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Bezism is the worship of the previous emperor of Imperial Truidence Bez as a god emperor. The worship of Bez was also practiced before his ascension to heaven, though more as duty to the Truidencian state rather than the more mystic devotion it has formed into in the present.


The faith of Bezism and the reverence of Bez has existed on CivClassics ever since 2019, with the creation of Imperial Truidence and the empowerment of Bez. The first use of the term 'Bezism' can be traced to when Obtainable Spatula first mentioned the term in 2019 when explaining the fact that Imperial Truidence is a solely Bezist nation, with other faiths not to be given tolerance. As of Bez's ascension from mortal form in late 2020, Bezism has been led by Pontifex Generic Laqey.


Bezism is most concerned with the belief in the one god, Bez and this monotheistic principle demands that no other gods exist besides Bez. Bez is also seen as being everything, with all things in existence being some small fraction of the whole of Bez. By this definition, all is the will of Bez and the flow of history is his divine mandate.

Bez once held onto a mortal vessel, through which he would be chosen to create the nation of Imperial Truidence through the ruling of a lady of the lake of milk. Such authority would carry the fledgling state to new heights, controlling a significant amount of territory around Nexus. Eventually, such mortality would be shed and Bez would return to his godly form, with the imperial authority and divine right being passed unto the lineage of Truidencian Emperors.


One scripture, the Ginger Scroll, holds the truth of Bezism and all it's tenants. Only the highest figures in Imperial Truidence are allowed access to this scripture, and are a tense by which the Bezist populous is given information concerning their faith. Besides the Ginger Scroll, several religious texts have been written by Bezist scholars on the matter of their faith, though the legitimacy of such texts is debated.


The official Bezist faith as defined by Imperial Truidence is governed by the Pontifex (GenericLaqey). The Pontifex reigns spiritually from Anburon, with their decrees of the faith being transcribed as holy truth from Bez himself. Within the nation of Imperial Truidence, it is expected of lords and other political authorities to be patrons of the Bezist faith, building temples and contributing to the Bezist cultural heritage.


The Bezist faith holds several important symbols, with all in some form connecting to the legacy of Bez.

Icons of the Bezist Faith
Name Icon Symbolism
Rune of Bez BezRune.png Denotes the authority of Bez
Milk MilkBucketofBez.png



The worship of Bez often includes attendance at a Bezist temple, or church. Once in the establishment, the usual set of actions would be to say one's prayers to Bez. In this belief, it ensures good luck and the favor of Bez with further prayer and devotion strengthening such. The regular attendance of Bezist religious establishments is mandated by the faith, with even religious pilgrimages being undertaken by the Bezist faithful.


Offerings and deeds done in the honor of Bez are often celebrated by the Bezist religious establishment. Offerings including milk, precious metals and other fine goods are often given to show devotion. In some instances of extreme devotion, a Bezist may commit human sacrifice, dying in the honor of Bez and being reborn in his grace.

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