TNSC-Acadia Conflict

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TNSC-Acadia Conflict
DateJuly - September 2021
Result Defeat and demise of TNSC/Consortium
  •  The No State Commune (TNSC)
  • Commanders and leaders
  • Acadia Bloof
  • Acadia Egi
  • The No State Commune RainOfPain125
  • The No State Commune Hawkeye0066
  • Units involved
  • Acadia JuniorTide
  • Acadia Ferro
  • Acadia Tuomasz
  • PMC Allies:
  • The No State Commune unknownKarnij
  • The No State Commune KingBudgie
  • The No State Commune Pentigrass
  • Strength
    7 engaged ~5 engaged
    Casualties and losses
    • Bunker disabled and emptied
    • ~4 pearled, later released

    The TNSC-Acadia Conflict was a conflict or war, or series of hostile events, between The No State Commune (TNSC), later renamed Consortium, and Acadia on CivClassic, largely centered around RainOfPain125, often known as Rainie. The conflict took place within TNSC, in the deep +,- quadrant of CivClassic. The TNSC-Acadia conflict is generally divided into two crises seperating the events of late July 2021 and late September 2021. Additionally, a separate incident between TNSC and a group of three individuals from Yoahtl and Icenia is generally seen as part of the TNSC-Acadia Conflict as it took place right after one of the main events of the conflict and initially caused significant confusion. The TNSC-Acadia conflict ended with the effective defeat and demise of Consortium/TNSC.

    Prior events

    Around mid-late July 2021, RainOfPain125 started playing on CivClassic, seeking to establish a successor to his previous nations of Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) and the Guthrie Commune on CivRealms and CivUniverse respectively. On July 22, he officially established The No State Commune (TNSC) with a group of newfriends and friends from previous servers.[1] They settled close to the north of Acadia, a mere 500 blocks away. An uncomfortable situation followed due to drama on previous servers between Rainie and several Acadians, most notably Cortwade and JuniorTide, whom TNSC considered to be 'violent anti-communists', as well as due Acadia having historical ties to Norlund, a nation Rainie was fornerly part of as the Paris Commune, which ended in civil conflict.[2] Both TNSC and Acadia initially meant to settle for an 'uncomfortable peace' or détente, although Rainie was declared Persona Non Grata (PNG) in Acadia on day one. However, the uncomfortable situation quickly deteriorated. In the days between July 22 and July 28, a number of events/accusations followed, leading up to the First TNSC-Acadia-Crisis.

    Firstly, Acadia accused TNSC of harbouring raiders and ill intent toward its neighbours following two incidents of petty raiding involving TNSC members. The first was Pentigrass, who was sentenced in Icenia, and falsely claimed that Rainie had encouraged him and other TNSC members to raid neigbouring nations in the hope for a reduced sentence.[3] The second was Hawkeye0066, who was pearled and declared guilty for petty raiding in Acadia as well as illegally placing snitches in the Acadian capital New Turing. Hawkeye was almost immediately released after an apology and return of stolen items.

    Later on, Rainie was intercepted by Egi, Acadian Minister of Defense, while mining underneath Acadia, following the veins of mostly Acadian newfriends. Acadia accused Rainie of mining the diamond ores left behind by Acadian newfriends, although Rainie stated that he only mined the other ores (e.g. iron, redstone). During this mining trip Rainie broke a zombie-spawner, and came across the Acadian skybunker in construction. Following Egi's request Rainie left Acadia.[4]

    Separately, Rainie was also accused by Acadia of vandalism in the form of griefing JuniorTide's house with signs containing propaganda. No snitch-evidence was brought forward, and Rainie denied the accusation. The signs contained texts such as '''North Korea Best Korea'', which was most likely meant as a joke. JuniorTide threatened to ‘glass’ Rainie, although the case remained unresolved.[5]

    The First TNSC-Acadia Crisis

    Separate incident with other individuals
    DateJuly 28th, 2022
    Result Failure to pearl intended target (Rainie)
  • Group of individuals from Yoahtl and Icenia
  • Commanders and leaders
  • The No State Commune RainOfPain125
  • Unknown
    Units involved
  • Yoahtl Okx
  • Yoahtl TTastic
  • Icenia (CivClassic 2.0) MrJeremyFisher
  • Casualties and losses
    Two players temporarily logboxed None

    After the aforementioned events/accusations, Acadia was alarmed by what they saw as a hostile neighbour. In addition, in the last two days before the first Acadia-TNSC Crisis, Acadia learned that TNSC had constructed a large bunker, and obtained a large number of diamonds and high-value tools mere days after the establishment of TNSC, which led to concerns in Acadia of a possible hostile sponsor behind TNSC. According to Rainie however, these were just gifts to TNSC from Avo, a friend of Rainie, and there was no hostile sponsor. On July 28, the Acadian military elected for a pre-emptive strike against TNSC and Egi, JuniorTide, and Polygondwana (non-public alt-account) broke into the TNSC bunker, disabled it by placing reinforced obsidian, and took some of its contents. The operation led to a failed impeachment vote (1 out of 9 voted in favour) against Acadian Minister of Defense Egi, as the operation was carried out without authorization by the Acadian Prime Minister, Bloof.[6][7]

    As TNSC made use of global chat and the subreddit for PR purposes and to appeal for help against Acadia, the matter attracted international attention. This attention brought a number of players unrelated to Acadia to TNSC that same day; TTastic, Okx, and MrJeremyFisher, who were rumoured to be out for a supposed bounty on Rainie's pearl by MCSPenguin due to CivRealms drama. They only managed to temporarily logbox two other TNSC members, however, during their hunt more of the TNSC bunker’s contents were taken. The chaos of the day ended after Mirian Gregy165 travelled to TNSC, effectively standing by as a peace force.

