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Chart illustrating Acadia's ancestral history, made by Cortwade

This page documents the origin and history of Acadia (Simplified Tahar: Dorei'Nothlir o Akkadye) on the servers CivUniverse (December 27, 2020 - April 22, 2021) and CivClassic (April 22, 2021 - December 18, 2021). Although Acadian history starts from October 21 2020, Acadia held ancestry from the older nations of Norlund, Adina, Moloka, and Javaya.


Officially founded on October 21, 2020, prior to the server launch, the Autonomous Republic of Acadia, sometimes also referred to as 'the dominion of Acadia' was one of the oldest nations of CivUniverse.[1] Undeterred by the risk of shitters and toxicity, Cortwade, the first Prime Minister of Acadia, sought to make a new group on the newly-born server. Quickly after launch Acadians found the continent of Hyperborea and settled their capital city Turing, with help from a few Javayans. Before the day was out Turing featured a factory building and the beginnings of its first large potato farm. In the following month houses were built and the town of Serena was founded as an outpost, and work began on the Acadia Grand Central Station, connecting Turing to Javaya. While activity began to slow down, this was quickly offset by a very successful recruitment initiative, bringing new life and energy into Acadia. The potato farm was expanded, the central station completed, and both Turing and Serena kept growing, most notably with the construction of the Supreme Tribunal in Turing.

Screenshot of Old Turing from the sea, made by Bloof

Shortly after the influx Acadia held its first elections, reelecting Cortwade for a second term. In terms of engagement, the elections were a great success.[2] However, it also marked the beginning of Acadia's divise party politics.[3] The development of an intra-Acadian rail was a paramount issue during the election, with Progressive-Snow candidates campaigning for the construction of an underground rail, and Solidarity Party candidates campaigning for an overground rail and claiming that the Progressive-Snow candidates were dragging their feet on the issue. While the Acadian Parliament kept discussing and delaying the issue, Interim Minister of Homeland Affairs Bloof, member of the Progressive Snow Party and Javaya's 'fixer' in Acadia, eventually decided to finish the rail on her own.

With the excitement of a new server sipping away and newfriend activity going down Acadia's population began to shrink in size despite new recruitment initiatives. Nevertheless, Acadia remained on of the most active nations on the server and kept developing. The Lionsgate Stadium was built, as well as a new, larger factory building, and Turing kept expanding with more residential and commercial buildings.

Activity eventually reached new lows due to the rise in toxicity, especially from New Vegas. As a vassal state of Javaya, which joined the Coalition War on the side of the coalition, Acadia did not escape the war against New Vegas, suffering raids from New Vegas ally Savaguard, and supplied fighters and entered a war economy through a War Bond exchange system to support the war efforts. Unfortunately, industrial output was impaired by the decline in activity and Acadia could not properly supply its fighters, leading to heavy casualties on the battlefield. The end of the war on March 10 2021 was celebrated with a national holiday, as Acadian pearls were freed and Acadia could now look toward its own future again. However, while Acadia, as one of few, carried on for a bit after the war, squashing the Tempestian uprising during which a group of players overclaimed Acadian territory on April 3th, activity in both Acadia and the rest of the server was drastically reduced due to the war.[4][5] Numbering around 30-strong at its peak, Acadia had only 10-15 active citizens when the decision to move to CivClassic was made.


Launch and Early History

Cortwade established claims for the Federal Republic of Acadia on Civclassic on March 10th, 2021[6] and the Acadian parliament officially voted in favor of the migration on April 4th.[7] The migration finally took place on April 22th.[8] A key player during this transition was JuniorTide, a player from Javaya who had left CivUniverse earlier already and established himself in Icenia. A large number of other Javayans joined Acadia as well, though from the Javayans only Juniortide, LightningBerk, and Egi would remain active in Acadia. The area chosen as the new homeland for Acadia, in the largely empty +,- quadrant, had previously been part of the Chanseatic State, before it was annexed and eventually unclaimed by Mir. To the west of the original claims of Acadia lay the old, heavily griefed ruins of Holy Tree, and the Chanseatic town of Vanhoover, and many remnants of the past, including swastikas, wehrmacht flag banners, and Chanseatic State banners, were found here. Located in the deep northeast, a mostly undeveloped region of the map, Acadia originally had no close neighbours other than the aesthetic city of Gondolin to its south and a Mir exclave to its north, and Acadians began to lean even more into 'frontierism' as a key aspect of their identity.

