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City of Ceylon
Flag of New Sovia (Including Ceylon)
Map of Ceylon
Location8500, -1300
GovernmentDirect Democracy with Sovian Characteristics
• Founders
Foundation dateMid 2019
Motto"We live in a society"

Ceylon (/sɪˈlɒn/) is a city raised atop the steep cliffs of the +,-. It is the capital of New Sovia, split into 3 seperate districts. The city is nestled in between Iria and Lambat.

The island of Ceylon remained uninhabited until it was scouted by Pirater and SwiftFizz in April 2019. The idea of Ceylon began in mid-April 2019 after Pirater's pearling and involvement in the Channer attack on Nyasaland. Members of Soviakorps were interested in starting a new city, one where they would no longer raid and be able to live peacefully in relative isolation. Ceylon's mountainous terrain and height provided an excellent advantage to the New Sovian settlers, and after Pirater's unbanning they began to develop farms and infrastructure on Ceylon Island.

Life in Ceylon was relatively peaceful for the inhabitants, aside the occasional drama which occurs every now and then. Despite the fearmongering of the critics and haters[citation needed] who stand united against Ceylon, there has been zero proven involvement of its residents in griefing, as they prefer much more pleasant hobbies such as peacefully wheat farming and digging. The citizens of Ceylon were world-renowned workers, having dug millions of blocks across the world, constantly pouring their productivity into monuments which will definitely stand the test of time. The residents however would rather keep to themselves, which is why it is necessary for all visitors to seek a Visa, or face the risk of imprisonment.

The city is currently uninhabited due to New Sovia's inactivty.

Name Origins

The name Ceylon comes from the real life British colony of Ceylon (now known as Sri Lanka), one of the most beautiful and productive colonies in the whole of the British Empire. The persian name "Serendip" influenced the English noun "Serendipity", which means:

"the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way."

This suits the theme of the nation, due to the fact everything went well seemingly by chance even after it had seemed that the Sovian people had finally lost, they had resurged more powerful than ever.


Ceylon was founded by Pirater, SwiftFizz, iakwai and GamePhobic in April 2019, however development only boosted in May/June 2019. Pirater had led Sovia for most of the server, and Swift had lead the CivEx branch of Sovia after Pirater's ban from CivEx - this made them the perfect candidates for the leadership of New Sovia. Swift became leader of New Sovia, while Pirater generally tends to focus on internal development and infrastructure. In June 2019, New Sovia was involved in the formation of one of the several alliances on Civ, known as Heavenly Concord.


"New Sovia has very good national pride and spirit" — Pirater, June 2019, on New Sovian Culture (Including Ceylon)

Ceylon has an internationally famed culture, with some of the most renowned content creators on the server. Featuring an all-star lineup including the likes of Pirater, wjkroeker, GamePhobic and more, memes are embedded in the very DNA of Ceylon's Citizens. The citizens of Ceylon combined have some of the most upvoted posts on the server, while also constantly pushing what has been deemed as "acceptable" to the very limits in past. The culture of Ceylon is based largely on memes, which are shared in private discord channels, where only the finest quality home-grown organic non-GMO memes on the server. The humour of Ceylon is rather tongue-in-cheek and hyperbolic, often mocking the things other nations have accused them of in another way.

Ceylon bursting with activity, June 2019.

Exodus from Icenia

In April 2019, several of the founders of Ceylon City were living in the city of Icenia. However, after a few incidents and skirmishes involving Pirater's diamonds, GamePhobic getting extradited to Nyasaland supposedly against Icenian law, and more - they finally had enough and decided to establish their own city. This city would be a paradise second to no other nation, a bastion of hope and justice for the surrounding world - the shining beacon of the Civ genre.


With Pirater's banning in mid-April 2019, the population growth of Ceylon stagnated. Swift and GamePhobic were the only active players, and construction had not yet begun. Fortunately, after 2 weeks and a ban appeal, Pirater was finally unbanned in May 2019 - and finally able to help the city grow. The population settled at 3 for a bit (excluding iakwai, who was on the run at the time). They began work on farms, a trench and the world's tallest skyscraper, estimated to be complete some time around July 2019. During this time, an influx of players began to join, including wjkroeker (who helped contribute to the Old Sovian Quarter in MtA). While due to the secure Visa policy, Ceylon is not as populated as it could be, houses have started popping up around the island alongside numerous farms and mines.#

Clown Wars

Main article: Clown Wars

During the month of June 2019, tensions reached a boiling point between the residents of Ceylon and Icenia. Icenian mugo/LordChieftain was pre-emptively pearled by SwiftFizz after visiting the island, and dropped multiple stacks of TNTon his death, causing the Sovians to believe Icenia was planning a pre-emptive strike. This caused the residents of Ceylon and the rest of the Heavenly Concord alliance to head towards Icenia for a peaceful protest against Icenian discrimination of Sovian Citizens. The protest started initially peaceful, until SwiftFizz began to shoot at Lagiacrus11, and then eventually NovaZephyr, Swift and GamePhobic all engaged on Lagiacrus11. Pirater (despite not engaging combat or doing any type of grief) was pearled by Lil_Wayne/Thoths, although they were shortly freed by AnimeSprings afterwards. Lil_Wayne proceeded to attack BritishWanderer as part of a staged pearling, causing lots of drama with Corvus/Evocat0r by the UNC. The Sovian Marines fled to the end portal, where they were teleported back to Ceylon. A day later, Quanton_Biscuit was pearled by SwiftFizz while building his house in Icenia, and the pearl was extradited via end portal to Ceylon. The borders were closed, and the city entered a heightened state of security until peace was established with Icenia.

