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Flag of Thompson, based on the Acadian flag, with NVDP purple and a star representing unity
Part ofAcadia
Famous forNatural beauty, peace and quiet
Architectural StyleTudor Revival and Modern

Thompson is a state and village in Acadia, to the east of New Turing. It is characterized by its countryside atmosphere and its unique cottage-manor architecture. With a current population of six it is the most populated state Acadia has seen so far. Thompson does not have its own factories or commercial ventures, functioning as a de facto residential neighbourhood of nearby New Turing.


The history of Thompson originates from the highway that was constructed from New Turing to the National Arena. The arena, a federal district, was built inbetween Acadia´s most prominent settlements at the time; New Turing, Lovelace, and Kanava, highlighting Acadia´s federal and decentralized character. As territories and states began to take form in Acadia, the land in between New Turing and the National Arena, then known as the Midlands, remained unclaimed. On May 20 a player named Maxx built a cottage along the highway, the first building in the area, setting the tone for the countryside atmosphere and later dominant architectural style of Thompson, as well as the linear layout of the village, centered around the highway.

The wish of the NDP (predecessor of the NVDP) to get a state stronghold to get a state senator in the Acadian senate to increase its power in the pre-council era led Spleef to claim the Midlands for a future state, and on June 9, the Organized Territory of Thompson was established.

In the meantime, with Acadia receiving a spawn beacon, the decline of Lovelace, and New Turing increasingly filled with buildings and reserved plots, people started using the area along the highway as a dumping ground for freshly spawned newfriends. With the area being undeveloped apart from one long abandoned house it was considered preferable by some that they would build their shacks here, and every once in a while their abandoned shacks would be removed once they had left the server. It is possible that this approach reduced retention rates, and none of the original newfriends dumped here survived in the end.

In September, with the coming retirement of Bloof as Prime Minister, the NVDP saw a power vacuum incoming and moved for Thompson statehood. After pushing members to move their official residency to Thompson, Thompson finally became a state on September 9, after which an NVDP state senator was secured until the abolishment of the Senate in October 2021. Thompson has known two state senators, Metalhusband (September 2021 - October 2021) and Tomattan (October 2021). A constitution was finally adopted on October 15.

List of governors

SpacemanSpleef - pushed for the establishment of the state and gave it its name. In December he retook the title of Governor after Tommattan declined running.(June 2021, December 2021- Present)

Metalhusband - oversaw the establishment of the state, provided it with a constitutional outline, and made a start on the redevelopment of the area. (June 2021- October 2021)

Tomattan - expanded the redevelopment efforts, and constructed a high speed iceroad to the New Turing Train station(October 2021-December 2021)


  • The area near the arena once housed the unfinished base of a large group of racist and potentially fascist faction-playing newfriends that tried to coup and threatened to grief Acadia in August 2021.
  • At the beginning of October 2021 the entire Acadian cabinet had their official residence in Thompson due to the electoral success of the NVDP.