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Personal Info
Current CitizenshipsEstalia


Icenia (Petrichor)
Known ForEmperor of Columbia

MAC Sierra

NATO Founder

Vault Engineer
Main ResidenceEstalia's Mushroom Vault
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivCraft 3.0 ?
Iterations played onCivCraft 3.0 *I think

Devoted 3.0

CivEx 3.0

CivClassic 2.0

CivRealms 2.0


Joined the Civ Community in mid-late 2016, recruited to it by a real-life friend who frequented 4chan and saw Chanadian advertisements for CivCraft.

shadedoom is currently a Minister to the Workers' Congress and the Records Keeper of the Workers' Republic of Petrichor on CivMC, a successor in a sense to the Third Empire of Columbia and the Republic of Acadia.

History of Citizenship: I don't remember before Devoted 3.0 tbh. Led Astronya and Reidos, and was in the leadership council of the Columbian Empire on Devoted 3.0. Was one of the Councilors of the Confederate States of Columbia on CivEx 3.0. Was one of the Fürsten of the Grand Duchy of Columbia, then later a Margrave of the Grand Duchy of Columbia, then later the several-term Chancellor of the Second Empire of Columbia, then later the Emperor of the Third Empire of Columbia and High Ruler of the extended Kallumbian Imperium, all on CivClassic 2.0. Other citizenships on CivClassic 2.0 included: the Holy Jaded Empire, Kallos, Mir, Varkonia, Nyasaland, Acadia, Mount Augusta, Icenia, Pruthenia-Risk, Upper Astonia, Raptopia, Oomland, Cascadia, Copacabana, the Pirate Isles, and Knox.

Notable Achievements: Leader of Columbia, The Crucible Vault, Sempiternal Vault, Utumno Vault, co-founder of NATO, organizing/co-leading the Siege of Hallow Vault, helping organize/co-lead the Siege of The Best Western Vault, creator of the Doom Ring bastion layout.

History of Controversy: Through 2016, 2017, and 2018, shadedoom was radicalized by the online Alt Right, and made several inflammatory comments about transgender people, as well as the occasional racial slur. This underlying attitude continued until partway into 2019, when shadedoom began to de-radicalize and eventually would become an intersectional socialist by 2021. Likewise, Columbia as a community was largely further right in its early years, but the Second Empire of Columbia became the Third Empire of Columbia around the same time in 2019, signaling a change towards a more progressive community in the nation as existing problematic players either left, were kicked out, or also de-radicalized from far right beliefs and roleplay.

In 2020, user Moderattori, a member of Nro'Meagh, posted a questionable, inappropriate image of a child to the Columbia discord as a shitpost. Although the image didn't depict anything of a specifically sexual nature, shadedoom immediately deleted it and warned Moderattori never to post anything like it again, or face an immediate ban. This reaction was screenshotted by 'someone' in the discord and circulated in various circles, causing several players to question whether shadedoom's response to the post by Moderattori was severe enough or not. Some of these players also began to accuse shadedoom directly of immoral practices, even reporting him to server administration on CivClassic 2.0 and CivRealms 3.0. The situation was resolved shortly after, as the next day Moderattori was reported and banned from the discord entirely, although more severe accusations against shadedoom continued for a month or two.