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Cortesia Del Mar, officially The Republic of Cortesia Del Mar (often shortened to Cortesia or CDM), was a nation in the +,+ (southeastern) quadrant of CivClassic 2.0. Run for its entire twelve-month existence on the server by a "transitionary oligarchy"[1], the nation was founded on "the values of democracy, equality, humanity, justice, liberty, responsibility, secularity, and the rule of law"[2], as it doggedly pursued the development of its intricate Constitution. Its interim capital was the city of New Sol, so named because its intended national capital of Ventura was not realized in this time. Its only land border was with Monterrey to the west. Cortesia was a member of the CES and the Korell Alliance. Cortesia had a long pre-CivClassic history prior to its establishment on the server, which greatly shaped its nature and politics; though it continued to exist as an independent community afterwards, Cortesia Del Mar ceased to exist on CivClassic on December 8, 2021, as a result of the EOTW announcement.
Cortesia Del Mar
Peacetime Flag of Cortesia Del Mar
LocationEastern Phoenix
Alliance CES
Capital cityNew Sol
GovernmentTransitionary Oligrachy
Governing documentProvisional Constitution (intended to be a temporary measure)
• President
• Vice President
• Secretariat Member
• Secretariat Member
• Secretariat Member
Foundation date2 January 2021


Pre-CivClassic History

Cortesian pre-CivClassic history consists of four years of Cortesian existence on various non-Civ servers, particularly Towny and nations servers. While these experiences had a profound impact on Cortesia Del Mar[citation needed], understanding them is not essential to understanding Cortesia Del Mar on CivClassic.

CivClassic History

December-January 2020-2021

Cortesia's location and membership on CivClassic are the result of an extraordinary coincidence, as when Cortesia agreed to move to Classics, it encountered former StarLegacy friend EngineeringBean already settled in the city-state of New Sol. With Bean's permission, Cortesians began to operate out of New Sol from December 21st, 2020, building up the future first Cortesian city and connecting it via rail to the Entranan Transcontinental Express and the nearby town of Barcelona. Cortesia was founded with a "transitionary oligarchy" on January 2nd, 2021. Caledonia, former stewards of the Entranan vicinity, assented to the claim. It established the doomed capital of Ventura on January 23rd, and Cortesia accepted an invitation to the DUMP alliance on January 25th (which would be realized on the 31st), where it would stay through May 26th.

February 2021

After the Free State of Lambat's brief membership in DUMP and eventual dissolution, its territory was temporarily ceded to Cortesia for protection on February 2nd, 2021.[3] [4] The territory was returned to the Republic of Lambat, FSL's successor state, on February 13th.[5]. From February 13 to February 20, Cortesian Vice President yodabird19 was pearled by Nyasaland, an international crisis which ultimately contributed to and coincided with the Collapse of Eddie Murphy, an event which eviscerated the DUMP and reduced Cortesian activity for the following months.

May-June 2021

Throughout much of May, Cortesia Del Mar, Caledonia, and a growing group of other players and nations hashed out the Conference of Eastern States, an eastern regional alliance in which Cortesia would remain through to EOTW. The alliance's formation was rushed by yodabird19's pearling by Columbia on May 27 over a conspiracy theory that yodabird19 was colluding to obtain NATO loot.

June-October 2021

The middle of 2021 saw Cortesian activity revive dramatically, as both projects within and without the CES came to fruition over this period. yodabird19 created yodabot, a snitch bot which served over a dozen nations. New Sol grew rapidly, Cortesia constructed iceroads for easy access to its allies, and the 'Big Red Bridge' was completed. The AF-CES partnership was established on August 21, which further helped to extend Cortesia's diplomatic sphere. This period also saw Cortesia diplomatically (and in some cases, militarily) involved in a number of international incidents and events, such as the Adinan controversy, the Ohio Massacre, and the Asahigaokan Missile Crisis.

October-December 2021

Late 2021 began with the ratification of the Provisional Constitution, which aimed to grant Cortesia Del Mar a small bureaucracy and through it moderate political legitimacy, while leaving Cortesia the transitional oligarchy that it needed to complete its three-years-in-the-making Constitution. This began a period of active homeland development in Cortesia Del Mar, which saw the redevelopment of Entrana city, the rapid expansion (mostly vertically) of New Sol, and the beginnings of the SARS standard overtaking the KANI in the Cortesian neighborhood. CivClassic's EOTW was announced on December 8, 2021, immediately ending Cortesian development on CivClassic, and catapulting Cortesia Del Mar into its Fourth Interim Period.


Cortesia Del Mar's mainland was diverse in shape and biome, though mostly dominated by forests and plains. The center of its claims had a large, circular lake named Lake Turtle, surrounded by wide, flat beaches, on which the attempted city of Ventura was established for some months. Elevation in this land varied wildly, with some areas, especially the southwest of the claims, having flat, arable land, while others, such as the southeast and north, were mountainous or otherwise elevated. Cortesia also claimed a number of nearby islands, including Thaegon, which was flat and heavily farmed, a nearby nether island, a small mushroom island, and several surrounding islands of varied usefulness.


The full claims of Cortesia Del Mar in their final state

Cortesian Cities

New Sol as of December 1, 2021

New Sol was Cortesia's oldest city and interim administrative and geographic capital.[6] It was located in a plains peninsula in the south of Cortesia's claim. The city, with a futuristic, "stacked" style, was run by Mayor EngineeringBean.

Ventura was an attempted Cortesian capital, planned until EOTW to be rebuilt better in the future. Perpetually under heavy construction, it wss located around the southern shore of Cortesia's Lake Turtle. Its goal was to host the seat of Cortesian government and involve the styles of all Cortesian cities.

Entrana City was the former capital of the Entranan Republic, which Cortesia pledged to preserve and protect. It was administrated by Brick_WallGaming, and was little changed in Cortesia's twelve months owning it.

Fort Liberty as the Murphians left it

Fort Liberty was another, smaller former Entranan city. Left almost entirely untouched for Cortesia's first nine months, the city played host to the future members of the Imperial Federation of Eddie Murphy for approximately three weeks while claim arrangements for the latter were made, in which time it was dramatically rebuilt by the Murphians in their style.

Constantinople was the former capital of the Order of the Knights Templar, and was situated in a grassy, square hole. Cortesia did not alter this city, though it did loot it.

Politics and Government

The so-called Republic of Cortesia Del Mar was run by a "transitionary oligarchy" consisting of IceCarim, EngineeringBean, Vedd, and yodabird19. This group, in tandem with the Republic's citizens, worked incessantly on the nation's intricate and corruption-proofed Constitution.


Inside Jokes

"Halfbreed master" / "GLHF go die in a fire halfbreed" - Insults directed by Zhuge at IceCarim during the April 1st revolution

"Don't come crawling back" - Removed secretariat member's "final warning" to Cortesia


  • Cortesia Del Mar is several months older than CivClassics, despite being a newfriend nation on the server.
  • Nobody has ever heard Vice President yodabird19 speak.
  • Cortesia's city of New Sol was once a self-governing city-state.


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