With a sizable lake island in the middle of Acadia the choice of location for the new capital, New Turing, was easily made, and in a first wave of development a factory building, and a few residential and commercial buildings were quickly build, as well as the Acadian National Arena, and the prominent Square of Perseverance, which would become the heart of Acadian life. However, unlike on CivUniverse, this time Acadia decided to be a federation with internal states and territories, and after the Capitol District with New Turing, the Territory of Babbage was quickly founded by OwainX with state capital Lovelace, as well as the Territory of Kanava with the eponymous capital city of Kanava, and many more would follow. While much progress was made at the very beginning, further development stalled as people increasingly began to work on their own projects, with one Acadian building a private ore smelter before a communal ore smelter had been established, another working on private xp production, and others working on personal build projects away from New Turing. To a degree the fragmentation was encouraged with the Acadian Constitution granting a voting representative in the Senate, the executive body of the Acadian government, for every group of three or more people with their own State, which was later overturned during Kannon's term as Prime Minister. Unfortunately, few settlements outside of New Turing ever became more than personal build projects and those that did never managed to keep activity up for long, which resulted in there being a large number of ghost towns sprawled throughout the previously mostly untouched landscape.

Nevertheless, progress would continue, albeit slowly. Through ancient pre-existing rail Acadia was now connected to the rest of the server, and most importantly Icenia, as the nearest economic center with 20 minutes on rail. Acadia's utter isolation came to an end in June 2021 as the Kingdom of Fish, a spin-off nation from Wyvern, a friendly close nation on CivUniverse, decided to settle east of Acadia. Acadia and Fish immediately signed a Friendship treaty, binding the two nations in an alliance, and giving citizens from either nation unrestricted access to full citizenship in the other. Acadia began to grow a notable population of Fish duals, including Druid and JayTeeR.

The Era of Instability

Meme illustrating the Acadia - Lewis Islands conflicts, made by Bloof

While Acadia continued it's slow development, the transition from CivUniverse began showing some of the rough edges it had left on the still quite new nation. Layman, who in CivUniverse had been a divise e-lawyer discord politician with debt difficulties murdered another Acadian after a disagreement and had to be pearled and exiled from Acadia. Mat/Pandastical, another controversial figure due to tensions back in CivUniverse, decided to join Acadia as well, merging his personal Lewis Islands claim with Acadia proper as a territory, but ended up seceding after numerous political disagreements.[9] This however did not end his quarrels with Acadians as there was a disagreement on the exact borders between Acadia and his OMN where Mat mistakenly thought he had included a certain area as a claim in his secession bill which the Acadian Parliament had approved. Furthermore, Mat decided to name his OMN (one man nation) 'the Kingdom of the Acadian Lewis Islands' and eventually declared all Acadians PNG (Persona Non Gratae) because of Acadia's refusal to recognize this name. Acadia responded by declaring Mat PNG to which Mat then responded by declaring 'war' on Acadia.[10] The situation calmed down soon after but flared up again when Mat introduced his nation's flag, featuring an Acadian flag despite Acadian requests not to do so. Growing impatient, Acadia decided to annex Mat's OMN on June 10th 2021 to put an end to the issue.[11] Mat was shortly pearled and was banished from Acadia for a few months.[12] More divisiveness followed when it was found out that the Prime Minister, Cortwade, had been voting in the Senate, despite the Prime Minister not being granted this right by the Constitution, and a nearly successful attempt to impeach Cortwade was made.

