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The following are a list of known nations that have announced they will be participating in CivMC.

Editor's note: Please move all editing to List of nations on CivMC. Help out other nations by putting your own, then putting one confirmed nation on that page too.

Nations in italics are non-sovereign. Their parent nation is marked in the "Groups & Associations" column.

The List
Nation Government / Ideology Leader Discord Preceded By Groups & Associations
Afreeca[1] ? Xerphe (IGN unknown) ? ?
Algevild Collectivism Azure (IGN unknown) --
Amboise Duchy/Vassal EvDan -- Griffin
Arsenio Pact Confederation -- Eddie Murphy Arsenio Pact
Augusta-Dumnonia Canton TheOrangeWizard Ask for invite South Augusta / Dumnonia Leibniz Confederation
Aurellia Monarchy MrDoomBringer & Complexii Georgia / Krowatia March Pact
Bergburg, Grand Duchy of Absolute Monarchy Zelmisburg Bergburg
Burkin Town[2] ? AgentBurkin (IGN Unknown) ? ?
Camiseo, Republic of Republic Troll_Bebek Republic of Camiseo
Chroma Trading Post Bob_The_BuiIder --
Church of Coppron Sovereign Elective Diaconate Beestang Beretia
City of England Libertarian Monarchy Blob & DoofWarrior City of England Mercurial Market States
CivMarket Corporation-state Jaydon_ & kicky --
The Collective Unitary Socialist Republic Exozz -- COMRADES, International League of Assistance
Communion of Kū Theocracy Custodians of Ku None Cococabanna
Cordoba Republic Macbeth (IGN unknown) --
Cortesia Del Mar Republic IceCarim Cortesia Del Mar March Pact
Crystalis Monarchy oko Empire of Eddie Murphy / Anyakova / Vesanya / Luxeed Arsenio Pact
Dhakhala Agrarian Collectivism N/A -- --
Dalgon Dictatorship fredhun14 Caledonia
Danzilona / Free Danzilonan Republic Constitutional semi-direct democratic republic N/A DM Lowtuff#7501 for access Nova Danzilona, New Danzilona Forum of the Medi Sea
Deriykosa Arsenio Pact member Alecsien Empire of Eddie Murphy / Imperial Federation of Eddie Murphy
Dirt "The Dirt Manifesto" HaKr_ --
Doom City Council + International Committee The Council Laconia
Eddie Murphy (cooler) ??? SoggyBreadstick -- Empire of Eddie Murphy
Estalia -- Gregy165 (Self Proclaimed) -- (Mainly) Mir & Hjaltland
ErrorL, The Kingdom of Theocratic Monarchy ErrorL The Kingdom of ErrorL (Stoneworks)
Falkorst Arsenio Pact member Tiddy1806 Empire of Eddie Murphy / Eddie Murphy People's Interim Royal Empire / Imperial Federation of Eddie Murphy Arsenio Pact
The Fellowship Direct Democracy thatguyluke Tokyo
Fempire Union Democratic Centralism Jindosh and Central Committee Fempire Union (CivU) and LoveBus (Devoted 2.0)
Florence Principality deyan Kaltsburg
Gazebo[3] ? ? ? ?
Gensokyo, Heavenly Kingdom of Monarchy Topaz4239 Gensokyo Forum of the Medi Sea
Grand Imperium Absolute Monarchy Attoprak Grand Imperium
Griffin, High Kingdom of Monarchy Seekinq Kingdom of Fish Forum of the Medi Sea
Hurtsey Lottocratic Republic Zelda_Smile Hurtsey
Hyperborean Confederation Centralized Democratic Confederation SpacemanSpleef Various HC Versions
Icarus, 2nd Republic of Semi-Presidential Republic CredixYt NDI / First Icarian Republic COMRADES
Icenia, 3rd Republic of Republic ChrisChrispie Icenia
Ila'Kyavul Monarchy Caesar Nro'meagh March Pact / COMRADES
The Islamic Caliphate Islamic Monarchy Farifala The Islamic Caliphate, Incan Empire
Judea, Kingdom of Jewish Theocratic Monarchy Melekh Matityahu (IGN unknown) Empire of Judea
Knights of Lawton Military Order RedMedic -- International League of Assistance
Khan Oligarchy shroomph & ADN_______ --
Kweijan Republic |• ケール •| (IGN unknown) --
