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Pella/Pellan Empire/Macedonian Empire of Civcraft

The Flag of Pella

"You've just earned yourself an execution good sir" - Quote from some Pellan king


Pella began some time in 2013 on Civcraft 2.0, with the fall of Trenzalore, the original inhabitants fleeing and setting up their own secretive paradise in the deeper half of the ++, the Original inhabitants were King Perdikkas the 13th and his band of merry followers. The second wave of Pellans came in the form of the holy tree refugees, this travel weary group tried to settle into the Pellan culture, some would say it was successful, some would say it is not. By the time of January 2014 the tyranny of Perdikkas and relevant drama meant that activity was low, this was the time when the u3p came into being, and with Pella as a founding member, it grew prosperous and mighty. By the middle of 2014 King Perdikkas had outlived his usefulness, and thus his apprentice ninjajackh12 struck him down and became the King of Pella, ninja then invited a wanderer lord_pericorp to Pella, and they became budding business partners abolishing the monarchy, until Pericorp proved himself non useful, and thus ninja struck him down as well, once again becoming king. Pella then found out about Thaegon, an illegal town founded within its land claim, having been bullied by the u3p's bigger e-peen and a sense of morality, ninja let Thaegon stay. Not long after Thaegon's appearance, ninja created the farming colony of Chiltern headed by prince neondan99.

In more recent times Pella has done relatively little in the large scale world. It is simply a paradise in a world of chaos, with a few hardworking souls perfecting their own little slice of the map.


Pella's political process rarely goes any further than one party shouting, over another party, also shouting. Internally Pella is represented by its monarchy. Within the u3p Pella is represented by 2 senators at any time, one from Pella itself and one from a principality. On an international level Pella is mostly represented as part of the u3p and thus, its political stance stands with the u3p.

Hierarchy and citizenship

Pella and its colonies use a "Technocracy" type system to decide governing. This is a governing system loosely based on experienced (aka more experienced citizens run the empire and are responsible for teaching and helping newer citizens as well as making sure the empire is rich, safe and is a nice place to be.

Pella has a monarchy not for the purpose of a direct dictatorship or constitute monarchy government. The Monarchs are more figureheads who do very well at running the empire and give it a sense of lore and purpose.

The current monarchy family is:

[l]ninjajackh12, King of Macedonia

The king has rule over the empire and acts as a figurehead. His word, while not often direct is law. Monarchs who remove themselves from position are abdicated. Monarchs who are removed are merely traitors and should be pearled 4evs. Other Monarch positions include The prince/princess of Chiltern, who is responsible for the colonies of the empire and acts as the figurehead should the king be unavailable.

Outside of the monarchy there isn't much in the way of hierarchy besides the more experienced players to be looked to for advice and help. As a general rule, the empire will have several "companion" players who will act in a similar way to admins, they are the more experienced players who can be trusted and are reliable. There is no set requirement to become a companion. Only to be, at your heart, Pellan. Even a halfbreed danzilonan or a colonist from Chiltern may become a companion or a monarch.

The current companions are:

A citizen of the empire is known as a Pellan national, as all colonists are by extension citizens of Pella. Even those who live in the empire and share duel citizenship with civilization outside the empire are credited as Pellan nationals. A Full bred Pellan is one born of the empire. An original Pellan is one of founder origin. A half breed is one who lives in the empire and shares duel citizenship, or one that has moved from another civilization fully.

Upon arrival within the Empire, any prospective citizen will first be given an apartment in either Pella or a colony upon the individuals request. They will be given a handful of tasks to complete to get themselves the basic setup needed for a citizen as well as prove themselves trustworthy. Once the tasks are completed, the citizen will be given a choice of land, they must build upon the land as claim for private property, once the property is "completed" the citizen is officially a Pellan National and will be allowed access to all public imperial infrastructure and may live and work as they please, for personal gain and or for growth of the empire.

To learn more about this contact /u/ninjajack12 on reddit or ninjajach12 in game. Check out the subreddits /r/civpella /r/civchiltern

Culture and ethos

Much of Pellan theme relies on the original beliefs of Perdikkas, the way of Macedonia, and the reverence of Alexander the great, as such honour and valour are highly sought after in pure blood pellans. However due to the drama and general ignorance, the Macedonian theme no longer applies. Pellan culture dictates that the King (while not a religious entity) is dear leader, for the sake of cult following.

Pellan culture also means a certain type of aggression, Pellans are raised from a young age to be aggressive, self destructive and generally annoying, much like the genetics from a Siamese fighting fish (Betta), despite this, Pellans are fiercely loyal and will not back down, no matter what stands in their way, Pellan ethos includes the will of no surrender, you either die a warrior or live to die a warrior another day, if you do neither your not a Pellan at all. The final act of Pellan culture is the discrimination of the Danzilonan race, which, although is light hearted, is the staple of most Pellan aggression.

Overall Pella is very laidback, its relaxed and citizens are encouraged to play nicely if possible.

Extra stuff

Pella is known as the city of doge, due to ninjajackh12 having, at one time, 5000 dog mobs, due to mustercull the number is now around 50.

Under no circumstances, is folters allowed inside Pella unsupervised.

Pella has a 1000 block perimeter claim extending from the fountain at Pella's centre, the only exceptions to this are the river border with Blackcrown and the land giveth to Thaegon, any disturbance of this will result in death by death.

Pella has its own copyrighted breed of horse, the Pellan war steed, basically any black horse with white paint markings with stats. The Pellan palace is still in construction, 2 years down the line.

Notable Pellan residents since its existence include: Ninjajackh12. Perdikkas13. Lord_Pericorp.