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The following is a list of players who have participated in a Civ server, with their affiliation & nation listed.

Players are welcome to put themselves on here with their own information, within these limits:

  1. List as many alts or nicknames that you're comfortable with, but should only take up two lines. If people have more alts or nicknames they want to list but cannot fit within the space, contact an editor on the CivWiki discord to inquire about expanding.
  2. The "most known for" should give something about notable about the person. If you can't think of anything, leave it blank. This field must also be kept to two lines' length.
  3. You must list your primary in-game name. Pick one, and then list all others in the alts/nicknames. If you're currently banned or inactive, please fill it out with "Currently banned" or "Currently inactive" respectively in the alts/nicknames field, with no other alts/nicknames in the box.
  4. List as many affiliations that can fit within ONE LINE. If there are redirects that shorten the length, please use it. Otherwise, use the full name of the nation. If you're not associated with a nation, list an organization. If not, leave it blank.
  5. You must list a discord or reddit username. If we can't contact you about your entry (with some exceptions), it will be unilaterally deleted as a result.

List of Players

In-game player name Alts or Nicknames Affiliation Most known for Reddit username Discord username
Ahrimanne Ahri Gensokyo Leader & building Gensokyo u/Ahrimanazu @Ahri#9297
animeme_master Praxis_Helper; "animemer" Gensokyo, Tvtopia, MtS Prime Minister of Tvtopia; Map Art maker; Language expert u/animeme_master @animeme_master#2892
ashnwill NikushaVera, ManxomeFoe LSD, Laconia, Nudist Beach Founding the Latvian Soccer Dogs @seansky#9164
asianhaydenxd Hayden, Heid Icenia Icenian cartographer, PvPer u/asianhaydenxd @Heid#9418
Attoprak Grand Imperium Emperor of the Grand Imperium u/chroma559 @attoprak#4973
bgbba Yoahtl Former Alcuahtl of Yoahtl u/bgbba1 @God Emperor Bg#2723
brinton The Commonwealth Former King of the Commonwealth u/brinton @brinton#2768
BritishWanderer Brit Varkonia, Gabon Speaker of the Varkonian Senate, Chancellor of Gabon u/BritishW4nderer @Danny#1931
ChrisChrispie Christopher Chris Pie Icenia Leader of Icenia u/ChrisChrispie @chrischrispie#7502
Citylion permarevolution Mount Augusta, Albion Mayor of Mount Augusta u/Citylion1 @[TCS] Citylion#3257
ComradeNick Not ComradeRick Holy Jaded Empire Leader of the HJE u/ComradeNick @ComradeNick#9912
ComradeRick YourAverageRick, YourAverageClick, Rick [important, is not ComradeNick] Imperial Truidence PvP rainman u/CivYourAverageRick @.Rick#5161
cooliomoose Bloom Leader of CivThinkTank u/cooliomoose37 @cooliomoose#2807
CredixYT Credix Valencia, New Sovia u/CredixYT @CredixYT#4365
Crimsonblod Gensokyo Leader & building Gensokyo u/Crimsonblod @Crimsonblod#8376
Dr_Oracle Pseudowalker, JohnFooGotti Mount Augusta, Antipodean Union Superfriend in CivClassic; Augustan Diplomat u/Dr_Oracle @Dr_Oracle#0760
Enygma Holy Jaded Empire Claims maps u/Enygma235711
FalscherRVN Raven Confederation of Socialist Augusta Former Leader of Maltovia, Being pearled since 2019 u/RavenMC_ @Raven#0971
Falvyu The Commonwealth Former PM of Commonwealth u/Falvyu @Falvyu#5899
FlashMigma Icenia Migma Balls u/siph_c @siph#7737
Gantoe_ Nipplerock Tnt Bombings u/dasvn
Gjum Impasse Making Civ-related maps and mods u/Gjum @Gjum#5146
Gotterdammer Gotter, Gotter D. Ammer Prussia Prussian Citizen u/Gotterdammer @Gotter#3544
GreatLordOz Coventhia Brewery plugin config u/ChaosNeverLasts @Oz#7889
Gregy165 Mir PvPer in Mir u/Gregy165
IceBoy_Board Iceboy, Pingu Äggland, Lambat (CivClassic 2.0) King of Äggland u/Smaland_ball @IceBoy#8036
jamietech QueenSkinny, GetSkinny Gabon Former Queen of Gabon; Head journalist of the Salisbury Gazette u/j4mietech @blondeskinnyrichbitch#6719
jayms VoteLabour Hjaltland, CW PvPer u/jayms @jayms#0356
Kaloa_HG Columbia, Nyasaland PvPer in Columbia u/Kaloa_HG @Kayla#3744
kaprediem Kap, Kapred, HijoDeFootspa (nicknames) Lambat, Mount September Founder and President of Lambat; Editor-in-Chief of The Lambat Post u/HijoDeFootspa