More trouble followed soon as Acadia had become interesting enough for raiders, but not developed enough to form a successful defense and deterrence against raiders. The raiders were aided by a lack of security-awareness in the general Acadian public. A notable example was the case of Peterdama17, an unknown alt-account, who managed to steal around 100 diamonds from an Acadian citizen who had left them in a stone reinforced chest with the doors leading to the chest left open. By far the most infamous alt-raids came from Acadian and Fish citizens Druid and JayTeeR however, who went on an alt-raidings spree on alt-accounts indonesianbeans and GalacticBroom65 after Druid's almost succesful candidacy for Acadian Minister of Defense, heated discussions about their design of Fish Vault, and general boredom.[13] As they were members of the Acadian military, they had access to Acadian snitches and intel and managed to evade capture for many days, until they were finally pearled by Kayla.[14] During this time, the infamous SCHIZ0TIER spawned in Acadia, where he commited his very first (petty) raids before his later famous HJI raid. As he hid in the deep northeast for a while after his HJI raid, somewhere around Acadia, a large amount of WP-enforcers and bounty hunters crossed through Acadia in their search, bringing more visitors to New Turing than ever throughout Acadia's history.

Unfortunately, the fall-out of Druid and JayTeeR's alt-raids ended up doing considerable damage to Acadia as several Acadians eventually ended up leaving and activity went down. Bloof, who had recently become Acadia's second Prime Minister after Cortwade's retirement after hitting his three term limit and a burnout, had initially set out to improve Acadia's international relations, but, with voice-chat game-afternoons and group projects, saw herself now forced to deal with the increasingly growing problem of inactivity as well. In matters of foreign affairs however, Acadia began to make progress, with Acadia growing closer to Columbia, which had helped out Acadia during Druid and JayTeeR's alt-raid spree and set up a kickback trap featuring as embassy in New Turing. as well as Icenia, due to JuniorTide's efforts.

The First TNSC Crisis

In late July 2021, the controversial player 'Rainie' RainOfPain125 from CivRealms and CivUniverse started playing on CivClassic, choosing to settle close to the north of Acadia with a quickly gathered group of young newfriends and establishing 'The No State Commune' [15]. This immediately resulted in an uncomfortable situation as, due to previous drama on CivRealms and CivUniverse, Rainie held bad blood with some prominent Acadians and other civ players, including Cortwade and Juniortide, whom Rainie considered to be 'violent anti-communists'.[16]

While Acadia initially meant to settle for an uncomfortable peace, a number of issues quickly sprang up that made it hard for Acadia to ignore its new neighbours. As raidings kept being an issue in Acadia, one of them involved a TNSC member, Hawkeye, who was caught in the act though immediately released after an apology and returning the stolen items. However, not much later, another TNSC member was sentenced for raiding in Icenia, who during his trial declared that Rainie had encouraged him and other TNSC members to raid nearby places to help develop TNSC. Additionally, Rainie was accused of vandalism in the form of propaganda on JuniorTide's house, and was seen mining newfriends' unfinished diamond veins under New Turing, even though Rainie had already been declared PNG in Acadia. More serious concerns about Rainie and TNSC arose with Rainie's suspicious excursions through Acadia, especially the area where Acadia's skybunker was being constructed, and when Acadia learned that TNSC possessed many hundreds of diamonds and many high-value tools just mere days after they started playing on CivClassic, leading to concerns of a possible hostile sponsor. With Acadia soon after accidentally finding an almost finished large bunker-complex under construction in TNSC, the Acadian military elected for a pre-emptive strike on the bunker. On July 28, Egi and Juniortide attacked the TNSC bunker, confiscating some of its contents, and disabling it by placing reinforced obsidian inside the bunker. This quickly attracted a lot of international attention as Rainie and other TNSC members made intensive use of global chat to accuse Acadia of harassing them and attacking newfriends as well as posting accusations and requests for help against Acadia on the server reddit page. This attention quickly brought a number of non-Acadian players, TTastic, Okx, and MrJeremyFisher, who were possibly out for 500 diamonds bounty on Rainie's pearl by MCSPenguin due to CivRealms drama. They did not manage to pearl him, and Rainie was only briefly logboxed.[17][18]

