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Skin of WackyAki
Personal Info
Current Citizenships Yoahtl
Known ForMain bastion producer for Yoahtl, former Alcuahtl
Main ResidenceNYC
Fun FactAllergic to cats
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivcraft 1.0
Iterations played on

WackyAki was the Alcuahtl of Yoahtl. In Civcraft 2.0 joined Gensokyo, was also in New Detroit, later joined Yoahtl till the end of 2.0, played with Yoahtl in CivTemp and 3.0. On CivClassics WackyAki was pearled by Tofee while Tofee was altraiding Yoahtl so Tofee could be free to raid Aki's house, later was pearled again by Tofee after breaking a chest on a bridge in Axochitlan. Sintralin asked for aki to be freed, where returned to NYC. Made XP and bastions for Yoahtl during Somber War and Infinity War, and was involved in 3 vault breaks at the end of the infinity war. Helped organise the first Civ Olympics, and helped a little the later Olympics.