Plus-Minus Concordat

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Plus-Minus Concordat
The emblem of the PMC
Governing documentNorth-Eastern Concordat
Foundation dateAugust 10, 2021
Succeeded byAMIGOS

The Plus-Minus Concordat (PMC) was a regional alliance in CivClassic 2.0 comprised of nation states in the deep +,- quadrant. The alliance focused on defense, cooperation, and sociopolitical exchange. Originally, it was named the North-East Concordat, but it was rebranded on August 14th 2021. The original members were Acadia, Fish, Mythril, and City of England. Later, Sussex, Kallos, and Jomsviking joined as well. Additionally, Columbia was arguably a de facto unofficial member since the alliance's conception. The alliance was disbanded November 22th 2021, after an incident where Jomsviking suddenly tried to annex fellow alliance member City of England.