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Native toAdina (formerly, pre overthrow of monarchy), Moloka, Acadia, Javaya
Has speakers in
Known users or learners
Date first attested2018
DictionaryWord list for Simplified Tahar: [1]
Learner's resourcesRepublic of Acadia discord server[2]

Tahar is a constructed language created by Kalipso_Angel in 2018, originally the language of the fictional "Tahari" people. On Civ Servers, it was first used as a religious and lore language in Adina, until the overthrow of Kalipso and Adina's monarchist regime in October of 2019. It was used by Moloka for all of its history, and is currently prominent (in the Simplified dialect) in Acadia.

Its primary influences were Sanskrit and Spanish, but other languages also influenced its creation.

There are five known dialects: Traditional, Simplified, Elenat, Tristitat, and Bharati. Of these five, currently only Traditional and Simplified are actively used.

Traditional Tahar

Traditional Tahar is an inflected language which declines its nouns for case and number. It has a large range of words, and grammar similar to that of Classical Sanskrit. In particular, it has a six-case system, and its nouns decline for gender and number. Cocobeaa is known to be an active user of Traditional Tahar.

Simplified Tahar

Simplified or "Acadian"[3] Tahar is a mostly uninflected language with a slightly more strict word order than Traditional Tahar. It was developed by Kalipso in order to promote wider usage of and interest in Tahar. Its grammar contains influences from Toki Pona, accordingly its nouns are unmarked for case, number or gender, and its verbs are unmarked for person or tense. Its vocabulary is derived from Traditional Tahar. Its vocabulary is very small, however. Therefore, many words for non-basic concepts are formed via compound constructions: for instance cuin'dorei /t͡ɕuin doɾeː/ means "worker", composed of cuin ("work") and dorei ("person") separated by a grammatical linking apostrophe.

Context is also very important in Simplified Tahar, as a single word can be interpreted in a variety of ways: sabar means "body", "physical entity", "state of being", or "health" depending on context. Although Simplified Tahar has no official word order, it tends to follow a Subject-Verb-Object, Adjective-Noun, Adverb-Verb paradigm, i.e. it has a broadly head-final grammar.


Tahar can be written in either the Latin alphabet or the Tahar alphabet invented by Cortwade

Alphabet Latin IPA Notes
A a /a/
B b /b/
D d /d/
E e /e/
F f /f/
G g /g/
H h /h/
I i /i/
K k /k/
L l /l/
M m /m/
N n /n/
O o /o/
P p /p/
R r /r/ or /ɹ/ Can be an approximant or a trill
S s /s/
T t /t/
TH th /θ/
U u /u/ or /y/
V v /v/
W w /w/
Y y /j/


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  3. However, this name is not accurate as Simplified Tahar was also used in Javaya on CivU and the Hyperborean Confederation on CivRev.