Soon after, news broke out in Acadia that Rainie had been colluding with members of the Workers of Acadia Party (WAP) in a scheme where they funded Rainie with diamonds and in return Rainie sent people from his political anarcho-communism discord to Acadia to sway the Acadian elections in favour of the WAP. One of the key Acadians and WAP members in this scheme, Zombie_Striker, who was elected Minister of Interior earlier, was a friend of Rainie back on CivRealms, and had been arguing in favor of Rainie the whole time. With all their plans coming crashing down she decided to have her 'revenge' by leaking Senate chats, breaking Acadia's diamond tool factories, and planning to obbybomb New Turing.[19] Zombie_Striker ended up quitting civ, and Rainie was soon after banned for doxxing an Acadian citizen, though there is some disagreement about whether the doxxing was intentional or not.

The Era of Recovery

Illustration of Acadian history, made by Shadedoom (Emperor of Columbia)

The raidings began to subside, and Acadia's strength began to grow with a succesful campaign to get prot for everyone and with the skybunker becoming operational. Activity stabilized for a while, stimulated by a wave of new people joining the server and Acadia. Additionally, Bloofs efforts in international diplomacy began to pay off as Acadia was admitted into the UDF as an associate member on August 18th, and with the founding of the Plus-Minus Concordat alliance with Fish, Mythril, the City of England, and soon after the Ch1pR Empire (later renamed to Sussex) joined as well.[20][21] Moreover, the AFK-rail system KANI was expanded into the plus-minus quadrant properly linking Acadia to the rest of the server through AFK-rail, which led to increased interest in the quadrant from the rest of the server.[22]

Under Bloofs administration Acadia began to mature as a nation, but there was one aspect of Acadia's democracy where the need for improvement could not be ignored. Until so far the ownership of Acadia's strategic namelayer groups had been split throughout a few of its first core players, with the groups in the hands of the Prime Minister transferred after the election. So far this situation had not caused any problems, but as concerns arose around whether this left Acadia waiting for disaster to happen, the position of the High Commissar, later renamed to Ymir, being the head of state and holder of the national namelayer groups, was created to put an end to this situation. Cortwade, founder and first Prime Minister of Acadia was elected to the position. More political changes were yet to come. As the Javayan Acadians had severely declined in activity the traditional Ashahari People's Party, which had dominated Acadian politics since the very beginnings of CivClassic, began to decline in strenght. Meanwhile, a new party began to rise as the so far marginal National Defense Party and the Visionary Party of Acadia merged into one; the National Visionary Defense Party, seeking broad reforms to Acadia's governmental system. The party immediately gained some political power through a scheme where three members crafted the artifical State of Thompson, earning them a State Senator, a voting representative in the Acadian Senate, as per the Acadian Constitution. Soon after, the October elections were held with Bloof stepping down as Prime Minister after reaching the maximum amount of three terms, and the NVDP ballooned in power, winning all government positions, with now Prime Minister Kannon.

The first reform was abolishing State Senators, so that demographic fragmentation and political power plots would no longer be institutionally encouraged. With the second reform Kannon restructured Acadia's military, making it more independent and hierarchical. The third reform was the Eight Amendment, drastically changing Acadia's governmental system as the National Assembly was completely dissolved and the Senate, comprised of elected ministers, turned into a National Council with full legislative powers. However, popular resistance against the Eight Amendment began to appear as people began to consider the system opressive, comparing it to a military junta. Meanwhile, the constitutional reform turned into a constitutional crisis as some of the powers and responsibilities of the National Assembly weren't properly redelegated and the general public heavily resisted the idea of delegating those powers and responsibilities to the National Council. As the Eight Amendment became increasingly unpopular and divisive, it was eventually repealed by the National Council by the end of October.

