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Latvian Soccer Dogs
Banner of the LSD
• Council of High Dogs
Foundation dateAugust/September 2019
Ideologyanti-World Police, anti-NATO, in favor of overhauling global justice standards

The Latvian Soccer Dogs were an alliance originally formed with the aim to "help protect nations and individuals from larger countries and alliances that LSD rhetoric claimed to be satellites of the World Police", who allegedly "sought to control them". It was created between the nations of Sassari and New Sovia, it later included other nations such as Adina and Unitas. The official goal of LSD was to "provide like-minded individuals a place where they would no longer have to be part of nations whom they felt were dedicated to repressing their freedom, and to provide new economic and defensive opportunities for its members." The alliance was open to any individual or nation who wished to join, and they planned to "increase trade links and infrastructure between the nations".


The core group of the Latvian Soccer Dogs ultimately descended from an altraider crew known as Team Rocket, planned in January 2019, in which Parker, Soerxpso, and ashnwill were to acquire gimmick accounts themed after Pokémon characters James, Jesse, and Meowth respectively, and commit acts of terrorism against World Police infrastructure and bunkers in cities such as Mt. Augusta. This plan fell through when Parker discovered he was association banned, so Soerxpso ended up raiding on his own on the account PearlOnSight and was captured. Around this time, Pirater's Soviakorps committed the bombing of Nyasaland, in which they used TNT to destroy a largely unreinforced town constructed by transgender members of the community. ashnwill knew Pirater from Devoted 2.0, and contacted him offering his services as an e-lawyer. Pirater accepted and a new discord chat was created to conduct discussion.

This discord chat continued to grow until it was dubbed ashgang. It attracted the diaspora of the Chanseatic State, which had been recently destroyed by the NATO alliance. This included Rurik, the former leader of Vitelia, who was convinced to return about 3,000 diamonds that Vitelia had altraided from ashnwill's ++ nation Nueva Myrador in the fall of 2018; along with ChrisChrispie, the founder of Icenia. The overwhelmingly-channer population of ashgang was eventually balanced out by the inclusion of the original Nyasalanders (the same ones bombed by Pirater) after their falling-out with the World Police, along with various others disenchanted with both NATO and the WP. These anti-WP, anti-NATO sentiments caused the group to attain an underdog mentality and a desire to become influential and strong enough to become "the real good guys" on the world stage.

In mid-2019, the UDF alliance was founded, who claimed to be a third-party neutral alliance. One of its chief leaders was ChrisChrispie, a former ashgang member, which led the group to believe it to be "based" and aligned with the same goals. ashnwill contacted SoundTech, the defense minister of Icenia, and proposed that ashgang could merge into his nation and eventually serve as its military and defense wing. This offer was accepted and he began constructing a vault in the southern Icenian territory. After a non-insignificant amount of effort had been put into this vault hole, ChrisChrispie developed cold feet about opposing the World Police and decided to expel ashgang from the city. This caused ashnwill to almost cross the Rubicon and start a civil war, but he was calmed by the offer of several stacks of diamond blocks by the Icenian government as compensation for the wasted effort. The world border to the south of Laconia was briefly considered as the location for a new vault project, but Impulca reached out and offered citizenship in the quiet archipelago of Nudist Beach to continue their work there, and this was accepted. The materials that had been invested in the southern Icenian vault site were quickly reclaimed, and moved in two trips to dropchests under Nudist Beach.

The Nudist Beach home island in August 2019.

Impulca founded a new nation known as Sassari, centered on the Nudist Beach archipelago, and overclaimed the territories of fallen Rhodesia. He envisioned the construction of a large system of ramparts and fortifications stretching from Nudist Beach all the way to the world border to the west, and began digging a trench as the first step. The construction of a vault, dubbed Hotel California, began under a world border nether island that had previously been an unfinished Rhodesian ghast farm.

