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The Kingdom of Wyvern, commonly known as Wyvern (/Wy-vərn/) was a nation that was active during CivUniverse 1.0 and was one of the most active and richest nations on the server. The nation became known for having the largest Melon and Wheat farms on the entire server. On the 12th of December Nymph reformed into the Kingdom of Wyvern and adopted a consitution with Seekinq as its King, with him later stepping down in favour of alexmelons a few months in, when the server released they quickly found themselves in the Southern Continent and started work on the Crownlands for Wyvern by designing stuff in advance on its own build server, Wyvern grew huge in numbers way past what Nymph or Kraken had ever achieved and became known as a peaceful and wholesome buildfriend nation who gave out free melons, a holy item in Wyvern Culture, When the War started Wyvern conformed to a strict policy of Armed Neutrality, dispite CivUni overall being a toxic experince for many players Wyvern was so disconnected from it all that it never really experinced it, most members of Wyvern look back on it as a fun time due to not getting involved in the toxic affairs of the rest of the server.

Kingdom of Wyvern
Flag of Wyvern
Coat of Arms
AllianceCommonwealth of Southern Nations
Capital cityCrownlands
SettlementsMellon, Elysia, Crownlands, Tindra, Nymph, Farmeria, Arvendon
TerritoriesNorth Respite Territories, The Desert Territory
National Colors
Foundation dateDecember 12ᵗʰ 2020
Preceded byNymph
Succeeded byKingdom of Fish & Griffin
Discord[1] Here
Travel Poster for Wyvern showing the Crownlands, The Capital


Wyvern was an Elective-Monarchy with elections being held among its council of Dukes and Duchess’ upon a vote being called for a new King or Queen, with local administration handled by the Dukes or Duchess’ of their corresponding Duchies, each Duchy usually has its own build theme and economic specialization and ensures the nation can be home to different types of players.

The Kingdom of Wyvern is made of 8 administrive regions, The Crownlands (which was administered by the king), and 5 local administered duchies, each duchy is being administered by a duke/duchess.

The Kingdom also holds 2 Colonies, which are being administered by the council.

Constitution of The Kingdom of Wyvern

Royal Council

The Royal Council of Wyvern is made up of the King, The Dukes and the Thanes of the Kingdom, together they rule over the nation, at the end of CivUni 1.0 the council was made up of the following:

alexmelons - Lord of all Melons, Duchess of Mellon and Queen of Wyvern

Seekinq - Duke of Elysia and Librarian

bbase - Duchess of Tindra

kiimmy - Duchess of Nymph

JayTeeR - Duke of Arvendon

Grynghis - Thane of the Kingdom

ItzJoshs - Thane of the Kingdom

enimboy - Thane of the Kingdom

etheralto - Thane of the Kingdom


The Kingdom of Wyvern was founded as a Monarchy. The Kingdom had two kings throught its existence, though Seekinq had also served as King of Nymph-Kraken for 2 and a half years before Wyvern was founded.

King Started Reign Ended Reign
Seekinq December 12ᵗʰ 2020 Febuary 13ᵗʰ 2021
alexmelons Febuary 13ᵗʰ 2021 April 24ᵗʰ 2021


There were 5 Duchies at the end of CivUni, with there formerly being 6, each Duchy was ruled by the Dukes or Duchess’ of their corresponding Duchies.

Map of the Wyvern Duchies


Travel Poster for Elysia

Elysia was a Greco-Roman style Duchy located in the South West governed by Seekinq, Duke of Elysia, it had a few Settlements and Temples along the coast of the Southern Ocean, it bordered the Duchy of Arvendon to the East on the Kraken River connecting the Crown Lake up to the Southern Ocean, the Mellon Swamp to the west, and The Empire of Javaya to the North-West.


Arvendon was a Medival style duchy located in the South East governed by JayTeeR, Duke of Arvendon, it was home to the Arvendon Castle and the largest Wheat Farm in the Kingdom, It bordered The Duchy of Elysia in the West along the Kraken River, The Duchy of Tindra in the North, and a Javayan Farming Colony in the South.

Travel Poster for Arvendon


Travel Poster for the Duchy of Mellon, (Main Island Part)

Mellon was a duchy mostly located on an island in the Crown Lake in the centre of Wyvern but with a small part of it on the South-Western Swampland bordering The Duchy of Elysia, it was governed by alexmelons, the Duchess of Mellon and King of Wyvern, the Swamp was home to the Wyvern Melon Farms, the largest Melon Farm on the entire map, while the Island was home to the Melon Atlas Statue.


Tindra was a Oriental style duchy located in the West, it was governed by bbase, The Duchess of Tindra, it was home to the Highest Mountain on the map, and had a holy temple at the foot of the Mountain, it borders The Duchy of Arvendon in the South, The Crownlands and the Crown Lake in the West, The Duchy of Nymph in the North and the Kingdom of Savaguard in the East.


