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Liquid's skin as of Sept. 2021
Personal Info
Current Citizenships
Known For
  • Founder of Partyland
  • Unbelievably massive retard
Known Spoken LanguagesEnglish
Former Citizenships
  • Minarchism
  • Transhumanism
  • Free Market Capitalism
Civ Hobbies
  • Music Making
  • Brewing
  • Business Management
Civ Servers
First Civ Server
  • CivRealms
Iterations played on

LIQUID STEREO or LIQUIDSTEREO is a player and well known shitposter in the Civ genre. He is most well known for his iterations of the nation Partyland that have been spread across multiple servers.



LIQUIDSTEREO started his journey in Civ back in April of 2021, when he joined CivRealms and ended up taking residence in Dbugingrad. He stayed there and even began constructing his own town in the territory before moving to CivClassic when the nation as an whole decided to leave CivRealms for good. When he joined CivClassic he gained citizenship and began working in New Sovia before deciding he wanted to make his own country. He quickly befriended Mount September resident GarterSnake and they began working on an possible new nation called Nightwatch. In the end they decided on making it colony of Sussex, and that's when Liquid and Ch1pR became friends. GarterSnake would eventually betray Liquid in an attempted insiding Sussex, causing the fall of Nightwatch and for Liquid to move to Antietam.

United States of Sussex & Partyland

In late August, LIQUIDSTEREO started his signature nation Partyland, a shitposting nation high in memes and tomfoolery. However it's development was halted when Ch1pR announced him as the temporary emperor of Sussex after he had been pearled by Nyasalander BennyZ. He made a follow-up announcement soon after that the transition was no longer temporary, but permanent. In response to this, Liquid ordered a reconstruction of the nations government into a representative republic. This would only last about a half a month before Ch1pR was released and reinstated as the emperor, thus ending the short lived republic. However, this did open up room for Liquid to flesh out his own nation Partyland. He began working on the town of Shitville and other small projects to fill the time and further establish Partyland as a legit nation.

Newfriend Development Initiative

In late September and early October, Liquid created SUS (Section of Unified States), an alliance of nations he considered to be cool. It was originally nothing more than a meme, however he quickly noticed how many newfriend nations wanted to join and decided to give it the goal of being a safe alliance for newfriend nations to ally and help each other grow. During this time, Liquid began getting into some tomfoolery and started a saga known as the Party Wars, which were a period of wars waged by Partyland against the stupidest things imaginable. It was also around this time that Sussex began to drop off in population and Liquid began attempting to find other places to spend his time when he wasn't in Partyland.

City of England Revival

In late October, Liquid managed to convince the two Kings of City of England to let him become a citizen and as such he began working to help the nation out. It was mainly things such as helping renew reinforcements and renovation for awhile until the Jomsviking-England Incident occurred, which inspired him to make helping City of England his full time dedication. With that, he dissolved Partyland and stepped down as the head of NDI, working on reviving England instead. Within the month, England had acquired over 10 citizens and was slowly becoming a big hub of activity for the first time since it's founding 4 years previous. As well as being a helping hand, Liquid briefly did some trolling by making a whole nation of alts called Atmora. It was assumed to just be a group of friends that knew each other in real life, however after the server shut down on December 18th, it was revealed to just be Liquid playing on 4 different alts.

Moving to CivRev

After shutting down, Liquid would move from CivClassic to the new server CivRev as a founding member of Icarus. Soon after complications raised in Icarus however, Liquid gave up trying to be a serious nation head and created Partyland 2: Oh God It's Back, which served as a spiritual successor to the first Partyland and was a return to form with it's tomfoolery. However, due to a lack of interest in the server, Liquid announced he was going on hiatus from Civ on January 5th, 2022. After this announcement, he would only be active in the Sovia discord server for the next two months.


In early March of 2022, LIQUIDSTEREO slowly began returning to the discords he had left two months prior. Soon after his quiet return, CivMC opened up it's discord server and thus Liquid became actively involved in the Civ community again and ended up helping out his IRL friend SomeoneOK make a nation called Mercurial Market States. In late April of 2022, he would be elected the new Prime Minister of Icarus (Second Republic) after having returned to the server. During this time, he would begin spending time on the beta version of CivReign, helping Icarus establish a presence and create allies on the server.

Music Career

LIQUIDSTEREO has a side hobby as an electronic music producer. He typically dabbles in the Dubstep / House side of EDM, opting for more danceable tracks. He in fact, released an EP titled "A Civ Adventure" in early October, 2021.

On the 9th of June, Liquid submitted an edit of his track "Feel The Love" titled "Feel The Love (2nd Edit)" for the Petrichor Summer Arts Competition. Nearly a month later on July 3rd, it was announced that his track had won first place (out of 2) and was declared the winner of the music portion of the competition.