Church of Coppron

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The Church of Coppron
AllianceThe Unified Nations Under Coppron
GovernmentDemocratic Diaconate
Foundation dateFifth of May, 2022

The Church of Coppron is a religious movement that was be founded on CivMC. It was founded by Beestang in May of 2022.

"The religion is based around the worship of the monotheistic deity Coppron. Coppron is essence of the material copper taken in the form of a horse-headed man. The church will have a structure of elected Archdeacon, with other deacon who are ordinated by the Archdeacon being the ones to run and vote. The church will have a heavy emphasis on the support of transportation, primarily horse highways but also rails, canals, and other small road networks." - Elioto8

Coppronism spread to Lambat in 2022 and has since become its de facto state religion upon its transition to monarchy in 2024.

List of Adherents as of SOTW
City of England City of England
The Kweijan