Additionally, Acadia grew twice in size with a large westward expansion, claiming the land inbetween Acadia and its close ally Columbia to the west which, with East Columbia touching Acadia on its eastern borders, created a full Columbia / Acadia northwest-northeast world border corridor, linking the Columbian main holdings with Asu's vault Rhea in East Columbia with the last to-be completed part of the full ice road connection under construction. This was essentially part of the final answer to the question of how to establish further integration with Columbia, as the political landscape in Acadia would not allow for full integration into a Columbian Federation, with many Acadians disliking the idea of losing the sovereignty they had proudly gained on CivClassic, no longer having liege as they had with Javaya on CivUniverse. The expansion included the former Chanseatic town of Vanhoover, and grass-roots movement emerged under Acadian newfriends to repopulate and restore the town, which had the approval of the Acadian government as it would legitimize Acadia's claim on the larger area.

The Second TNSC Crisis

Around the end of September, Acadia was shocked by the sudden, short reappearance of Rainie, whose temporary ban had apparently been finished after one month. As Acadians never knew the lenght of the ban, they were surprised to see Rainie back again so quickly. After Rainie's temporary dissapearance the other members of TNSC had decided to rebrand their nation as Consortium with Hawkeye as their new leader, and relations between Acadia and Consortium were somewhat friendly, though there was not much contact with them as activity in Consortium had long been very low. According to Hawkeye, the TNSC members considered Rainie to be a dictator and they had effectively overthrown him after the events of the TNSC crisis. Hawkeye claimed that, after escaping from his bounty hunters, Rainie was then hunted by his fellow TNSC members, that they eventually had Rainie logboxed, and that they had not been in contact with him afterwards. Choosing to believe him, Acadia asked Consortium for the location of the logbox, so that they would be able to pearl him if Rainie logged in on his main account again.

However, Hawkeye was not very willing to do so, as he demanded payment of hundreds of diamonds in return. Negotiations proved fruitless and as Acadia wasn´t willing to pay people for covering someone they considered to be a doxxer Acadia decided to go looking for the logbox in Consortium themselves. During this search Consortium members were briefly pearled so the Acadians could continue their search. The search was unsuccesful, and another round of negotiations followed where, eventually, Hawkeye led Acadia to Rainie's supposed logbox. The logbox was guarded almost 24 hours a day for several days but Rainie never logged in on his main account again, nor would most Consortium members who, by this time, had grown fully inactive. With the attention Rainie's reappearance had amassed on the server a discussion starting to appear around whether the Rainie's ban was sufficiently long enough given the seriousness of doxxing, with the admin team eventually making the very unorthodox decision to reach out publically for opinions.[23][24]

Unfortunately, especially as far as public information goes, a lot of what exactly happened with Rainie after the first TNSC crisis is shrouded in mystery. It is unclear whether Rainie's ban was kept on one month only, or, as Rainie would later claim, that it was extended to three months, which would mean that he was banned again not long after his reappearance.[25] If his ban was not extended, it is also unclear to what extend he had been active on an alt-account during September/October, which he, contradicting his other statement, claimed he was.[26] Neither was it ever publicly established whether Consortium had actually broken ties with Rainie as Hawkeye claimed, or whether the logbox was real or a fabrication.

The Final Era and the End of the World

The PMC alliance had grown with the admissions of Kallos, at the time close to Columbia, and Jomsviking. The alliance soon proved unstable however, when Jomsviking suddenly unilaterally annexed its neighbour and fellow PMC ally City of England during the Jomsviking-England Incident, dissatisfied with their low activity which delayed their admittance into the PMC as England took a few days to cast their vote, and desiring England's plains biome for the agriculture of melons. As Acadia helped City of England with the removal of the banners, signs, and the hostile city bastion Jomsviking had placed in their city, the situation escalated dramatically as heated dicussions, especially between Acadia's newly elected Prime Minister Owain and Kallos' leader Kayla who supported Jomsviking, turned relations sour. While Jomsviking had already decided to back down, the fall-out increased and virtually all PMC members at that point planned to leave the alliance, with Acadia and Fish together moving to the re-established UNC alliance, announced by Varkonia and Gabon. The PMC alliance was disbanded mere days after the original incident.

