Republic of Lunalia

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The Republic of Lunalia was a nation located on the continent of Hyperborea on CivUniverse. Founded by SpacemanSpleef after he fled Acadia for fear of being caught in the political crossfire, it moved locations shortly after its founding.

Republic of Lunalia
Activity levelDefunct
Capital cityGemini
  • Gemini
  • Snowland
  • Apollo
• President
Foundation dateFebruary 18th, 2021
Constitution ChangedMarch 10th, 2021
Preceded byKingdom of Snowland
Succeeded byHyperborean Confederation Hyperborean Confederation (CivUniverse)
MottoLong Live the Republic



Founded by SpacemanSpleef with little more than a pickaxe and a dream. A dream for a republic. He set up his house made of andesite and granite mined from the mountain he settled into. Here was founded the city of Apollo, the capital of the republic. For about a day, until a fundamental problem was discovered.

Food Problems

After using a half-stack of potatoes to start a farm, and eating a dwindling supply of baked potatoes that were given to him, he realized something about the biome he was in-it took a very long time to grow anything.

Move to the coast

With some assistance from Cortwade, the Prime Minister of Acadia, the very nation he fled, he moved claims to the coast and ended up settling across the bay from the Kingdom of Snowland, trying to reform its political system. After some discussions amongst the Snow Queen, Pandatical, and SpacemanSpleef, they decided to merge the two nations into one, and stay the Republic of Lunalia. The capital was to be Gemini, the new settlement founded by Spleef after the move and the loss of Apollo.

Middle History

With the new Capital, new things were to be built. Early things built included:

  • a hotel
  • an embassy that was never used
  • Spaceman's House
  • a factory building
  • A community storage
  • Roads
  • a small farm
  • Iceton Tower

Iceton Tower was a six-floor tower made primarily of spruce planks that totaled 60 blocks tall, specifically to beat the Acadian Ashton Tower to be the tallest building on Hyperborea. Unfortunately, its first publicized "meme" used the wrong flag for who owned it, saying it was a southern city in Acadia instead of Lunalia.

The first new citizen of the republic was heyn8 who became the Secratary of Defense for the young nation. He set up a house immediately adjacent to Spleef's and began jumping off the construction site of Iceton Tower. Shortly after his joining, the nation was raided by BeorTheOld, a player who was geared by a much larger mainland nation.

Fate of the Republic

Lunalia, with a new constitution became the Hyperborean Confederation and Lunalia was the capital province, with Gemini as the capital. The old capital, Apollo, was not forgotten by Spaceman or Pandastical, and heyn8 decided to try and make it a historical site, and maybe make it a bit larger. However, when heyn8 and Spaceman arrived at the waypoint of Apollo, they were shocked to discover it had been bulldozed and turned into a city called Wyndalog owned by Temptestia a small newfriend nation that had settled on the other side of the continent. After some yelling amongst themselves, n8 and Spleef took to DM's with the nation over the territory, and what would result from it. In the end, the duo purchased the town back for an undisclosed sum of energy and n8 began rebuilding and increasing Apollo's draw as an independent nation.