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History of Civ iterations

Personal Info
Current Citizenships
Known For
  • Being a nice lad!
  • Running the Synthetic Farming Network
  • Helping newfriends
  • Grinding for hours on end
Main ResidenceNew Turing, Acadia
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivcraft 2.0
Iterations played on

CivCraft 2.0

I first heard about CivCraft from a friend of mine who helped me build my first computer. I started playing in late 2016. My first interaction in Civ was very positive. I met a player named FabledMrFox, one of the leaders of a town called Rinninport. FabledMrFox taught me the basics of Civ and he served as a great mentor for my short time on 2.0, which shut down for good a few months after.

Devoted 3.0

I actually cannot recall where I heard about Devoted. I probably saw it on the CivCraft reddit or from someone in the Rinninport discord. Regardless of how i heard of it, Devoted was next in my Civ journey. When I first spawned in on Devoted, I found myself smack dab in the middle of Aquila. this was a pretty luck spawn, as Aquila had a newfriend academy that taught me about namelayer, factorymod, citadel, etc. Aquila is also where I met Farrent_, another pivotal player in my journey. Farrent taught me all of the more nuanced aspects of Civ and he helped me all throughout my time in Aquila. I met a lot of prominent Civ players in Aquila such as MrLlamma, Gjum, CortWade, and many others. At some point, Aquila got raided by Saren and SwiftFizz, the latter of which pearled me, and led to me quitting Devoted.

CivClassic (Pre CivU)

Message from MrLlamma inviting me to FrostRock Valley in Coventhia

After quitting Devoted, MrLlamma messaged me on discord inviting me to play with him and most of the Aquila people who had moved to CivClassic. I played on CivClassic for a little over a year, not really doing anything of note, until I eventually stopped playing Civ altogether in mid 2019 due to a crippling addiction to Destiny 2.


Render of Javaya, 2/24/2021

After taking about a year or so break from Civ, I was on the hunt for a new server to play on. I began asking old friends and in some of the Civ discord servers I was still in, and eventually landed on CivUniverse. I started playing on CivU in early Febuary of 2021. I joined the nation of Javaya. CivU was the start of the hardest grind and the most fun I've had playing Civ. I got way more invested in CivU than I had any other server. I had a great time playing in Jayava and met a lot of great people. I accomplished a few notable things in my time on CivU, shown below.

Built a massive cherry blossom tree in the city center
Built a second cherry blossom tree inside the underwater glass tunnel
Built a secure stable for travelers and citizens to store horses

At the start of the coalition war against New Vegas, I became increasingly inactive, not wanting to get pearled. CivU shut down not long after on April 23, 2021.

CivClassic (Post CivU)

After the closing of CivU, I moved back to Classics to join Acadia, which was one of Javaya's territories on CivU. I have gotten back on the grind in Acadia, working on lots and lots of infrastructure. Funnily enough, Acadia's current prime minister is CortWade, my old friend from Devoted. Unfortunatly, Classics shut down in 2021, thus ending my journey in Acadia.

About Me

In real life, I love to ski, bike, and enjoy the outdoors. I also enjoy programming and rendering. I run a service on CivClassic called the Synthetic Farming Network, which hires out bots to other players. If you're interested, join our discord.