The initial tensions were worsened when the leader of Jomsviking, Alunya, who held citizenship in Acadia, was declared POS by Prime Minister Owain, asking her to renounce her citizenship in Acadia in order for the POS to be removed. The Acadian Senate disagreed with this action and Owain briefly resigned, as well as Ymir Cortwade, as there was a heated discussion around whether the POS was an appropriate tool to use in this situation. Unfortunately, the Acadian Constitution did not allow the government or the National Assembly to remove an individual's citizenship. This was eventually fixed with an amendment, but together with a legal incident during the December elections where it took days for it to be established whether the Ministry of Foreign Affairs actually legally existed and whether an election for the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs was to be held, this highlighted a growing problem with Acadia's legal system. Acadia, no longer a simple newfriend nation, had fully outgrown its original Constitution, and, at the same time, with all its amendments which at times conflicted with each other, the Acadian legal system had become increasingly complex, to the point where there was in practice only one Acadian, Aelfred, who fortunately happend to be the Chief Justice, could somewhat effectively navigate through it. This complexity exacerbated the already existing presence of e-lawyerism in Acadia.

Last render of New Turing, 8/12/2021, made by Cortwade

In the meantime, New Turing, for the first time, began to thrive as Yoahtlan economic presence began to grow in the city and a large newfriend wave increased activity and the need for more residential units. Acadia's population count was on the rise again, reaching 25 in November 2021.[27] Many residential units, as well as commercial units, and a new, larger factory and storage building were built by TheGreatUniter who had recently started playing on CivClassic and joined Acadia. Whereas New Turing never managed to find a convincing, cohesive general aesthetic before, and was limited by the small-scale Acadian architectural norms, Uniter introduced a new architectural style for the city, with taller and more detailed buildings. His style proved succesful as more buildings in Uniter's style began to pop up and genuine excitement about the future of New Turing began to emerge. Redevelopment continued, with the government discussing far reaching plans to increase its control over the capital to organize its redevelopment and to find a way around the e-lawyerism and lack of executive tools that made derelicting unused, unaesthetic buildings in the capital near impossible. Center to the redevelopment plan was to remove the western half of the large boulevard reaching down to the quartz Parliament building construction site, as well the largely unfinished Parliament building itself, which after many months of stalled construction had become a symbol of New Turing's previous stagnation.

However, these plans never came to be, as the Acadian government received word that the server was about to end, and with the incident of Pearled Harbor following. In the last few days of the server, a number of Acadians attended the 2021 Winter Olympics in Rotterdam, Columbia, with Bloof winning silver medals for Acadia in archery and pvp tournament.[28] With the server finally shutting down on December 18th 2021, Acadia's history on CivClassic came to an end.

List of Acadian Parliamentary Elections Results

First Elections (02/06/2021) Prime Minister Minister of Homeland Affairs Minister of PR and Human Resources
Progressive-Snow established

as the dominant party.

Cortwade (P-S) - 13 (72.22%)

Stevee (LP) - 4 (22.22%)

No Confidence - 1 (5.55%)

Bloof (P-S) - 12 (66.66%)

Schmilly (S) - 6 (33.33%)

No Confidence - 0 (0.00%)

8BitAnarchy (S) - 14 (77.77%)

Layman9 (P-S) - 3 (16.66%)

JustSharky (I) - 1 (5.55%)

No Confidence - 0 (0.00%)

Second Elections (06/05/2021) Prime Minister Minister of the Interior Minister of Defense Minister of Foreign Affairs
Earlier elections were

cancelled due to low activity,

the Coalition War, and the

migration process. No

opposing candidates.

Cortwade (APP) - ? (100%) Stevee (I) - ? (100%) Egi (APP) - ? (100%) Bloof (APP) - ? (100%)
Third Elections (07/03/2021) Prime Minister Minister of the Interior Minister of Defense Minister of Foreign Affairs
Election of Bloof to her first

term as PM. Contested MoFA

and MoD elections leading to

run-offs during which

GunMetalMercy dropped out.

