War in Dumnonia

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War in Dumnonia
DateOctober 2nd - October 18th, 2021 (16 days)
Dumnonia, Yoahtl
Result Dumnonia is defeated
Dumnonia's territories re-occupied by Yoahtl
  • Dumnonia
  • Commanders and leaders
  • Yoahtl GDAN12
  • Yoahtl NeoTide
  • Yoahtl MechanicalRift
  • Imperial Truidence GenericLaqey
  • Imperial Truidence icyski
  • Imperial Truidence the__druid
  • Acadia JuniorTide
  • Okx
  • Jonathan_Kent
  • Strength
    11-13 engaged 2 engaged
    Casualties and losses
    4 pearled, later released 2 pearled

    The War in Dumnonia (also known as the Okx Crisis) was a civil uprising by Okx and the unrecognized state of Dumnonia against Yoahtl that occurred in early October of 2021 on CivClassics. Yoahtl received some assistance and volunteer fighters from other UDF nations, but the alliance as a whole did not join the war. The war mainly ended once MechanicalRift pearled Okx.[1]


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