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Liquid's skin as of Sept. 2021
Personal Info
Current Citizenships
Known For
  • Being Head of Partyland
  • Being a unbelievably massive retard
  • Being a DJ / Musician
Main ResidenceCringebridge
Civ Servers
First Civ Server
  • CivRealms
Iterations played on

LIQUID STEREO or LIQUIDSTEREO is a player and well known shitposter on CivClassic. He is the Chief Advisor in Sussex and the leader of the infamous nation of Partyland. He is also the head of the business CivMail.


LIQUIDSTEREO started his journey in Civ back in April of 2021, when he joined CivRealms and ended up taking residence in Dbugingrad. He stayed there and even began constructing his own town in the territory before moving to CivClassic when the nation as an whole decided to leave CivRealms for good.

When he joined CivClassic he gained citizenship and began working in New Sovia before deciding he wanted to make his own country. He quickly befriended Mount September resident GarterSnake and they began working on an possible new nation called Nightwatch. In the end they decided on making it colony of Sussex, and that's when LIQUIDSTEREO and Ch1pR became friends.

GarterSnake would eventually betray LIQUIDSTEREO in an attempted insiding Sussex, causing the fall of Nightwatch and for Liquid to move to Antietam.

Music Career

LIQUIDSTEREO has a side hobby as an electronic music producer. He typically dabbles in the Dubstep / House side of EDM, opting for more danceable tracks. He in fact, released an EP titled "A Civ Adventure" in early October, 2021.