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Tiddy1806 is a player on CivClassic, Grand Secretary of the Imperial Federation of Eddie Murphy, and former government official of Gabon & the Empire of Eddie Murphy.


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  • English
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Tiddy started their journey by traveling to Gabon, where they soon gained permission to build and expand Salisbury, creating the district of Swanmore. In Gabon, they won multiple Gabonese elections for the Lord's Council under the People of Gabon Party, a major proponent of far-left polices in the country.

Eddie Murphy

While finishing up construction of Swanmore, a rising number of houses in the district were being filled by dual-citizens of Eddie Murphy. Tiddy soon found themself speaking with murphians often, providing them with housing and education on Gabonese customs. This eventually turned into a deep friendship between Eddie Murphy and Gabon, with Tiddy being given citizenship and land in the murphian province of Kickassia.


During the Collapse of Eddie Murphy, Tiddy filled the power vacuum in Arsenio and took control over the capital, renaming it The EMPIRE. It was quickly abandoned a few months later.