境界の西部共和国 Monarcho-Socialist Theocratic Republic with Technocratic characteristics ChewLeKitten & SinjoroJoCrafter Astonia (CivRev), Astonian Stories Charitable Foundation, Astonia International League of Assistance
Lambat, Republic of Republic Kaprediem Lambat Forum of the Medi Sea
Leibniz Confederation Confederation Patar15 --
Letos, City State of Witch Coven Logan_the_hermit -- Mercurial Market States
Lusitania, Kingdom of[4] Constitutional Monarchy Metriximor Lusitania Forum of the Medi Sea
Mercury Minarchy SomeoneOk -- Mercurial Market States
Mercurial Market States Federation -- --
Mery, Holy Realm of the Religious Anarchism N/A Hwillotati / Mery Horde Forum of the Medi Sea
Mikasi Liberal Democracy mintphin Empire of Eddie Murphy / Imperial Federation of Eddie Murphy Arsenio Pact
Moloka ? ? ? Moloka
Monaco, Kingdom of Kingdom K0mmi -- -- Arsenio Pact
Mount Augusta Federal Republic RedDevel (Temp.) Mount Augusta (CivClassic) / Mount September / Augustan Federation
Muscovy[3] ? ? ? ?
Myra, Aristocratic Bureaucracy of Aristocratic Bureaucracy AvaniSpades -- International League of Assistance
Nara Feudalist Shogunate SwordMaster7777 Far Seas Alliance, Inferno
Nassau Pirate Republic Lion --
Ocala[5] ? RefreshedIbis (IGN Unknown) ? ?
Otonabee, Republic of Republic IKEA_FRIDGE (Temp.) Otonabee
Pacem, Free City of Council Democracy shtim Pacem
Pavia, Principality of Elective Monarchy BritishWanderer Gabon Forum of the Medi Sea
Petrichor, Worker's Republic of Semi-Democratic/Oligarchic, Socialist Republic shadedoom Columbia
Potistani Host Anarchism/Cossack general assembly Polpot_Theancom Potistan
Rhode Island Oligarchy Aegis Council Rhodesia COMRADES
Rivenfall Monarchy Inverted_Mind Frostwall
Roman Spanish Federation Arsenio Pact member pizzalawl Imperial Federation of Eddie Murphy Arsenio Pact
Rozian Imperium Arsenio Pact member Konstantine --
Rusviet Tsardom Absolute Monarchy Dbug113 Dbugingrad Mercurial Market States
S.C.U.M. Military Order Orang3d Empire of Eddie Murphy / Imperial Federation of Eddie Murphy Arsenio Pact
Sen'tan Arsenio Pact member (IGN unknown) Please contact Alecsien if you wish to join. -- Arsenio Pact
Southshire -- Eddie Southshire
Sovia Anarchism N/A Sovia COMRADES, International League of Assistance
Sparta / Donquixote Family Oligarchic Republic Gtos & Firedragon79 & NewbForReal / The Council -- International League of Assistance
SPQR Empire Mark_Antony ? SPQR
The State Totalitarian Noocracy Council of State Apocryphals Confederation of Cities Communes and Protectorates / United Republic Forum of the Medi Sea
Surda Monarchy Vah --
Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Theocracy Dav_Did --
Tenants' Toil,

Cooperative Commonwealth of

Federal directorial & lottocratic

commonwealth-republic under a

georgist single tax regime

Plupsnup Confederation of Georgia International League of Assistance
Titan Corporation-state Naglafer Ask for invite Titan Industries
Truidencia / Holy Truidencian Empire Semi-Constitutional Monarchy

and Parliamentary Democracy

Zeldronix Imperial Truidence Forum of the Medi Sea
Utopia[3] ? ? ? ?
Valyria, Triumvirate of Triumvirate Doommad, C4Mmo, Sircapalot Private Valyria (CivClassic)
Velicia, City of Monarchy Romanito Velicia Forum of the Medi Sea
Westia Monarchy Louis (IGN unknown) --
Winterbourne, The Royal House of Absolute Monarchy Princess Bow Winterbourne
Wolken Monarchy Dilluexe Wolken
Yoahtl Yoahtlarchy WackyAki Ask for invite Yoahtl
Zatoka, Islamic Emirate of Oligarchy Stonebroke Ask for invite --
Z'teppekhov Horde Umman Manda Namazu (IGN unknown) --