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Sovia is a nation with a long history on the Civ genre. Starting on Devoted, later moving to CivClassics and eventually to other servers, it has a long history. This article presents the nation of Sovia as it stands after its presence on CivClassics. For information up to this era, check Sovia and New Sovia.

After the LSD crisis and the Laconia crisis, the Sovians would align with NATO out of necessity. Pirater would be present at all the vault defenses in NATO territory until the end of the war. He would remain unpearled until the end of the server. The nation of Sovia would return as a notable nation on CivUniverse 1.0 with old and new faces alike. As server activity dwindled down, Sovia would quit. It would return for CivRevolution for a brief period, quitting given certain events. They are set to return for CivMC.

CivUniverse 1.0

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The Sovian National Bolshevik Republic
The New Sovian Empire
Flag of Sovia
Capital CityLimonovsk
GovernmentAutocracy ( de facto )
Head of StatePirater(first)
FoundedDecember 2020
IdeologyNational Bolshevism
LocationWestern Rhodinia

On CivUniverse 1.0, the nation of Sovia was one of the first to form, in the first minutes after the launching. Located in a good area for XP farming, they set out to build a town and farms. Soon, they established ties with the Kingdom of Paris. They would keep an isolationist stance on most issues, with the notable exception of aiding the Coalition forces in the New Vegas War.


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Free Territory of Sovia
Flag of Sovia
Capital CitySovia City
GovernmentWorkers' Councils
FoundedDecember 2021
IdeologyAnarchism / Agrarian Socialism
Location-3.3k +1.7k

Despite being present on the server since the first day of CivRevolution, Sovia's players would only come together in mid-December 2021. Settling in a region good for XP and purchasing the Western world border, Sovia was on track to becoming a powerful nation yet again. With aid from their close ally, Fortuna, Sovia would establish a cauldron and an ore smelter. Sovia would also sign non-agression pacts with Lusitania and the Jomsviking Confederation. Soon, the broken server and the admin's incompetence would drive players away, including Sovia.


More information here: Sovia (CivMC)

The Free Territory of Sovia is a nation on the CivMC server.