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Ard Rí na Sóibhe, Draoi ⁊ Ailtire
Personal Info
Current Citizenships
Known ForDeveloper for CivMinimal
Main Residence Sovia (CivMC)
Known Spoken Languages
  • Gaeilge
  • English
  • Castellano
Civ EthnicityZoomer
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivClassic 2.0
Iterations played on
Previous Citizenships

RECHUISEACH, also known as RECHUIS, anTadhg or Tadhg is a cool guy. He is Infamous for being Irish. He played with Sovia in CivUniverse, with Zoomers and Sovia in CivRev, and Sovia in CivMC, and is a Developer for the up and coming server CivMinimal.


His first server was Classics in 2019, where he took part in the Infinity War along with the Zoomers who had come from Geographica. He barely played any role and only was involved in a skirmish or two. Still to this day he has no idea why the war happened, why the Zoomers were involved or why he joined them for their skirmishes. In late 2021 he logged back in out of boredom and found himslef alive and fully kitted in Hallow Vault.


When CivUniverse came out he joined Sovia and was a somewhat active player at first, though he lost interest after a few weeks, until, after a month or two of the server being up, he became the God Emperor of Sovia after the abdication of Wergo. Sovia, and CivU as a whole, wasn't very active at this point and the God Emperor did little to change this. His most famous action during this period was the construction of the Cristo Redentor Statue in the city of Sovia.


In 2021, when CivClassic Shutdown, both Sovia and Zoomers set up nations on CivRev, and Tadhg played with both. Sovia only played seriously for a few days before announcing that it would be waiting until the release of CivMC before playing a server properly. This left RÉCHÚISEACH to play exclusively with Zoomers. He was one of their most active players and helped in the minor skirmishes against enemies before he was pearled at 3:30am on a work night while half drunk (that's his excuse), while the Zoomers were raiding a vault owned by (i honestly forget the names of anyone on this server ill update eventually), but by this point the server was basically dead so he didn't really care.


During the CivMC Controversy Tadhg was quite vocal in his disapproval of both the actions of Bluesylvaer that started the controversy, and of the CivMC admin team who tried to cover the controversy up, however, due to the fact he is Irish and only found out about the controversy when he woke up, after all the important things had already happened, he never faced any attacks from the CivMC admins, and was never banned or even muted in the discord.

Being a member of Sovia for the last 2 servers now, it was inevitable that he would be playing with them once more on CivMC. He also joined up with his fellow Zoomers to esablish the ill-fated nation of Brimingham. When the Birminghamite leadership was pre-banned during the CivMC Controversy, many of those who weren't pre-banned joined the nation of Rhode Island, which Tadhg also joined, helping to create a large Zoomer minority in the land.

When the server eventually launched, Tadhg helped out some members of Rhode Island before playing mainly with his Sovian comrades, establishing countless factories and homes, until he was permanently banned for association with figures in Rhode Island.