Far Seas Alliance

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Far Seas Alliance
Formation13th August 2020
Governing documentFSA Charter
• Spokesman

The Far Seas Alliance is a cooperative organization based in the New World. It was founded by Vibeville, Zeal, Sesoria, Brissur, New Providence, Gallagher and Norlund. After the events of the Imperial Federation Civil War, however, Norlund would be expelled from the alliance. It is presently comprised of all of the founding nations, with the addition of the Imperial Federation and its former state Cococabanna after the conclusion of their civil war.


Origins (Early August, 2020)


The idea for a New World based alliance was thought up by several people after the events of the Invasion of Norlund, in which the site of the Norlundic colony in the New World was sacked by Blackwater mercenaries hired by ComeradeNick, as well as Old World Norlund being invaded by Yggdrasil. Many other New World colonists were appalled that this occurred, particularly those of Vibeville, who would end up discussing the idea of a possible pan-shard alliance. They were not the only ones to attempt this, with the IF and Paradise also gunning for an alliance set-up. The Vibers worked diligently in setting up a series of agreeable basic principles along with a discord, and reaching out to many of the other smaller nations. They carefully avoiding inviting the nations of bigger claims over fear they may tip the balance of power away from the smaller, less resourceful nations.

In short order, the Vibers brought in the people of Brissur, Sesoria, New Providence, and Zeal, for a total of five. Otonabee's New World colony was also invited at this time, and would effectively join a day later after some internal deliberation, rounding out the number of founders to six. The colonies of the Thomas Archipelago nations were ignored, as they effectively had their own alliance to back them up. Shortly after the charter was codified and Otonabee joined in, the first vote to induct a nation was held, with the possible goal of getting Norlund in. It was unanimously passed, bringing up the total nations to seven, and covering much of the land of the shard.

Norlund Rocks The Alliance

Mere hours after the alliance announced themselves to the public[1], Norlund, along with Paradise, invaded the IF in claimed attempt to restore democracy within the IF from the actions of Gordona22 and the Imperial Senate. They would pearl Gordona, break the nation's tax chest and one of his personal chests, These actions were revealed to orchestrated by the Paradise leader, Dama, along with the IF senators 1drop and onederful. Norlund did not inform the alliance of this invasion beforehand, which, along with all the drama it caused, and served to frustrate several of the members of the other allied nations. Norlund would acquire some land from IF following these events, and many members were worried.

Despite this, it was decided that Norlund had broken the rules of the alliance by inciting violence against the IF without engaging in Diplomacy and potentially destabilizing the IF. Talk of punishing them occurred, and several votes were held to remove them from the alliance following an official statement condemning the attack[2]. The first vote failed, with several nations deciding to await a Norlish statement on the matter. Following a post by Norlund [3] and a 9 question list posted by prawny331 in the FSA discord demanding a response from the then Norlish Prime Minister, Groxlord[4]. Grox's response[5] clarified many concerns within the FSA, and the following vote to remove Norlund also failed. The Imperial Federation was reformed, with Onederful serving as interim leader, assisted by 1drop, for a 2 week transition period to a new government.

IF Counter-Coup, The Admission of the Imperial Federation, and The Betrayal of Norlund

The citizens of the IF were not happy with the restructuring being done by the Paradise backed 1drop, who later attempt to restructure the country into a new one called Raindrop, with the Cantina Minister ZRAINH20 acting as a co-diarch. This was proof enough to the FSA that Paradise, a New World extension of Cantina, was setting up the IF to be a simple puppet state. Gordona would not go down without a fight, and would engage in a counter-coup to decide the fate of the IF. The majority of FSA leadership preferred the old IF over a Paradise puppet state, and decided to accept the request of the IF Loyalists to join the alliance. The vote was quick, with most states voting in the Loyalists, except for New Providence, who wanted to remain neutral at this stage of the conflict, and Norlund, who had not voted before the results were declared.

During the events of the counter-coup, the interim ruler onederful decided to switch sides, and leaked conversations with himself, 1drop, Dama and Norlund[6] over the planned attack, proving that the statements made by Norlund and Groxlord to be lies to even the Norlish people. Norlund had invaded the IF with the explicit purpose of acquiring new land, as revenge for the prior events with Fortuna and Blackwater. With Onderful's revelation in the form of a subreddit post, the treachery of Dama and Norlund would be unveiled for all the world to see. Norlund was removed from the FSA leadership channels immediately while the rest of the FSA discussed what happened. Due to betrayal by Norlund, a third and final vote was called to kick them out, passing unanimously. Mainland Cantina disavowed the actions of Dama, and a disgraced 1drop hurriedly left the shard, banished from returning. Groxlord resigned as the Norlish prime minister, and an apology was issued by the interim leader of Norlund [7]. The IF was properly re-established, and accepted into the FSA, following the succession of Godhaven and Cococabanna, the latter of which was also later accepted into the alliance. The first signs of war were beginning to appear on the old continent, with the possibility of a world war discussed, but the New World would enjoy peace for now.

A New Dawn

The First Days

After the expulsion of Norlund, the FSA quickly went about working on civilian developments, with Tukidoki being elected as the first spokesperson of the alliance, and defensive coordinators being under review. Horse tunnels and other infrastructure are currently being built between member states. New World Otonabee and New World Brissur would both clarify their relationships with their old world counterparts, with Otonabee colony (now referred to as Gallagher) declaring itself a distinct legal entity from the newly forged Otona-Varathia [8], and Brissur colony declaring it's independence as Polaria after Brissur[9] was admitted to the Carbon Hegemony.