The members of ashgang felt that their Kool Kids Klub had grown enough to warrant some formalization as an official alliance. During a night of brainstorming new names, recreational drug related backronyms were thrown around. These included MDMA, the "Mutual Defense Military Agreement", along with several other stupid ideas. Eventually, Raven came up with the gem suggestion of LSD, or "Latvian Soccer Dogs". This was immediately adopted, and within 10 minutes Pirater drew up the image that would become the official banner. Several nations were contacted to ask if they wanted to join the new alliance, of which New Sovia, Sassari, and Unitas joined as a matter of course, and Adina was convinced after some discussion. Laconia was invited for discussions and agreed to some limited cooperation, but their fully joining the alliance was vetoed by oligarch Tofee_Dodger based on his personal distaste for ashnwill.

The alliance was officially announced in August 2019, and immediately ran into antagonism from the UDF, whose ChrisChrispie believed that LSD had revenge machinations in the works against him. The city of West Isle was founded in Icenia, and grew until it was a major political influence within the nation. After a failed election bid, some of their leaders became disenchanted with Icenian leadership and began to desire independence. To this end, they got in touch with the leadership of LSD, in the hopes of acquiring military assistance. The main plan that was drawn up was for the West Islers to join LSD on an individual basis, so that their defense would fall within the confines of the LSD charter if they were attacked by Icenia. Icenian leadership became convinced that cooperation between LSD and West Isle was meant to lead to a full-scale war between UDF and LSD, while LSD believed that West Isle's independence could be attained without fighting. In the end, neither scenario got a chance to play out, and West Isle would ultimately become an abandoned ghost town. The Chic-Fil-A Crisis also served to greatly inflame tensions between UDF and LSD.

War with the World Police

After leaks collected by the UDF were released on 7 September 2019, the World Police alliances of Entente and SATO launched a sudden joint operation[1][2] to disable LSD's group vault, Hotel California. LSD felt outgunned and elected not to defend the vault, and multiple members were declared pearl on sight and the pearl of a leader was upgraded. These leaks happened to accidentally dox and reveal real-life photos of LSD members, leading to their quick and responsible deletion by the UDF after this was pointed out to them. The leaks were used to accuse LSD of plotting to destroy Icenia in a civil war.[3] LSD maintained their innocence and claimed that these leaks were heavily cherry-picked, and that a "schizophrenic UDF" was merely using the World Police as a tool against them.

War in Laconia

After the attack, many of the Latvian Soccer Dogs fled their home cities and relocated to Laconia's capital city, Mt. Doom. FRESH_candy, a Laconian oligarch, asked ashnwill for ownership of the Hotel California reinforcements, and this request was granted. After several weeks, Laconia felt that things had calmed enough to make a dash for these resources. They believed that the World Police would not respond if the allegedly hostile vault pyramid was removed. This gamble proved wrong when they were ambushed on the way back home by World Police forces. After a short period of quiet, Mt. Doom was attacked by the World Police, starting the Entente-Laconia War.

ashnwill (left) and Gregy165 (right) at the headquarters of LSD CivRealms in the city of Olendor, Varathia.

By the time Laconia was defeated, almost every soccer dog who had fled to Mt. Doom had been pearled in the fierce fighting, effectively and finally ending the organization on CivClassics.

Migration to CivRealms 2.0

Around early October 2019, LSD partially migrated to CivRealms.

LSD, during its early days on CivRealms, spearheaded by ashnwill, set up a bunker in Varathia. Some members formed the affiliated Nestlé Corporation, aiming to create competitive XP and gear infrastructure. After Pirater raided a newfriend (who was a hacker), ashnwill abandoned the project by deleting the LSD discord and removing everyone but core_blaster and ALPHA_gale from the namelayer groups.


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  3. Icenia leaking LSD chats and doxxing LSD members: (original, deleted)
    Transcript: Hello folks,
    Yesterday there seemed to be a bit of confusion as to why the LSD vault was disabled, and a lot of trash talk being thrown around as to the validity of the screenshots, as well as claims that they were "Cherry Picked" from the LSD trusted chat.
    To clear the air a bit, the UDF would like to release their own logs of the chat, obtained independently of the Entente / SATO leaks. So if you have some time to read, enjoy the entire chat history of the relevant LSD channels:
    Thank you, and Barkey.
    SoundTech - Icenian Minister of Defense & Strategic Commander of the UDF