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Wyvern is a nation that was active during CivUniverse 1.0

Kingdom of Wyvern
Capital cityCrownlands
SettlementsMellon, Elysia, Crownlands, Tindra, Nymph, Farmeria
TerritoriesNorth Respite Territories, The Desert Territory
Foundation dateDecember 12ᵗʰ 2020
Preceded byNymph
Succeeded byKingdom of Fish


Wyvern is an Elective-Monarchy with elections being held among its council of Dukes and Duchess’ upon a vote being called for a new King or Queen, with local administration handled by the Dukes or Duchess’ of their corresponding Duchies, each Duchy usually has its own build theme and economic specialization and ensures the nation can be home to different types of players.


The Kingdom of Wyvern was founded as a Monarchy. The Kingdom had two kings throught its existence, though Seekinq had also served as King of Nymph-Kraken for 2 and a half years before Wyvern was founded

King Started Reign Ended Reign
Seekinq December 12ᵗʰ 2020 Febuary 13ᵗʰ 2021
alexmelons Febuary 13ᵗʰ 2021 April 24ᵗʰ 2021


The Kingdom of Wyvern is made of 7 administrive regions, The Crownland (which is being administered by the king), and 7 local administered duchies, each duchy is being administered by a duke/duchess.

The Kingdom also holds 2 Colonies, which are being administered by the council.

Duchy Duke/Duchess Notes
Mllon alexmelons 🍉
Elysia Seekinq
Librarian Seekinq
Tindra bbase
Nymph Kiimmy
Farmeria ItzJoshs Disbanded and the land was absorbed by the Crownlands, now acting as the District of Farmeria
North Respite Territories The Council unofficially called Port Shroom
The Desert Territory The Council unofficially called Port Cacti

Constitution of The Kingdom of Wyvern



The Kingdom of Wyvern celebrates real-world holidays and some special ingame holidays such as:

  • Wyvern Melon Festival > 1ˢᵗ may - 7ᵗʰ may
  • National Pig Day > 6ᵗʰ of July

National Sport

Snail Racing