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Pandastical is a civ-player, known for advocating war, writing civ essays, complaining, and discord PVPing.

Personal Info
Current Citizenships
Main ResidenceBerg, Aussieland 7335, -4630
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivUniverse
Iterations played on



Pandastical joined the Civ Universe in early January of 2021. At first, he went to Dirt Nation and established a small home. However, being disenfranchised with their soil-yness, he soon left for Acadia, which he had heard of via Discord. Pandastical was one of the early members of Acadia, and established an igloo south of the potato farm. However, due to a farm expansion, he’d have to rebuild the farm. He had to rebuild his house around six times during his time in Acadia, with the final house later being turned into a Hyperborean Confederacy embassy. During his time in Acadia he would be active in politics, joining the center-left Snow Party, alongside Layman9 and Schmilly. Him and Layman actively disliked each other however, causing discontentment in the party. Due to an active rivalry against the Snow-Progressive Party, however, they remained in the party. Pandastical would harshly oppose a strong government and government overreach into the lives of an average citizen. This would involve a major disagreement over Senate power, which he believed was too powerful. This would eventually lead to him leaving Acadia around Valentine’s Day, due to an act which allowed the government to require snitches in private property.

Isolation Period

Pandastical would stay on the same ice continent as Acadia (Hyperborea), but go down to the southwest. There on a small peninsula he would found the Kingdom of Snowland, under himself. This, in contrast to his democratic ideals, was done so he would have complete authority over himself. There he would build a small igloo and a potato farm. Attempts for Snowland to be recognized by Acadia were denied in negotiations between him and Acadia’s prime minister Cortwade, due to the kingdom being a one man nation. This was done on purpose, because Pandastical had interests in joining the Courier’s Guild, and only wanted land to store his things. However, due to political motivations, he would seek to reorganize Snowland into a Confederation. This would consist of various states under one banner but each having autonomy and their own political systems. This would not occur. Soon enough Pandastical would meet SpacemanSpleef, who had recently made a small city called Apollo. Once that city, further north, was abandoned he went right across from Pandastical’s peninsula and founded a small city called Gemini. A little while later Snowland joined Lunalia, and they became a single nation. Pandastical and SpacemanSpleef would rework the nation using the basis of Pandastical’s ideas for the Snowland Confederation, and create the Hyperborean Confederation.

Hyperborean Confederation

Here, Pandastical would do many things, including but not limited to; building roads, becoming Secretary of the Interior, starting a railroad to Acadia, become the first champion of CivUFC, and more. He would also get pearled once by ChipSkylark, a prominent raider who tricked Pandastical by asking to buy potatoes. He would participate in the Bloodless Battle of Hecendor, which was the entrance of the Hyperboreation Confederation into the War to End All Wars (the JSDF-New Vegas War). He would be pearled here by Gregy165, and remain pearled for the remainder of the war. After the war, during the server’s last breaths, he would become less and less active in the HC. With the dissolution of the server, the Hyperborean Confederation would end as well.



With CivUniverse put down like a dead dog, Pandastical took a temporary break from Civ before rejoining Acadia in late April and early May. Here he would go to settle the Acadian Lewis Islands, claiming it for himself. He would help found the Acadian Imports Company with ScammerSteve (a friend and founder of the GRILL Party from Civ Universe) and Owain_X (founder of Lovelace). He would also help found the Acadian Trade and Prosperity Party with them, a center right business-focused party meant to both represent the company’s interests and promote the Acadian economy. It would be under this party when he would announce his candidacy for Minister of Defense as a joke candidate. However, when Pandastical voted Aye to reduce the status of Owain_X’s state to an Organized Territory due to its population, the party would dissolve. He would then join the National Defense Party with SpacemanSpleef and Aelfred. However, due to disagreements with Spleef, he would leave this party a day or less later and be an independent candidate. His disagreement with the power of the federal government in Acadia would continue in its congress with a vote against the allowance of private vaults, and an act that could allow the government to legally take people’s land with a majority vote in the National Assembly. During his time in Acadia he would settle and develop the Acadian Lewis Islands, create the Northeast Canal, and try to get as much obsidian as he could. In late May of 2021, several of his bills were vetoed by the Senate despite successfully passing in the National Assembly of Acadia. This led him to create a secession bill, which would turn the Acadian Lewis Islands into the Kingdom of the Acadian Lewis Islands. This vote would be passed with 0 Nay votes, and KALI became an independent nation.

Kingdom of the Acadian Lewis Islands

See: Kingdom of the Acadian Lewis Islands


A few days after his break began, he went to old-Appomattox territory. There, on the old Appomattox island of Pickett's Rock, off the eastern coast of the Chickamauga Highlands. Finding that the island resembled Australia (at least to him) Pandastical would call his new nation state Aussieland. There would be small buildings there in June; most notably Fort Texas and The Great Smiley Face. However, for all of July Pandastical would be out of the country, and thus out of the server. On July 29th, 2021, the Treaty of Berg would turn Aussieland into the Duchy of Aussieland, a semi-autonomous state within the Kingdom of Mythril.


Pandastical would participate in various decisions in Mythril, as a notable opponent to the monarch, Voguebadger.

Texts Written By Pandastical

-The Pandastical Papers A 12~ page rant discussing why Pandastical dislikes vaults

-Cultu VitaeAn 'autobiography' describing Pandastical's Civ experience.

-The Musings of A Lewis Islander A single page describing his support for a rural state.

-What Is The Most Efficient Government? A rant talking about the Four Pillars of a successful government, along with his opinion on what the most efficient government to become a superpower is.

-Deliberations on Civ Reign A series of rants discussing various topics about Civ in general, focusing on the updates of Civ Reign's development.

-Advancing The GenrePandastical's opinion on how to improve the Civ Genre and expand it's playerbase.

-Ruminations on SharpcastleRant on some development diaries of the now defunct CivEx.

-Dissent To UnionOpinion on why Acadia and Columbia should not join; written after the end of Civ Classics.