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Hyperborea was the southernmost continent on CivUniverse and home to many nations as well as colonies of mainland nations.


Hyperborea was named by Cortwade[1], who took the name from the mythical Greek land to the far north. Despite the name meaning far north, the continent was the southernmost on the server.[2] [3]While he did choose the name, his original preferred name was actually Deluvia.


Most of Hyperborea was cold desolate landscapes, with the central continent being mountainous and only the coast lines being inhabitable. Despite this, the continent was a major place for Newfriends to inhabit, with Acadia being especially newfriendly, and the Hyperborean Confederation being almost exclusively newfriends. There was some areas of life, such as the mushroom island off the southwestern coast being one of the rarer biomes on the server.

List of Nations