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Duchy of Panem
Flag of Panem
Flag of Panem
Location5900, 3100
Activity levelNone
Capital cityGodhaven
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy

Panem, officially the Duchy of Panem, was an absolute monarchy led by Thejmqn and part of the larger Crown of Ghodyetre. It is currently a vassal to the Empire of Thoria led by Emperor Coocooman and is often associated with Nro'meagh due to the nations' shared histories. Panem was founded on February 1, 2020 by a group of five friends known as the "Council of Panem." With assistance from the larger Republic of Adina to the south, Panem grew quickly and the harsh terrain of the land was cleared with ease. In April of 2020, CivClassics began to lose activity due to the then-ongoing Infinity War and all members of the council quit the server to move onto CivRealms.

Due to knowing the mapmakers, Thejmqn was able to keep Panem on all of the CivClassics maps despite there being no active player base. Throughout this time, Panem repeatedly asked to be annexed by larger nations[1], but none accepted the offer due to the poor land quality. In May of 2021, the clan of Caesar's Legion in Nro'Meagh agreed to vassalize Panem and Panem became a part of the collection of clans of Nro'Meagh. After Caesar's Legion collapsed, Panem remained as an independent clan until October 11th, 2021, when Thoria declared independence and agreed to let Panem be a vassal.


A map of Panem's claims as of March 14, 2020

Panem was founded on February 1, 2020 [2] by Thejmqn, KittFoonya, JS2244, Sonop, and Jonhalo. The five of them formed the Council of Panem which became the de facto government of Panem. Panem was originally going to be founded in the lands of the Don Republic; however, after realizing the land was owned by Adina, the Council left for a new location east of the River Panem. After much debat, it was decided that Panem's capital city of Godhaven, would be founded at 5900, 3000. [3] The land around Godhaven was extremely mountainous, and large mining operations occured to flatten the terrain. At this time, a notable Varkonia citizen called helpmepleasee agreed to offer materials and monetary assistance to Panem in return for having some say in government. The city of Godhaven quickly expanded and the abandonded towns of Breadville and Veria, there before the arrival of Panem, were improved.

On March 1, 2020, the nation of Wydale was annexed by Panem after Meep, Wydale's leader, announced that he would be leaving the server and would gift his nation to Panem. [2] The new land proved to be very helpful to Panem, and New Wydale City became yet another city to improve upon. On March 9, 2020, the Republic of Adina gifted the beaches of Altava at the very north of Adina to Panem. On March 12, 2020, Panem made one more expansion when it purchased the southern area of Armenia's southern island for a sum of 64 diamonds.[4] Due to the leader of Armenia being pearled in the Infinity War, these diamonds still have never been payed. In April of 2020, CivClassics lost activity and all members of the Council of Panem except Thejmqn quit the server.


A view of Godhaven, the capital of Panem.

Panem had major cities located throughout the nation. The capital of Panem, Godhaven, is a modern-themed city where the center of the nation's rails network is. Godhaven is the only city made only by Panem and not built on top of another city. The location of Godhaven at 5900, 3000 is a very strategic location, as it is built at the edge of one of only two rivers that connect between two large oceans. Breadville was discovered on accident when Thejmqn was building a railroad underground across the nation. A bunker was found which had a hidden passage up to the surface, leading to an old rustic-style town. Since the discovery, the grief of Breadville has been removed and more efforts are being made to improved the ruined city.

It was later determined that Breadville had once been the capital city of Svaneireii (later called Nueva Myrador), a nation founded by daelvn and ashnwill in the fall of 2018.

Veria, the nation's third city, is located on Veria Island at the very south of Panem. Veria includes a large castle which when at the top, the nation of Adina can be seen. Veria is still a large work in progress, but when finished there are plans to make Veria a city where there are no build restrictions. Thus, anyone will be able to make any structure without following a build code. Panem's fourth and currently final city is New Wydale City. New Wydale City is built over the capital of Wydale after Wydale was gifted to Panem.

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