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Wrasslin', also known as McMahonism, is the native religion of Gigachadtopia. It was first practiced in 2021.


The Trinity: The triangle in the squared circle: The Face, The Heel, and The Referee.

Holy Days

March 31st: The holiest day in the Wrasslin' calendar - the day Wrestlemania was first held.

April 6th: Wrestlemania 30: Saint Lesnar breaks The Undertaker's Streak.

June 28th: The date of Hell in a Cell 3, legendary for the two bumps against Saint Foley.

July 7th: The date of Bash at the Beach 1996, the heel turn of Saint Hogan and the founding of the New World Order wrestling stable.

September 4th: The start of the Monday Night Wars.

October 11th: The founding of WCW.

November 9th: The date of the Montreal Screwjob.

Patron Saints

Evil Figures