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Personal Info
Current CitizenshipsCivMC
Known For
  • Inventing Wool Wars
  • Founding the NWO
  • Lobbying for giant bridges
  • Being a based anti-communist
Known Spoken LanguagesEnglish
Former CitizenshipsCivcraft





Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivcraft 2.0
Iterations played on

Zelmisburg, also known by the former handle Mushroomfly, is a long time Civ player.[1][2][3][4]

Pre-CivClassic History

Civcraft 2.0

Mushroomfly would make his debut late in Civ 2.0's lifetime, circa September 2015. He first noticed a CivCraft-related thread on [REDACTED], prompting him to join. Various wanderings through countrysides and cities later, he ended up in the then-fledgling town of Tazmily. He became a shopkeeper in the town in the weeks leading up to it's independence. He would be responsible for building a bridge over a small bay at the edge of town, known as the "Reimu Hakurei Memorial Bridge", featuring shop chests on one end and a viewing platform on the other. He would also befriend the town's leader, Yearn. He eventually would grow a modest amount of wealth from mining and running his shop, and thought about how to make it easier to cross the vast ocean to the west of Tazmily. He conceived a bridge across said ocean, and was negotiating with Silesia and gathering materials to erect it when tragedy struck: An announcement was made that the server's days were coming to an end, and this project came to a screeching halt before the first brick could be laid.


Mushroomfly looked around and experimented on the new features CivTemp introduced for day or so, and ended up deciding the whole thing was dumb, going on a brief hiatus. He would not participate in CivCraft 3.0 as a result. Should have listened to the chants of "3.no", ttk2.

Devoted 1.0

Mushroomfly joined Argos during the chaotic first days of the server. He would not be present during that state's equally-chaotic dissolution. He would become a wanderer afterwards, though he mainly stayed in the vicinity of Mersin, building a residence there.

Devoted 2.0

As with 1.0, Mushroomfly ended up not settling down for quite some time. He would eventually take residence in Polaris, helping to manufacture Obsidian in the town of Toh'ki. He intended to build a tower that was Obsidian aboveground and Quartz underground, but various real-life happenings prevented him from having the time to finish it before the iteration's end.

Devoted 3.0

Joined a newfriend town in the opening days that ended up being raided by hiimposey. Doesn't remember much beyond that, so it's unlikely he participated very much before he went on a years-long hiatus from Minecraft due to college.

CivClassic 2.0

Beginnings: Mount Augusta

Mushroomfly joined CivClassic near the beginning of 2018. He first spawned near where he would later establish Gigachadtopia. His first days were relatively uneventful, gearing himself up to iron in order to defend himself against mobs, and doing some basic quarrying. He would then be invited to the fledgling Mount Augusta (at this time, there were only a handful of buildings erected, and even the famous Augustan Canals were still being dug). He would obtain citizenship shortly after, and would live a relatively uneventful civ life in one of the town's apartment complexes.

He would befriend a few players at this time, notably DankMemesTopKek, who had just founded Canalism. He would also attempt to dig out a rail tunnel that would cut the travel time between MTA and The Commonwealth's under-construction town of Taliesin. However, real life would get in the way, and the project would be cancelled. Late in the Somber War, He left MTA with what little wealth he had acquired and headed off to Gensokyo due to liking the nation's theme and architecture.

On and Off: Gensokyo

Mushroomfly moved into the big bath house in Roe Island. He ended up going inactive during the opening months of the Infinity War after losing a prot set due to the Minecart elevator glitch that killed players while touring Hjaltland, and would remain that way for almost a year. He would finally come back at the end of 2019. He served in Gensokyo's ministries as an economist for a few months, and built the first Wool Wars arena. However, he never acquired enough wool to actually attempt to host a Wool Wars game, and the arena now sits dilapidated in southeast Taozi (it didn't help he didn't realize at the time that Quartz is a bad block to use if you want a secure building). His stint in Gensokyo ended May 2020 due to political disagreements with Gensokyo's leader, Topaz4293. He proceeded to settle down in the city of Pacem instead.

Lods e Mone: Pacem

He designed a house to build in southern Pacem, but the design was rejected. Instead, he built a basement beneath another build in the southeast of the city, with the intent of selling items that were just added with the 1.14 update to the server (since they would be scarce at first, he thought that would make them more valuable). He named the shop "Acme Electrics", with an initial catalogue including Lanterns and Redstone Blocks. He became an avid miner, finding multiple diamond fields south of the city, and become much wealthier than before. He would also create a bee farm, allowing him to sell honey to the masses. He decided he would use this wealth to fund a mega project: The Augusta-Eastern States Friendship Bridge, a mammoth rail/iceroad bridge that would span the Nexus Sea from the then-independent Wesbury to Aurora. He successfully got the approval for three of the nations the bridge crossed (the former two mentioned nations, as well as Imperial Truidence). However, the intended path of the bridge cut through a nether island belonging to the Varkonian territory of Mordor. While negotiations looked good at first, the Varkonian Senate would vote against the project (no reason was given), and furthermore banned Mushroomfly from building on Varkonian territory. Since Mordor nearly bisected the Nexus Sea, Mushroomfly was forced to abandon his project for fear of Entente retaliation. With Pacem's activity hitting a low point, he decided to return to his roots, and so he headed north.

Gigachadtopia Rises

His history from this point to the end of CivClassic can be read in the Gigachadtopia article.

He also gained City of England membership due to being a close ally, and would eventually gain an albatross across his neck due to his founding of an alliance called NWO.


Titled himself as The Graf Bergburg-Khalkholm. Founded the first iteration of Bergburg. Fought a conflict with Fortuna and hung out in Saint Lola a bunch. CivRev ended up being short-lived, however.


Brought back Bergburg on the continent of Impendia, which attained a max population of nine.

Subsequent events resulted in Zelmisburg taking a two month hiatus from the genre, before refounding the country in Northlandia.

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