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Sovia City is the name usually given to the capital of Sovia, regardless of its actual name. The town usually features installations such as bunkers, farms, factories and houses and a rail hub. The town is usually the center of development within Sovia, with most farms and military facilities being in close proximity to the town.


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On CivUniverse, the capital was named Limonovsk, after the Russian ideologue Eduard Limonov, the founder of the National Bolshevik/NazBol Party. The town had factories, storage, a bunker, apartments and cactus, chorus fruit, nether wart and, initially beetroot farms. These were moved nearby as the town developed. The town had a railway hub in progress and a road tunnel connecting it to the monumental Tsaritsyn. There was also a sizable amount of personal bunkers, something considered a basic right in Sovia.


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As Sovia on CivRev spent a total of a week on the server as it died due to drama, the town wasn't that developed. It was home to a factory bunker and farms for XP. There was also a nether portal. \

Sovia City on CivRev


See also : Sovia (CivMC)

On CivMC, Sovia City will feature a steppe aesthetic inspired from the Cossacks, the Mongols and the Central Asian ethnicities.