    TNSC claimed a large amount of damage as a result of the operation/raidings from Acadia and the supposed bounty-hunters; a largely destroyed bunker, 200+ diamonds, 150+ essence, 10+ E4U3S/E4U3F3 pickaxes, as well as an unknown amount of farm disabling and surface terrain grief.[8] For most of the damage it is unknown however, whether it was Acadia or the alledged bounty hunters who were reponsible for it. TNSC never received compensation for these damages.

    Zombie_Striker, Acadian Minister of Interior and friend of Rainie/TNSC, learned about Acadia's operation against TNSC afterwards and leaked some Acadian Senate chats and broke two diamond tool factories in response. Soon after, she was accused by fellow WAP (Workers of Acadia Party) - member FE_Flags of collaborating in a scheme where they would fund Rainie with diamonds and in return Rainie would send people from his Anarcho-Communism Discord as newfriends to Acadia to sway Acadian elections in favour of the WAP.[9] Rainie denies ever have been part of such a scheme. Zombie_Striker ended up quitting CivClassic and Flags left Acadia to establish Eon Empire. Rainie himself was soon after temporarily banned from CivClassic for one month for doxxing an Acadian citizen, though there is some disagreement about whether the doxxing was intentional or not, which he denies.


    During Rainie's ban from the server Hawkeye became the new leader of TNSC, which was renamed to Consortium, though many would still refer to it as TNSC. To repair relations with Acadia, Consortium falsely claimed that they considered Rainie to be a dictator, and that, during the aftermath of the First TNSC-Acadia Crisis they had effectively overthrown him, and that they had not had been in contact with him since. Acadian officials were happy to believe this, and in between the two TNSC-Acadia crises relations between Acadia and Consortium were friendly, discussing allowing Consortium access to Acadian factories and the construction of an Acadia-Consortium rail connection. Acadia was willing to help Consortium back on its feet on the understanding that they were to cut ties with Rainie.[10] Acadian Prime Minister Bloof took to their discord to give gentle guidance if asked, as well as giving multiple much-needed lessons on cybersecurity. After Rainie's ban was concluded however, he was invited back by Consortium and started playing again on alt-accounts.

    The Second TNSC-Acadia Crisis

    Around the end of September, Acadia was shocked by a short, public reappearance of Rainie on his main account, as Acadia never knew the length of the ban and had assumed it was much longer. Rainie had logged on his main account for a moment to give a 'final speech' on CivClassic on his public account. Many other Consortium members were in attendance to witness the event including Hawkeye, KingBudgie, LeDuckyBoi, Ghostman526, and MoNkEy_ClaUsE, and they celebrated the event by spamming global chat with ''Solidarity Forever'' as Rain gave his speech, jokingly hailing him as a 'glorious leader' or 'eternal chairman'. The event brought controversy to the community as many questioned the length of Rainie's ban given the severity of the issue, and the admins made the unorthodox decision to reach out publically for opinions.[11] Eventually, the ban was not extended, although Rainie falsely wrote on his wiki-page that is was extended to three months, likely to secure his ability to safely keep playing on his alt-accounts.[12]

    For Acadia, the event caused confusion and left it unclear whether Rainie was still banned or not, whether he was potentially playing on alt-accounts or not, and to what extent Consortium had been honest with Acadia. In an attempt to remain on good terms with Acadia, Hawkeye falsely told Acadia that they had Rainie logboxed, and that Acadia did not need to worry about Rainie again. However, refusing to allow Rainie to remain unpearled, in a potential logbox that could be broken, Acadia demanded to know the location of the supposed logbox. Discussions around the supposed logbox proved difficult and Hawkeye ended up asking for several hundreds of diamonds in return for the location of the supposed logbox, which was denied by Acadia. After a couple days of negotiations, Acadia decided to go search for the logbox themselves as Egi, JuniorTide, and Ferro conducted a search through Consortium on September 23rd. During this search, several Consortium members were briefly pearled by Acadia, supposedly so that Acadia could continue the search. The search was unsuccessful, and another round of negotiations followed where eventually Hawkeye led Acadia to Rainie's supposed logbox. Relations between Acadia/Consortium had at this point largely deteriorated however.[13]

    The Second TNSC-Acadia Crisis saw the involvement of the PMC alliance on Acadia's side, and with their help the logbox and the Consortium/TNSC bunker remains were guarded almost 24 hours a day for several days by mainly Ferro, Tuomasz, and PMC allies Asu and Ch1pR. During these days, Consortium was effectively completely occupied, snitched, and considered a de facto 'soft' Exclusion Zone (EZ) by Acadia/PMC. Meanwhile, as Acadia considered it likely that Rainie was playing on alt-accounts, Acadia was searching for evidence against a few suspected accounts and one unsuccesful scheme was attempted to get one of them pearled. However, Rainie never logged in on CivClassic on his main account again, and neither did the suspected alt-accounts on Acadia's list, and the Second TNSC-Acadia Crisis gradually fizzled out as Acadia gradually reduced their efforts and activity in Consortium died out.


    Due to the occupation of their home, Rainie's inability to keep playing due to the occupation and Acadia's search, and general discontent with how their time on CivClassic turned out and what they saw as Acadian aggression or imperialism, Consortium grew fully inactive in the last few days of the Second TNSC-Acadia Crisis and effectively ceased to exist. Eventually, the nearby Kingdom of Fish, supported by Acadia, ended up establishing a melon-colony in the Consortium jungle, after several failed attempts to establish contact with Consortium for negotiations.


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