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Mr. UwU
Personal Info
Current CitizenshipsMyra
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerDevoted Hell
Iterations played onDevoted Hell

AvaniSpades (also known as FemboyKaiUwU, Mr. UwU, or just Kai) is a player who first started on the iteration of Devoted Hell, and founded the nation of Myra on CivMC. Kai is wanted in many nations and circles, due to an absurd amount of trolling.

Devoted Hell

Recruited into the (then) flourishing nation of Inferno on the ill-fated server of Devoted Hell by SwordMaster7777, Kai took an early liking to performing grinding work for the ongoing massive dig project for the nation's planned construction of the circles of hell. Early on, Kai showed a great interest in civ history and the events of past iterations, as well as a particular glee in leaving hundreds of scattered valuable (and non-valuable) ores suspended high in the air over lava for the nation's leader, prawny331 to later attempt to silk touch. This aptitude for grinding, interest in the nation's developed lore and roleplay, and frequent attendance in Inferno's frequent movie nights earned Kai much trust quickly, rapidly rising to the position of the Lord of Heresy in the nation's Infernal Council. Unfortunately, the server's objective faults led to the server (and nation of Inferno) going inactive, and the construction of the circles of hell (and Kai's circle of Heresy) being abandoned.

Titan Industries

Kai joined the company Titan Industries in mid-late 2021, assisting with several infrastructure projects in the vault of Hyperion.


Kai founded the nation of Myra in May of 2022, prior to the planned launch of CivMC. Kai is also the leader and Council Member of the International League of Assistance, an economic and political alliance for newer nations. Kai also works closely with Myra's allies, holding citizenship in KOEL.