Khardbass Khard Gensokyo,Yoahtl,Kaga Making the claims map none ☆ Milky Way ☆#3737
Kdeeks Rhodesia Former emperor of Rhodesia u/Kdeeks
Lagiacrus11 Icenia Foreign Minister of Icenia u/Lagiacrus11 @Lagiacrus11#5967
LIQUID STEREO 1984_moment Icarus Co-founder of Icarus u/proxyurl @liquidstereo#1984
Lodish The Commonwealth Maester, former PM of Commonwealth u/Lodish_mc @Lodish#5564
Lokilog Yoahtl, Odresh CivBall art, claims maps u/Penguinloki @Lokilog#1237
LordOfMarzipan Admins, CW Admin of CivClassic u/LordofMarzipan
LukasMaps Yoahtl Player in Yoahtl u/LukasMaps
Magmus Verda Queen of Verda u/Magmus
Marcus_Flaminius Flaminius, Maester Flaminius Maester Alliance Maester u/Flaminius @Marcus_Flaminius#2749
Maxopoly Admins Admin of CivClassic u/Maxopoly @Maxopoly#3659
Maxpowerboy Vitelia Former minister in Vitelia u/Maxpowerboy
Metriximor Lusitania Leader of Lusitania u/Metriximor @Metriximor#1682
Mightyoddish Yoahtl Current Alcuahtl of Yoahtl u/Mightyoddish @Oddish#0620
minemaster933 BinaryToast1, minemaster Mount September
MrLlamma Coventhia, Lusitania Leader of Coventhia u/MrLlamma @MrLlamma#0134
mike0war The Commonwealth Former PM of CW, Admin of CivRealms u/mike0war @Mike0war#6585
Neotide Neosaur Yoahtl PvPer in Yoahtl u/Neo355 @NeoTide#9295
ObtainableSpat UnobtainableSpat, Spatulasaur Imperial Truidence Minister of Imperial Truidence u/ObtainableSpatula @Obtainable Spatula#1945
Okx Yoahtl, Vinland Making helpful Civ-related bots u/OOkx @Okx#5481
Orinnari Remcompti, metaslave Yoahtl, Ashelor Developer /u/Kroolista/ @Dioxain#2968
Painted_Wolf666 Painted Icenia u/Painted_Wolf-1221 @Painted_Wolf666#9271
Peter5930 The Commonwealth King of the Commonwealth, End Citadel u/Peter5930
PergySkeel The Commonwealth Current PM of the Commonwealth u/PergySkeel @PergySkeel#4726
Pirater New Sovia u/Pirater
ProgramMC DCHERO Mount Augusta Former mayor of Mount Augusta u/ProgramMC @DCHERO#5453
Qji Qji1, Qji2, etc. Holy Jaded Empire Bot collective u/jQjx
RedDevel PurpleDevel, OrangeDevel Iria, Mount September Leader of Iria /u/jackjw01 @RedDevel#6158
reffelruz The Commonwealth Current Deputy PM of Commonwealth u/setsen @reffelruz#0546
RektTangle CaptainKlutz Airhaven Leader of Airhaven, [Somber War video]
SamBonusG MrBonusgrad Lambat (CivMC) Mayor of Lambat City u/smantuckit @sambonusg#1846
SandFalls LSIF, CCCP, MtA u/SandFalls @Courtney#9451
shadedoom Columbia Leader of Columbia u/shadedoom888
shtim Pacem Leader of Pacem u/shtim @Shtim#8285
Sintralin Anarchocapitalist Lexington Leader of Lexington u/sintralin
SpacemanSpleef Lord Waterboy, Spaceman Acadia, Lusitania Holding many Citizenships, Acadian MOFA u/SpacemanSpleef @SpacemanSpleef#0212
specificlanguage The Commonwealth Making informational guides u/morsden67 @specificlanguage#2891
squareblob triangleblob, Circleblob, MtAugusta, arcsintralin Iria, Mount Augusta Editing CivWiki u/Squareblob @Square#6920
tankbuster44 Hjaltland Tree farm bot trojan u/tankbuster44 @tankbuster44#1555
TealNerd Admins Owner of CivClassic u/biggestnerd
TheOrangeWizard Antipodean Union Former Alcuahtl of Yoahtl u/TheOrangeWizard @theorangewizard#0939
TheWizoid Nyasaland Former leader of Nyasaland
Thomasih poortea Holy Jaded Empire PvPer @?Thomasih#8638
Tiddy1806 Eddie Murphy Buildfriend, Diplomaster @Tiddy#8537
Topaz4293 Gensokyo Leader and master-builder of Gensokyo u/Topaz4293 @Topaz4293#7830
Topher3001 Topher3001, Topher3003, chickin_neck Nro'meagh Being pearled u/hayhayluke @hkl#2537
Thraldrek Mount September, Lusitania, South Augusta 2020-2021 Diplomat for Mount September, Cartesian Holdings u/0saladin0 @Thraldrek#9294
Truck_Man1234 Bloom Leader of Bloom u/Truckiboi @Truckiboi#6969
Vend3tta__ Mesesarr, RansakiPoolBoy Icenia, CW, Varkonia Former Varkonian Senator, defected from "World Police" to obby-bomb IT u/Vend3tta__ @Vend3tta__#9787
Wingzero54 Admins, Caledonia Former Leader of Caledonia, Admin of CivClassic u/Wingzero @Wingzero54#1992
Wjkroeker transcendent memer u/wjkroeker @juice_wayne#8033
Yellofishy currently banned u/Yellofishy @The Yello Fello#1037
Yackabu Buckeye, Partyland Founder and leader of Buckeye