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Babbage was a state in Northeastern Acadia on CivClassic 2.0.

State of Babbage
Government and politics
GovernmentState in the Acadian Federal Republic
• Governor
AllthingComprising all citizens
Population~4 (at June 8th, 2021)


OwainX, the founder and Governor of Babbage previously governed the autonomous city of Freeport within Acadia on CivUniverse. When Acadia decided to migrate to CivClassics OwainX journeyed to the new claim creating a camp in what is now Kanava. When Acadia officially moved and a site was selected for the capital, New Turing, the site for Lovelace, along the Lovelace river on the northern border with Mir was selected and work began.

The first major project in Babbage was the creation of the Lovelace Canal linking the Lovelace River and Lake Elizabeth and allowed for easy travel between the two cities.

Flag of Babbage

The official flag of Babbage was based on the flag of the Isle of Nordran, a nation in CivEx: First Light, which was founded by OwainX. Its red cross on a yellow field is combined with the blue field and seal of the flag of Acadia in the flag of Babbage.


The economy of Babbage was dominated by The Lovelace Company which was founded there. Spleef Corp also had facilities within Babbage.


The location of Babbage within Acadia

Babbage comprised most of Northern Acadia east of Lake Elizabeth. Much of the terrain was mountainous with much of Eastern Babbage remaining mostly undeveloped which most of the population lives in the west.

Points of Interest

Lovelace - The capital and largest city in Babbage, Lovelace is known for it's riverwalk which runs along the Lovelace river as well as the Lovelace Canal, an underground canal linking Lake Elizabeth with the River Lovelace.

Canal District - The underground Canal District in Lovelace features a number of shops selling produce, exp, and other goods.

Uptown District - The uptown district located centrally in Lovelace features the Lovelace tower and other commercial buildings with other medium and high rise projects planned.

Great Northern Road - The Great Northern Road runs from the city of Lovelace south to the site of the National Arena and is a primary route through central Acadia.

Rail Station - The Acadia Rail Station is located inside the Lovelace Canal tunnel near the western entrance at 3850 and links Acadia with the Acadian Jungle Exclave to the north and Gondolin to the south.

East Babbage Road - East Babbage Road winds through the undeveloped areas of Eastern Babbage running from the Great Northern Road to the ocean.