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The Kweijan also known as Kweijan [kweijaan] was a short-lived state on CivMC. The Kweijan was a democratic state in which the Prime Minister was elected. It was located on the Western Continent, in what is now western KOZ.

How to pronounce KWEIJAN.
The Kweijan
National Colors
• Prime Minister
Foundation dateSOTW
Succeeded byKOEL
ReligionThe Copernism


The Kweijan was created on the 27th of May, 2022. The Kweijan flag has a black background with an orange eagle in the middle. The original flag of Kweijan had a grey and black background with the same eagle.

The Kweijan ended up being one of the very first CivMC nations to dissolve; around June 9th, 2022, the leader held an election for Prime Minister. He allowed foreigners to vote - this allowed Lurxo, a member of KOEL, to narrowly be elected as Prime Minister. His first and only act was to dissolve The Kweijan and annex it into KOEL.

The Kweijan's original inhabitants had left CivMC for an SMP sometime before September 2022.

This was the first interaction on the nation's discord. (Sobota is a Czech word for Saturday)
The first (short-used) flag of The Kweijan.
The only election ever held in The Kweijan.
Banner used in CivMC