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The druid
The__druid's skin
Personal Info
Current Citizenships
Known For
  • Being a PvPer.
  • Being idirectly responsible for ending CivUniverse.
  • Not being a shitter
Main ResidenceRhode Island
Previous Citizenships
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivUniverse
Iterations played on

The__druid first joined in January 2021 on CivUniverse and was a citizen of both Wyvern and Plexia, after the shutdown of CivUniverse they moved to CivClassics to join up with Acadia, however when Wyvern moved to CivClassic to found the Imperial Kingdom of Fish they quickly joined as its Empress, however they were removed from this position after being found alt raiding, they served a months pearl time in the Crucible vault and when released they quickly joined multiple nations including IMC as a Knight, Eon as its Minister of Defence, Sussex as its Chief of Military, Gabon as a citizen and Imperial Truidence as a member of the Royal Army.




They joined the nation of Plexia on the 20th of January after seeing a post in the CivUniverse discord channel. Shortly after joining Plexia they began working on Plexia's second city called Shurima along with DetectiveKibbles, a sandstone city that was never finished, they were also the Lead Miner in the Plexian Council and grinded out most of the Prot Sets for the nation. They left Plexia shortly after CivUniverse Shutdown.

Kingdom of Wyvern

On the 24th of March they also joined The Kingdom of Wyvern, they originally worked Plexia-Wyvern rail and became taking frequient trips down to shop and hang out with its inhabitants, they decided to become a Citizen and lived in an apartment building, they also joined the Wyvern Militia and began pursuing GamePhobic, TwigBranch, and JazzJennings, three raiders that had recently raided Wyvern, later on they also pursued RNXslaya_MC, they also stayed in Wyvern after CivUniverse shutdown and when discussing moving to CivClassics they were given the rank of Thane to discuss stuff within the Royal Council.


Before the Alt Raiding

They founded the Kingdom of Fish as its Empress along with Seekinq as its Emperor, trinitymelons - previously known as alexmelons, and Kiimmy - previously known as SpankMeHarder and JayTeeR making up the Imperial Council of Fish. They then joined the nation Acadia and participated in the Acadian Island War and pearled Pandastical after being attacked by him, shortly after this they founded the WAP party, Workers of Acadia Party with this party they attempted to run Minister of Defence but was beaten by Egi in the election.

Alt Raiding

On the 8th of July Druid and JayTeeR got on Alts and and attacked the APP party bunker in Acadia, They did two more raids in Acadia one in the Acadian Farms, in which they managed to sneak past a bit of the snitch grid that was unsnitched making the Acadians think they were stuck in a certain area when in reality they were not, and another raid on a settlement in the Lewis Islands, after raiding Acadia they raided Fish and Pinegarden before attempting to attack the Prometheus Vault and were both pearled by Kayla and held in the Crucible for 1.5 months, when they admited it was them on the alts they were removed from both Fish and Acadia.

After the Alt Raiding

While still pearled they ventured down to IMC to join up with them after receiving an invite to the nation a few months before, they quickly rose to the rank of Knight in it and made friends with many of its members. Shortly after joining IMC they joined up with Eon as Druid and Fe_Flags (Leader of Eon) were friends in Acadia and quickly rose to the rank of Minister of Defence there. On the 20th of August druid petitioned for an early release in Acadia and was given it due to good behavior, however Columbia, the ones holding their pearl refused to release them until the 23rd. shortly after becoming free they joined the Ch1pr Empire, later renamed to Sussex as its Chief of Military and Gabon as a citizen. They has also joined Imperial Truidence as a member of the Royal Army to take part in UDF activites such as hunting down OKX.


Rhode Island

Druid has been part of Rhode Island since CivMC SOTW, in this nation they've worked through the ranks until they eventually became an Officer, the second highest role in the nation.