Acadian Island War

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Acadian Island War
DateJune 10th, 2021
The Kingdom of the Acadian Lewis Islands reannexed by Acadia
 Acadia Kingdom of the Acadian Lewis Islands
Commanders and leaders
Bloof Pandastical
Units involved
Casualties and losses
None 1 exile pearled

The Acadian Island War would be a conflict engaged between Acadia and the Kingdom of the Acadian Lewis Islands. It would be motivated by Acadia annexing the Kingdom, and the Kingdom wanting to remain an independent sovereign state.

The War

The war would start on June 10th of 2021, when the Acadian Senate issued the 'Annexation of the Lewis Islands Decree'. This decree annexed the lands under KALI control, making it a territory under control of FE Flags. They would send an occupation force consisting of (Acadian info here), where they would break into the KALI bunker and obby bomb it, as well as opening a hole into Pandastical's home. Pandastical would not be notified of this annexation at all, with no member of the government attempting to contact him. He would only hear about this when a friend told him.

When he did hear about it, Pandastical immediately found out, and found player Druid there. They both had iron gear, with the only difference being that Druid having a power bow and Pandastical having no bow at all. Pandastical asked Druid to leave several times, and Druid refused. Druid did return a flag that Krowatia had given Pandastical when he went there, which Druid would later state that he thought it was his. After several attempts to ask for Druid to leave, combat rang out, with Pandastical attacking them. It would last a few minutes before ending with Pandastical being pearled, and Druid only having half a heart left. SpacemanSpleef would come collect his pearl, and the Battle of the Acadian Lewis Island would end. The footage of the battle can be found here, and it totally took place on Polski Island, the island in the Kingdom of the Acadian Lewis Islands where Pandastical's home and bunker was. Though, at one point, Druid would also retreat to the southern edge of the Windsor Peninsula.

The phase would then go from the battlefield to the courtroom. Pandastical would ask Owain, governor of the Acadian state 'Babbage', to be his lawyer. Acting Prime Minister Bloof would preside as judge, and JuniorTide would be the prosecutor. Owain would make the case that because the Senate decree made Pandastical a resident, he fully had the rights to defend his own lands, which had had property stolen (the Krowatian flag) and various pieces of land destroyed. Pandastical would also make the argument that from his perspective this was war, meaning that he could not be charged with attempted murder as a soldier. Juniortide argued that Druid was a 'peacekeeper' and since Pandastical's state was not recognized by anyone, it could not be considered a war. On June 11th the final announcement would ring out, and Pandastical would be considered guilty. His sentence would be 2 weeks pearling, and 1 year exile.

However, the war (and KALI) would end on June 11th, 2021, when Pandastical announced he was taking a break from Civ.