 (nickname "peak") is a Civcraft oldfriend most notable for his heavy involvement in New Danzilona on Civcraft 2.0 and Nova Danzilona on Civcraft 3.0. He was a founder of the former two cities, a member of the Danzilonan Security Force, and a prominent architect of the DZF and U3P.

Personal Info
Current Citizenships Free Danzilonan Republic
Known ForFounder of New Danzilona and Nova Danzilona
Main Residence Danzilona (Civcraft 1.0)

New Danzilona (Civcraft 2.0)

Nova Danzilona (Civcraft 3.0)
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivcraft 1.0
Iterations played on


Early Life on Civcraft 1.0

peakman2 began his Civcraft career as a humble citizen of Danzilona in Civcraft 1.0, shortly after it was founded on October 20, 2012. peak largely kept his head down during 1.0, not particularly getting involved in internal or international politics or business, but after Danzilona was griefed during the Great HCF War, peak was pivotal in helping populate and rebuild the city by providing many resources and ideas to do so.[1]After Civcraft 2.0 was announced and the rebuilding efforts ceased, peak helped plan out the details for the political and economic structure for the next iteration of Danzilona: New Danzilona.[2][3]Many of his ideas would come to fruition, including an arena, market district, better dereliction process, and compact city planning.

Civcraft 2.0

Founding of New Danzilona

On the first day of Civcraft 2.0, May 19, 2013, peakman2 was apart of the group of Danzilonans that scouted out and laid down the foundation of their new city. peak himself initially advised against settling in the location chosen for NDZ given the proximity to another group of settlers, but as he was unable to actually enter the server due to its high traffic, he was unable to object before progress had been made.[4]Once he was able to play, peak quickly settled into his position as a natural leader. peak led the effort to map out NDZ's claims and the surrounding area, creating some of the first maps of NDZ and founding many of its territories the Danzilonans would use for resources, including Hogham and Chocomoor.[5][6]He became intensely involved in the development of the town's infrastructure, building roads and rails and posting frequent updates about the progress of the town.[7][8][9]peak also grew an interest in protecting the town militarily, pearling many griefers and raiders throughout early NDZ history.[10]His early actions set the stage for his reputation among the Danzilonans, what would later be described being NDZ's "Honest Abe."

Rancuneus Attacks and the United Provinces

In early November 2013, NDZ began to experience repeated, heavy griefer attacks by Rancuneus. peak would be the first to post a bounty on him on the city's behalf, continually cleaning up grief and keeping the rest of the Danzilonans informed.[11]peak was one of the members of NDZ that Ranc demanded self-exile from the city in order to stop his attacks, which peak rejected. peak would renew his bounty on Ranc until the griefer's ban from Civcraft for using xray after Christmas 2013.[12]

During the autumn of 2013, peak would become very involved in matters of NDZ's foreign relations, which only amplified after the beginning of Rancuneus's attacks which propelled the need for regional cooperation. peak was the first to propose the appointment of two foreign representatives of NDZ in October 2013, which laid the foundation for NDZ's governmental positions 2 months later.[13]Additionally, peak himself was a prominent emissary for NDZ among the +,+ nations, spearheading the Plus-Plus Diplomacy initiative that soon became the United Provinces of the Plus Plus on December 11, 2013. NDZ was a founding member of the U3P thanks to the efforts of citizens like peak.[14]

A Growing Power

On January 13, 2014, peak proposed an official structure of governance for New Danzilona, including the creation of a City Manager, Infrastructure Representatives, and Foreign Representatives.[15]This proposal would pass and become the government of NDZ for the remainder of 2.0. peak himself would run for and win the position of one of the Foreign Reps for February 2014.[16] During his tenure, he secured a definitive but unpopular border agreement with the nearby city of Monaco, which involved ceding land on the Danzilonan mainland for monetary compensation.[17]Unfortunately for peak, Monaco would renege on the deal and demand more compensation, leading to them invading NDZ and pearling peak for a short time.[18]However, peak and the rest of the Danzilonans would stand strong, pearling the Monacans and annexing Monaco, which they then renamed Melonwood.[19]

peak continued to be an able-bodied administrator for the rest of the spring of 2014. He ran for and won the position of Secretary General of the U3P for the month of April, as well as Foreign Representative of NDZ for April and May.[20][21][22]He expanded on and maintained the city's infrastructure, including the neighborhood of Swisston.[23][24]

Summer of Love and Hate

peak's estate in the Northstead Farming District
peak's estate in the Northstead Farming District

On June 1st, peak was simultaneously reelected for Foreign Representative for the month and established the Northstead Farming district, which sought to replace recently demolished farms in the city.[25][26] peak's estate in Northstead would remain a staple landmark of Northern NDZ, and it was also the location of a recreation of peak's 1.0 house, built by mummybundles.

On July 8th, peakman was accused of griefing New Danzilona by the manager of NDZ's market, an accusation which proved baseless.[27]peak further cemented his positive reputation among the Danzilonans, leading to him being elected as a foreign representative for August once again.[28]In August, peak would dole out humanitarian aid to the recently griefed town of Goodsprings, as well as construct a U3P embassy and welcome center in NDZ.[29][30]peak would also get involved in internal politics, proposing the federal government structure for the Danzilonan Federation that voters would go on to implement.[31]

During the weekend of September 6-7th, the Yurtstead War took place in the DZF city of Riverford. As a member of the Danzilonan Security Force, peak took up arms in defence of Riverford's borders, taking part in the successful repulsion of the HKE invasion. However, the federal government would ultimately side against the DSF, denouncing their actions and ceding Riverford land to Gensokyo in exchange for diamonds. Disappointed by their actions, peak was part of the group that planned to leave NDZ and start their own city outside of the bounds of the DZF.[32]peak decided to stay, however, when prominent members of the federal government self-exiled, leading to its collapse.

The Adult in the Room

In October, peak helped end the Aeginan independence movement with the pearling of its former dictator and determination of his sentence, which peak would declare some months later.[33] Afterwards, NDZ saw a relatively long period of peace without drama or war. peak used this opportunity to return to infrastructure projects, like a path to Aegina and a new train station for NDZ.[34][35][36]

peak's design for the Riverford bridge, which was built during the summer of 2015
peak's design for the Riverford bridge, which was built during the summer of 2015

Throughout the beginning of 2015, peak was the main negotiator for land deals with Gensokyo, who continually pushed to buy more of Riverford's land as they grew. Subsequently, peak himself took a keen interest in developing Riverford, aiming to style it off of the real-life city of Salzburg.[37]peak's contributions would lead the reconstruction of Riverford during Project Phoenix, which occurred throughout the summer of 2015.[38]Until the end of 2.0, peak remained Riverford's main administrator and kept activity up in NDZ.[39]

Civcraft 3.0

Though peak was present during the planning phase of 3.0, he would take a much more passive approach to the game, which continued through 3.0 itself. peak was largely involved in historical efforts, remembering and cataloging events from 2.0.[40]During 3.0's short lifespan, peak built a cottage that was notable for its own personal ice rink.

peak's home in Nova Danzilona
peak's home in Nova Danzilona

After the end of 3.0, peak would never again get involved in a subsequent Civ server, though he remained among the Danzilonan online community and occassionally visited its successor.