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JayTeeR first joined in November 2016 on Devoted 3.0 and joined/Co-Founded numerous nations including MTA, Asgard, Olympus and Point Nemo


Personal Info
Current CitizenshipsKraken, Commonwealth - Southshire, Nymph, Wyvern, Fish and Acadia
Known ForCouncil Member of: Kraken, Nymph, Wyvern and Fish
Main ResidenceN/A
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerDevoted 3.0
Iterations played on


After Devoted 3.0's shutdown he later moved on to CivClassic along with Seekinq, Alexmelons, ItzJoshs and Kimmy.

  • Shortly after joining Classics they founded Kraken at +1500 +8500 on the 6th June 2017 and later joined The Commonwealth as a borough.
  • After a short break, feeling restricted by the nation's location and biome the 5 leaders left Kraken and moved to -10000 +5000 and founded Nymph on the 11th September 2017 as another Commonwealth borough.


JayTeeR was a player on CivUniverse.

CivClassics 2 Electric Boogaloo

He has since re-joined CivClassic. Upon his return he joined the mighty nation of Fish as a Lord and member of the Imperial Council. Deciding he was bored and out of ideas having finished his main project in Cora, He began planning a series of attacks with The__druid, Having acquired the necessary equipment, supplies and alts on the 09/07/21 the duo made their move, breaking into the Asahara bunker located in Acadia, Upon being discovered by the Acadian Citizen tomattan the two waited for Military reinforcement which came as FE_Flags, bloof_, KannonKyle and Egi logged on, Using a boat tp to escape the bunker0they began the massacre, Druid killing both Flags and Bloof while Jay pearled tomattan and KannonKyle, both were freed shortly after, Leaving the corpses of their victims to despawn they fled before Logging off for the night. They were both later pearled by Kayla while attempting to break into the Naglafer Vault, owned by Icenia. Upon his true identity being revealed he was kicked from the Imperial Council and demoted to Thane in Wyvern. He was then transported to The Crucible after a lengthy trial where he was charged with 3 months Exile Pearl by the Acadian Senate & Advisors along with Permeant revocation of citizenship and Peronae Non-Gratae and is due to be released on the October 18th 2021.

Current Projects:

  • RolePlayPack, A continuation of RealmsRolePlayPack which has been ported to 1.16.5, Feel free to suggest additions here: https://discord.gg/yNd4DnpB
  • Cortex, A newer version of Synapse, All credit to Gjum, Note: This may or may not be completed, Porting from 1.12.2 Liteloader to 1.16.5 Forge requires a large amount of rewritting