Nymph was a Mushroom styled Duchy in the North-East, it was the smallest Duchy and was made up of one town in a Mushroom/Fantasy theme with giant mushrooms acting as the buildings. it was governed and built by kiimmy, Duchess of Nymph, the duchy was founded after the desolvement of the Duchy of Farmeria on the 17th of Febuary. it borders the Duchy of Tindra in the South, The Crownlands in the West, and the Kingdom of Savaguard in the East.


Farmeria, formerly the Duchy of Farmeria, is now apart of the Crownlands, it used to be governed by ItzJoshs, the former duke of Farmeria, now a Thane, it used to be in the North-Western part of the Crownlands and parts of the Duchy of Nymph, which was founded after the Duchy was dissolved, Farmeria was home to many of Wyverns early games farm and produced quite a bit of its early game XP, it was home to many cabins and farms and was the most populated Duchy before being absorbed into the Crownlands due to its Duke, ItzJoshs being involved in the stealing of a horse in an another nation.


Render of the North Respite Territory

North Respite Territory

The North Respite Territory was a very small colony located on a Mushroom Island in the far South-West of the map on the otherside of the Continent of Hyperborea, its original finders from the Nation of Acadia named it Respite Island and claimed half of it for their own Farms, When Acadia and Wyvern entered in the Commonwealth of Southern Nations along with other nations such as Javaya and Chroma, Talks begun with Acadia to buy some of their Northern bit of the Island, along with some of the unclaimed part of the Northern Island to form the Wyvern North Respite Territory, It had the Wyvern Pumpkin Farms and the Town of Port Shroom, a town in a similar style of The Duchy of Nymph to fit in with the giant mushrooms in the biome.

The Desert Territory

The Desert Territory was a very small colony located in the Southern Continent just East of Wyvern itself, it was very small in size and just contained Wyverns cactus farm built by JayTeeR, Duke of Arvendon.


Render of the Wyvern Library, Circa February 5th
Screenshot from the Coronation taken by alexmelons, Circa February 13th
Wyvern Crownlands before any work was done, Circa December 28th

