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Personal Info
Primary Citizenships
Honorary Citizenships
Known ForLeader of Columbia, MAC Sierra, founder of NATO, vault engineer, Doom Ring bastion lay-out, Sempiternal, Crucible, Utumno vaults
ActiveLate 2016 - Early 2023
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerDevoted 3.0
Iterations played onDevoted 3.0

CivEx 3.0

CivClassic 2.0

CivRealms 2.0


Shadedoom (IGN: shadedoom), also known as 'Shade', 'Shaded', and 'Oom', was a prominent Civ player. They primarily played on CivClassic and to a lesser extent CivRealms and CivMC. They were most known for being Emperor and one of the founders of Columbia, one of the leaders and founder of NATO, their skill in vault-science, and their involvement in numerous vault sieges/defenses. They joined Civ in late 2016, recruited by a real-life friend who frequented 4chan and saw Chanadian advertisements for CivCraft. As leader of Columbia they oversaw the initial alignment of Columbia with 'anti-WP' nations as Rhodesia, HJE, and Hallow, and the later realignment with the other side, as well as the metamorphosis of Columbia from a largely far-right community into a more progressive left-leaning community.

Play History

Devoted 3.0
  • Leader of Astronya and Reidos
  • Founding of and leadership in the First Columbian Empire
CivEx 3.0
  • Councillor in the Confederate States of Columbia
CivClassic 2.0
  • Fürsten (later Margrave) in the Grand Duchy of Columbia
  • Multi-term Chancellor of the Second Empire of Columbia
  • Emperor of the Second Empire of Columbia
  • Founding of NATO
  • NATO-Mir War, leading defense of Sempiternal and the Crucible, co-leading siege of Hallow and Best Western vaults
  • Columbian Bush War
  • Emperor of the Third Empire of Columbia
CivRealms 2.0
CivClassic 2.0 (continued)