Betrayal and Destruction

On the 7th of July 2019, Pirater was asked by SwiftFizz to come raiding with him Appomattox. Previously, Pirater had stolen a stack of Birch Logs from Normandy (a dead Civ), and also broke an empty chest in Wayrest. The damages under the amount of 3 diamonds caused BennyZ, MrLlamma, and Swift to bait Pirater towards Appomattox into a house with an open door. Once Pirater and Swift entered the building, BennyZ and MrLlamma (on the accounts Khazarak and OsllammaBinLaden) logged in and potted up on the stairs, and SwiftFizz shut the door - leaving Pirater to get pearled. The pearl of Pirater was given to BennyZ and extradited to the Nyasaland vault, while SwiftFizz stole the groups and things built by the rest of Ceylon for himself - causing the majority of residents in Ceylon to leave as they were unable to use their land and groups.

Redemption Ark

In the month of August, SwiftFizz returned the Ceylon groups back to GamePhobic, reviving Ceylon.


because the coastline is one gigantic fucking cliff — trevie303, May 2019, on possibility of moving to New Sovia

The mountainous terrain of Ceylon is almost impassible to those not experienced with climbing cliff-faces. Over one-hundred blocks high, the height of the island functions as a natural defense from those who seek to enter illegally, and it probably isn't worth the effort anyway.

The beautiful Savannah trees juxtaposed with the obsidian-style architecture of the Infrastructure District.


One of the highest cities in CivClassic, Ceylon experiences a cool, yet warm, temperate climate, comparable to the vast expanses of Savannah in Africa.


The scarce savannah stretches all the way across the city of Ceylon, with the long grass and flowers almost everywhere. There is the occasional oak tree, brought in from elsewhere, but other than that there isn't much Flora.

One of Ceylon's inhabitants standing in-front of the Wakandan Embassy.


Below the ground, there are several mines. However, one must also be wary of the existence of snitches and bunkers below Ceylon. Any attempts at digging under the city without a visa will result in indefinite imprisonment and potential sabotage charges.


The City of Ceylon is small, numbering only two houses and an ancient dome, which existed far before the Sovian colonisation of the island. Pillboxes surround the island, allowing residents to rain arrows on anyone who happens to be boating towards Ceylon. The most outstanding feature of the city is a large trench, which will soon house the world's tallest tower - made purely from Obsidian and cosmetic materials higher to the top, Ceylon Tower will stand amongst the world wonders of Civ. There are three districts of Ceylon:

District map of Ceylon

The Agricultural district is mainly for farming, featuring farms built by wjkroeker and iakwai, featuring a dome.

The Infrastructure district is explicitly for protective and practical infrastructure, including factories and more.

The Residential district is the most recent of districts, featuring a few houses from some of the newer players in Ceylon who didn't want to live under layers of iron-reinforced obsidian.


“Struggle so that all may live this rich, overflowing life. And be sure that in this struggle you will find a joy greater than anything else can give.” — Pyotr Kropotkin

When it comes to laws, Ceylon doesn't necessarily have anything particularly deemed "illegal". Rather than having a codified legal system, punishments are handed out by a direct democratic process and determined by this amongst citizens. Ceylon is fairly close to a mutualist civ, with sharing resources being common amongst members. However, for the sake of convenience, there is a permanent leader for communications with other nations (SwiftFizz), and a city organizer (Pirater). The residents of Ceylon generally share resources and do the most they can to help each-other and the nation prosper.


If you trespass, it is highly likely you will be pearled for violating closed borders. Please seek a visa before entering Ceylon. However, acts such as theft or killing will result in a sentence determined by the community, rather than a strict legal code. This may end up better or worse for you depending on your behaviour and likelihood of reform.

Foreign Relations

Ceylon is a fairly controversial city when it comes to Foreign Relations. Very on in the earliest days of Ceylon, there were constant rumours that the UNC was planning to destroy Ceylon, with their citizens trespassing on the land. However, this hostility died down after changes to the government of Nyasaland and Pirater's apology for the Palgrave Bombings and paying of reparations. Ceylon aims to be a world city. Diplomatic missions have been carried out to Ceylon, which have successfully resulted in good relationships with some nearby nations such as Wakanda. However, the city is still viewed with distrust by several nations in the world as a result of several members being involved in the Palgrave bombing prior to the founding of Ceylon.


The economy of Ceylon is booming, with large amounts of diamonds and iron being mined daily. Thanks to contributions from Gregy and wjkroeker, Ceylon has been able to mine so much iron and diamonds, much has been invested into the flagship trench and skyscraper of Ceylon Tower (which has not yet been completed).

Exp Prospects

Ceylon has produced it's first XP block with more to come!


Ceylon has many mines throughout the island, which go very deep. These expand constantly as the residents of the island work very hard to keep them expanding, gathering large quantities of new resources by the day.


Tourism to Ceylon is accepted as long as one seeks a temporary visa for visitation via Discord or in-game messages with Pirater, GamePhobic or Iakwai. Without seeking a Visa, there is a large chance you will get pearled before even arriving in Ceylon.

Ceylon, May 2019.



Ceylon has links to the 0,0/Mir/Caledonia rail by Ice Road. It is between 0,0 and Caledonia, and can be spotted using a sign saying "to New Sovia" to the left. However, taking this iceroad will likely result in pearling for unpermitted individuals.


Ceylon's architecture is very diverse, with the brutalist constructions of the Obsidian Tower, to more traditional buildings such as the memorial dome. There is a monument to fallen Sovian soldiers next to the dome.


One of Ceylon's founders, Pirater, is responsible for many great works, such as the videos 'Escape from Nyasaland' and many tutorials. Also, the citizens of Ceylon are famed for their world-famous propaganda and memes which are spread throughout the server, discord and reddit.


Ceylon does not have a religion, however, people are free to follow their heart and adopt whichever belief system they wish.