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Neo Sovia, formally the Theocratic Anarcho-Monarchy of Neo Sovia, is a nation on CivMC. It is a successor nation to the Free Territory of Sovia.

Neo Sovia
Theocratic Anarcho-Monarchy of
Capital citySovia City
National Colors
  Victorious Gold
  Preservering Black
• King
Foundation date9/26/2022
Preceded bySovia
Succeeded byIcarus
IdeologyAnarcho-catholicism with an emphasis on free markets



After the events of the Estalia–Rhode Island War were winding down, the admins of CivMC decided implement banwave on all players that helped or fought alongside Rhode Island during the war. This unfortunately included the only two active Sovians at the time Hokkaido and Pirater, leaving Sovia to be nothing more than a small claim of infrastructure for Icarus, which was also now in a looming crisis due to the fact the groups were owned by Pirater and the admins refused to transfer ownership to Icarus on his behalf. After a bit of consideration and discussion, LIQUID STEREO, an inactive Icarian / Sovian at the time, decided to return and take complete control of the land in their absence. On the 26th of September, Liquid announced the creation of Neo Sovia as a successor state to the now abandoned Free Territory of Sovia.


Not long after his announcement, Liquid began frequently logging on and working on the many unfinished projects that the previous Sovians had left behind including building the remainder of the bunker and cleaning up the random amounts of minor grief to the city. As he began work, it became apparent he would need access to the groups in order for any progress to be made. However, the problem with this was that Pirater was still banned and the admins weren't budging, but luckily it turned out the primary owner wasn't actually Pirater and instead was ItsSnail. After logging on and giving Liquid secondary ownership, work could now carry underway with little headache, so soon after the bunker was back under construction.


Only a few days after it's founding, Neo Sovia and it's allies Icarus, Hyperborean Confederation, Reggio Argeddina, and Vyta came together to form NATWO, or Neat Alliance That Won't Obbybomb. Together they quickly began working on connecting to each other via iceroads and giving each other access to their respective bunkers for easier cooperation and backup storage. A few weeks later the former Sovian ally Mercury's only remaining citizen decided to move to Neo Sovia to help Liquid out with development and gave Neo Sovia complete control of the former lands. After considering the offer, Neo Sovia decided owning the land was unnecessary and decided rather to dissolve all authority over the land, leaving it free to claim for anyone.

Neo Sovia was eventually merged into Icarus.