Most of the Wyvern Dukes have been in a nation together since Devoted 3.0 and early CivClassics in Nymph and Kraken so when they heard of a new upcoming Civ Server they quickly begun preparations to reform their current nation, Nymph, into a new nation for CivUniverse, after a few days worth ot discussion they arrived at the name and theme of Wyvern, the reformation was announced by alexmelons on the 12th of December and they begun recruiting and planning more extensively before release, as well as adopting a Consttitution on the 24th of December, Wyvern did not play on the beta/alpha much like the other major nations however, On the 27th when the server opened Wyvern quickly made their way south to the Continent of Rodinia and begun explored the land a bit of water will what looked like an island, at first the early explorers thought it was some sort of bay connecting up to the ocean, however with more exploration they discovered it to be a lake and named it Crown Lake, alexmelons, Duchess of Mellon really liked the Island in the middle and decided to found the first duchy there, shortly there after they decided to build their Capital on the northern shores of Crown Lake and begun on the terraforming for it, shortly there after they made contact with the Swamp Nations to the west of Wyvern, however shortly after that the 3 Swamp Nations combined into the Empire of Javaya, which Wyvern had been in close contact with for a few days.they quickly formed a friendship with them and decided to announce our claims together after solidifying the borders Wyvern decided to put up border posts along the Eastern and Western borders and starting to settle in with JayTeeR and Seekinq going south to form the duchies of Arvendon and Elysia and bbase going east to form the Duchy of Tindra, and ItzJoshs going north to found the Duchy of Farmeria, around this time work began to speed up on our Capital and Infrastructure with progress being finished up on the Main Plaza and Factory buildings and basic roads in the capital, soon after Seekinq, King of Wyvern and Duke of Elysia began designing the Waterfront for the Capital on the Wyvern Build-Server and work began on it shortly there after, with two piers and colourful houses along the Waterfront it quickly became the main face of the capital, on a trip to Acadia Seekinq discovered a very small snow island of the coast of Acadia and decided to claim it for Wyvern with plans to start a small resort there. Due to close relations with Javaya and Javaya's colony at the time, Acadia, they decided to found the Commonwealth of Southern Nations with Javaya, Chroma, Acadia, Goldcrest and the Central Union, and begun a railway to Javaya, soon after on a trip around Hyperborea, the south-western snow continent, Seekinq discovered the Island of Respite and found a small Acadian presence there, in love with the look of the biome and the potential for pumpkin farms, Wyvern quickly opened up discussion with Acadia to buy the Northern quarter of the Island, the discussion ended with Wyvern giving control of the Snow Island of the coast of the Acadian Mainland to Acadia and 20 diamonds from Wyvern for the Northern Half of the Island, once the deal was finalized Seekinq quickly set up Port Shroom, a small town of a few buildings with houses built into Giant Mushrooms and some basic Pumpkin farms on the colony and officially named it the North Respite Territory. on the 23rd of January Wyvern announced its first ever Thane, Grynszphill, later changed his name to Grynghis. on the 5th of Febuary the Royal Libary of Wyvern was created and officially recognised as one of the great Librarys by rthe CivUni Librarians Guild and on the 8th Febuary opened the Wyvern General Goods, one of the main stores in Western Rodinia that people came to visit from all over even as far as Plexia, right across the street from the Royal Library of Wyvern. and on the 9th of Febuary after almost 3 years of kingship across Kraken, Nymph and Wyvern, Seekinq announced he would be stepping down as King of Wyvern to focus on his own Duchy of Elysia, following an election from the Council of Dukes Wyvern decided to elect alexmelons, The Duchess of Mellon as the new Queen of Wyvern and announced the Coronation would be on the 13th of Febuary. on the 13th a lavish coronation was held in the Crownlands with almost everyone chasing alexmelons to her bunker attempting to give him some celebratory sword taps. on the 16th of Febuary Wyvern announced its second colony, this time a very small desert Colony in the desert just east of Wyvern, with it only containing a Cacti Farm, this was officially named the Desert Territory. on 17th, tzJoshs, Duke of Farmeria was accused by Yooklid of stealing his horse, after ItzJoshs admitted it and returned it he was demoted from his position as a Duke and his duchy disolved and absorbed into the Crownlands and a new Duchy was formed with parts of the former Duchy of Farmeria and parts of Northern Tindra into the Duchy of Nymph, named after our old nation on CIvClassics with kiimmy as its Duchess, the former queen of Nymph, on the 18th alexmelons, Queen of Wyvern and Duchess of Mellon announced the formation of the Wyvern Militia as a defensive measure to protect the Kingdom from any raider attacks. On the 27th of Febuary Grumpy was promoted to the 2nd Thane of the Kingdom, however on the 14th of March he stepped down as Thane as he was becoming a duel citizen due to wanting to be in many nations at once. On the 28th alexmelons, Queen of Wyvern and Duchess of Mellon announced plans for a shopping district in the capital with many plans for shops there. and on the 4th of March what many feared would happen did end up happening, New Vegas, the "weepee" of the server went to war with various other nations, including our own allies of Javaya and Acadia, following talks in the council and citizen chats pretty much all day Wyvern decided to conform to a strict policy of Armed Neutrality, Wyvern didnt see the toxicity of the war and of most of CIvUni due to being in its own bubble for most of it, they quickly formed friendships with other likeminded neutral nations such as Tokyo and Plexia. and on the 14th of March Seekinq, Duke of Elysia decided to start up the Wyvern Telegraph, with the first issue of it featuring the opening of the Wyvern Bank, a building within the shopping district where people could exchange currencies, and Wyvern Neutrality giving more infomation on how the Nations foriegn policy will be for the duration of the War, and on the 16th New Vegas officially surrendered and the War was over, however it left a scar on the server which it wouldnt recover from activity wise, with many of their neighbors becoming Inactive they started to forge closer bonds with Plexia and Tokyo. on the 1st of April as an April fools joke alexmelons, Queen of Wyvern and Duchess of Mellon announced Wyvern would be reforming into a Smurf based nation with all buildings being destoryed and rebuilt in a mushroom style. this was quickly reversed the day after, on the 4th of April the 3rd Thane of Wyvern, Etheralto was promoted with Wyvern spending the last few weeks of the server building and relaxing and trading with the active nations, However it soon became clear that the server was on the edge of a shutdown and soon after on the 23rd It was officially announced it would be shutting down, Seekinq announced Wyvern would be going into a sort of limbo state until a new civ server released, on the 2nd of June Seekinq announced the formation of Fish, a Wyvern "spin off" on CivClassics which remained active until the shutdown of CivClassics on the 18th of December.


Throughout Wyverns time on CivUniverse they quickly developed some of their own culture based around Melons and a close knit community, Wyvern citizens would often pass each other melons or bread as a greeting and the phrase "Melon be with you" quickly became a way of saying good luck, Melons also became some what of a holy item to Wyvern and work began on the great melon farm, which ended up as the largest melon farm anywhere on the server. which funded the melons on the Great Melon Atlas Statue in the Duchy of Mellon, which was also named after the item, alexmelons, Duke of Mellon and King of Wyvern also had the title of "Lord of Melons". alongside Melons, Wyvern also had a special affinity for animals, Mainly pigs and horses, The affinity for pigs was mostly carried over from Nymph, While the horses were birthed from the need to get around the world faster due to Horses being faster than minecarts most of Wyverns travel was through horses instead of Railways, though some railways were constructed, for example the Duchy Rails, one to Javaya and one to Plexia, but they had limited use as most of Wyvern just used horses anyway. We also had the "Snail Racing" bot in our discord carried over from Nymph, which quickly became one of the most active channels with even people outside of Wyvern getting involved in the races.


The Kingdom of Wyvern celebrates real-world holidays and some special ingame holidays such as:

  • Wyvern Melon Festival > 1ˢᵗ may - 7ᵗʰ may
  • National Pig Day > 6ᵗʰ of July

National Sport

Snail Racing