Bloof (APP) - ? (81.5%)

Tsar Ivan (WAP) - ? (18.5%)

Zombie_Striker (WAP) - ? (51.9%)

ChickenWingGeek (VPA) - ? (48.1%)

Egi (APP) - ? (44.4%) -> ? (56.5%)

Druid (WAP) - ? (44.4%) -> ? (43.5%)

Crackervolley (I) - ? (11.1%)

GrumpyWalnut (WAP) - ? (33.3%)

GunMetalMercy (APP) - ? (48.1%)

Aelfred (NDP) - ? (18.5%)

Fourth Elections (08/06/2021) Prime Minister Minister of Domestic Affairs Minister of Foreign Affairs
The MoD and the MoI were

combined into the MoDA due to

low activity.

Bloof (APP) - 12 (63.16%)

Kannon (VPA) - 7 (36.84%)

Egi (APP) - 11 (57.89%)

CrackerVolley (I) - 5 (26.32%)

ChickenWingGeek (I) - 3 (15.79%)

Swabbie (WAP) - 19 (100%)
Fifth Elections (09/04/2021) Prime Minister Minister of Domestic Affairs Minister of Foreign Affairs
Bloof elected to her final term,

beginning of the rise of the

NVDP. People begin to run for

multiple positions.

Bloof (NAP) - 13 (68.42%)

Kannon (NVDP) - 6 (31.58%)

Egi (APP) - 13 (68.42%)

CrackerVolley (I) - 6 (31.58%)

Spleef (NVDP) - 6 (31.58%) -> 10 (52.63%)

Kannon (NVDP) - 9 (47.37%) -> 9 (47.37%)

Swabbie (WAP) - 4 (21.05%)

Sixth Elections (10/02/2021) Prime Minister Minister of Domestic Affairs Minister of Foreign Affairs
Election of Kannon as third

Prime Minister of Acadia.

Decisive NVDP victory.

Kannon (NVDP) - 12 (70.59%)

Spleef (NVDP) - 3 (17.65%)

Write-in: Bloof (NAP) - 2 (11.76%)

MetalHusband (NVDP) - 12 (70.59%)

Kannon (NVDP) - 4 (23.53%)

Write-in: Egi (APP) - 1 (5.88%)

Spleef (NVDP) - 9 (50.00%)

Swabbie (I) - 6 (33.33%)

Kannon (NVDP) - 2 (11.11%)

Invalid write-in: - 1 (5.56%)

Seventh Elections (11/7/2021) Prime Minister Minister of Interior Minister of Foreign Affairs Minister of Defense
Election of Owain as fourth

Prime Minister of Acadia.

Rise of pro-democracy

movements. MoDA was replaced

with MoI and unelected MoD in

governmental reforms.

Owain (DAM) - 13 (76.47%)

Egi (APP) - 4 (33.53%)

MetalHusband (NVDP) - 11 (64.71%)

Wassenaar (DFRA) - 5 (29.41%)

GrumpyWalnut (I) - 2 (11.76%)

Spleef (NVDP) - 9 (52.94%)

Egi (APP) - 7 (41.18%)

Write-in: unknown - 1 (5.88%)

Egi (APP) - internally appointed
Eight Elections (12/5/2021 Prime Minister Minister of Interior Minister of Foreign Affairs Minister of Defense
Election of MetalHusband as fifth

Prime Minister of Acadia.

MetalHusband (DFRA) - 14 (70.00%)

Egi (APP) - 5 (25.00%)

ChickenWingGeek (APP) - 1 (5.00%)

Tuomasz (APP) - 16 (80.00%)

Wassenaar (DFRA) - 2 (10.00%)

Skraeyling (LAP) -2 (10.00%)

Bloof (NAP) - 14 (70.00%)

Spleef (NVDP) - 5 (25.00)

Write-in: JuniorTide (APP) - 1 (5.00%)

Egi (APP) - internally appointed
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